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If you are calo­rie con­scious and yet do not want to com­pro­mise on your taste, choose the nutty prod­ucts from Fat Fit nu­tri­tion store.

Lead­ing a healthy life­style al­ways tops in my bucket list but eat­ing greens is not enough for those who are born with a palate of sug­ary and fatty spreads. I be­lieve that di­et­ing is a strug­gle, and if you are as bipo­lar as me when it comes to stick­ing to one, then you’ll need to find some­thing that add sparkles to your bor­ing veg­eta­bles and chicken breast diet, and I think I found a snack that per­fectly fits the need.

Meal re­place­ments have been around for ages now, from healthy shakes to power sips that boost your en­ergy, to count­less flavours of pro­tein shakes. For me, I could go on with­out shakes and pro­tein co­coa bars, but I can­not live with­out my peanut but­ter spread. So this week I’m tak­ing you to Fat Fit sup­ple­ment and nu­tri­tion store for my per­sonal favourite pro­tein peanut and al­mond but­ters. Pre­pare your taste buds for a yummy ex­plo­sion with Nuts ‘N More.

Nuts ‘N More is a USA brand that makes tasty pro­tein-filled peanut but­ter and al­mond but­ter spreads in a se­lec­tion of flavours, some of which you’ll be sur­prised they even ex­ist, and guess what? They taste just like your typ­i­cal peanut but­ter, only health­ier and tastier. Th­ese pro­tein-based snacks have great nu­tri­tion value, which is 7 grams of pro­tein per ta­ble­spoon, and it’s also low in car­bo­hy­drates, mak­ing it a great op­tion for those in a low-carb diet. On their line of flavours they have, you will find in­ter­est­ing com­bi­na­tions that will take your morn­ing break­fast to another level. Flavours such as cookie but­ter, pump­kin spice, choco­late, salted caramel, white choco­late, tof­fee crunch, cin­na­mon raisin, choco­late al­mond, and of course, plain peanut but­ter among oth­ers can be found at the store.

The best part about th­ese but­ters is that you can ac­tu­ally try them be­fore mak­ing a pur­chase. I tried four flavours so far. I had a con­tainer of choco­late, tof­fee crunch, cookie but­ter, and cin­na­mon raisin. My ab­so­lute favourite is cookie but­ter. I love cook­ies, and now to be able to spread it on my bakes is a true joy. Choco­late peanut but­ter gives you a blend of co­coa and nutty flavour. It’s not your Nutella, but for the sake of a healthy re­place­ment, it’s worth it. Then you have the cin­na­mon raisin. The strong flavour of cin­na­mon mixed with peanuts is a match made in heaven, def­i­nitely be­com­ing a sta­ple in my diet. The last flavour I tried tof­fee crunch, it’s a sis­ter to cookie but­ter, worth try­ing too. I can’t wait to try white choco­late and salted caramel, th­ese two look su­per in­ter­est­ing taste-wise.

Now that you know where to get your low calo­rie spread, let me warn you that you can eas­ily over eat peanut but­ter. Though it’s low in calo­ries, it doesn’t mean it’s empty calo­ries, so take it easy and have a cou­ple of spoons max when eat­ing, at least that’s what I do.

For­get about your sunny side-ups and hash pota­toes, and en­joy this creamy treat on a toasted brown bread for break­fast. Some­times I would blend it with my pro­tein shake or cof­fee, and it tastes de­li­cious.–salim@time­so­fo­man.com

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