En­hance your beauty by im­prov­ing the qual­ity of your sleep. After all, it’s the best kept beauty se­cret. Get a well-rested look.

The morn­ing face. No, that’s not some­thing you should be cring­ing at. So what is it that gets some peo­ple to wake up look­ing per­fectly fresh, vi­brant and nat­u­rally charm­ing while oth­ers, reach­ing out aghast to their makeup kit be­fore post­ing the morn­ing selfie? The for­mer ones just prac­tice the right bed­time rou­tine and sleep their way to morn­ing ra­di­ance – as sim­ple as that. We’ve got some tips you might want to start get­ting on with.

Cre­ate the right ‘sleep’ am­biance

If you’ve been to a spa or a med­i­ta­tion cen­tre, you’ll know what we mean. The dis­tinct fra­grance that lingers in the air, the thought­fully dimmed lights and even the faint mu­sic play­ing in the back­ground – they all have a lot to do with re­lax­ing you. Recre­ate a sim­i­lar en­vi­ron­ment (to your lik­ing) in your bed­room. Es­sen­tial oils like laven­der, chamomile, and jas­mine have all been proven to aid sleep. Spray a lit­tle on your bed or add it to your dif­fuser. You’ll fall asleep quicker, sleep bet­ter (even if you’ve not been able to hit the 8 hour mark) and we all know that ad­e­quate sleep is es­sen­tial for that healthy glow. Not to men­tion, you’ll wake up smelling nice and fancy too.

Tar­get and com­bat im­per­fec­tions at night

Your skin is work­ing at its best to fix it­self when you are asleep. So give it all the nec­es­sary aid it needs. In­stead of walk­ing around with zit-zap­ping patches and ‘in­vis­i­ble’ creams through­out the day, use the re­quired treat­ment gen­er­ously at night. The same holds true for all your face-packs, anti-age­ing creams, mois­turis­ers and so on. The ex­tended con­tact pe­riod will help them all work bet­ter.

Per­fect your pout

Night is the ideal time; when you don’t have to fight the temp­ta­tion to lick off the co­coa but­ter lip balm (we get it, it tastes in­cred­i­bly de­li­cious) or keep re-touch­ing your lip­stick. Give your lips a lit­tle scrub to get rid of dry skin and slather on a gen­er­ous amount of mois­tur­is­ing lip balm. You can even add a dol­lop of pep­per­mint oil to plump it up for the morn­ing, nat­u­rally.

Re­lax those eyes

Drop the phone to start with; and we don’t mean on your face be­cause you ac­ci­den­tally dozed off while tex­ting. We mean, just put it away be­fore you turn off the lights. Ex­ces­sive strain­ing of the eyes es­pe­cially in the dark can cause droopy eyes (and that’s re­ally not pretty). Be­sides, it stirs up ev­ery­thing in your sys­tem that can lead to dis­turbed sleep, thus sac­ri­fic­ing on the good night’s rest. Stretch out in bed and do some eye-ex­er­cises in­stead. It’s also a good time to pile on some eye cream (and hon­estly, it’s never too early to start). Re­frig­er­ate it for bet­ter re­sults.

Drink the right amount of wa­ter be­fore bed

Drink too much wa­ter just be­fore bed and you’ll be wak­ing up to mul­ti­ple vis­its to the bath­room. About a glass or two be­fore bed is ‘right’. But if you’ve been too busy to drink wa­ter through­out the day, we still have an al­ter­na­tive. Munch on some wa­ter-rich veg­eta­bles in­stead and swap the pro­cessed foods with some un­salted nuts. They’ll re­lease wa­ter slowly as you sleep and keep you hy­drated.

Know your creams

Es­pe­cially the night from the day. There is a rea­son they have dif­fer­ent la­bels — they work dif­fer­ently; so don’t mix them up. If you have oily skin, pick your mois­turiser cau­tiously. Our skin tends to nat­u­rally se­crete oil while we are asleep and us­ing an oil-based mois­tur­is­ing cream on top of that, all through the night, will re­sult in more harm than good. Be wary of what you put on your face dur­ing the night as this is some­thing that’s go­ing to stay on for a while and with­out your su­per­vi­sion.

Avoid salty food­stuff be­fore bed­time

It causes bloat­ing and can make your face, es­pe­cially un­der eyes, look puffy. The rea­son is that ex­cess salt leads to wa­ter re­ten­tion in the body caus­ing flu­ids to col­lect around the eyes (among other places). Prop­ping your head up with an ex­tra pil­low is an­other way to com­bat puffy eyes.

Dou­ble up the cleans­ing rou­tine

Yes, we all know the golden rule - ‘take off makeup be­fore get­ting to bed’. It’s prob­a­bly fea­tured as the num­ber one point on sev­eral oc­ca­sions. But is just wash­ing it off ad­e­quate? Turns out even wa­ter-based makeup re­movers might fall short. So­lu­tion: Do a dou­ble rou­tine. All the long-wear makeup and wa­ter­proof mas­caras re­ally seem to do their job well these days, so it’s best to start with clean­ing your face with pe­tro­leum jelly or any other oil based prod­uct. Wash off and re­peat with a gen­tle cleanser. Keep your fa­cial wipes next to your bed for the days you just can’t go through the en­tire rou­tine. That way, you can wipe your face clean (at least rel­a­tively) even when you’ve al­ready hit the sack.

Bonus: Don’t for­get your hands and feet

They’ve had a day as busy as you and your other­wise al­ways-at­tended-to face, so don’t leave them out. Rub on some mois­tur­is­ing hand cream, pay­ing spe­cial at­ten­tion to the cu­ti­cles and nails. We un­der­stand that wear­ing hand gloves to bed might be a lit­tle over the top for most, but get­ting into the habit of sleep­ing with socks on can do won­ders to those who have dry feet. Mas­sage in a bit of pe­tro­leum jelly and let your feet soak it up overnight. They’ll be beam­ing with sup­ple­ness in just a few days.

…Or your hair

No ex­tra tight buns or pony­tails at night; it cre­ates stress on the scalp es­pe­cially along the hair­line caus­ing break­age. If you have long hair, braid it well and pin it into a bun. Not only will it pre­vent your hair from get­ting tan­gled but it’ll also let you sleep bet­ter as you won’t be fight­ing your locks all through the night. For shorter tresses, sim­ply tie a high, but fairly loose pony­tail us­ing one of those dough­nut-sized hair-bands. Wrap­ping hair in a scarf also works to pre­vent it from break­age due to fric­tion. —HiWeek­end@time­so­fo­

Antara Bose is a model turned fash­ion and beauty con­sul­tant. A pop­u­lar blog­ger, an­chor, and voice over artist, she main­tains a deep con­nec­tion with the lo­cal fash­ion in­dus­try and is pas­sion­ate about dis­cov­er­ing and cel­e­brat­ing as­pir­ing tal­ent as well as pro­mot­ing an­i­mal rights. For fash­ion up­dates with a side of hu­mour and sar­casm fol­low Antara on in­sta­gram @ an­tara­bose and on Face­book (Antara Bose)

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