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If you want to look glam­orous and scary at the same time then fol­low these beauty tips and get the per­fect Hal­loween makeup. It’s time to look eerie.

Sure, you’ll look ghoul­ish enough with all that Hal­loween makeup this year on Oc­to­ber 31; but what we are try­ing to do here is give you a lit­tle ad­vice so you can make the most of the day and not end up car­ry­ing that hideous look over to the next.

We’ve all bat­tled them – colours that won’t come off, sore feet from ill-fit­ted footwear, and the worst of them all — break­outs and al­ler­gies. But it re­ally doesn’t have to be that bad. Fol­low our lit­tle tips and you’ll be your daz­zling self the next day. We prom­ise, no one would tell the bright blue mu­tated avatar from last night, was you!

Test old and new prod­ucts

We’re pretty cer­tain you wouldn’t be re­sort­ing to your usual beauty kit for Hal­loween. If you are go­ing to rum­mage through your drawers to pull out last year’s Hal­loween kit, make sure the prod­ucts are still in a con­di­tion to be used. On the other hand, if you are think­ing of ex­per­i­ment­ing with new prod­ucts, it’s a good idea to try it in smaller quan­ti­ties on the back of your hand to test for any al­ler­gic re­ac­tions a week or so be­fore the fi­nal day.

Keep it on for the en­tire evening as it some­times takes a more pro­longed ap­pli­ca­tion for ir­ri­ta­tion to show up ini­tially. If you are break­out-free even after tak­ing it off, the prod­uct is good to go. It’s also help­ful to know ex­actly how much ef­fort you’ll have to put in clean­ing your­self up at the end of the night.

Don’t com­pro­mise on brands

Go­ing for a cheap al­ter­na­tive be­cause ‘it’s just once a year’ isn’t ad­vis­able as the ill-ef­fects of the chem­i­cals in these prod­ucts go be­yond that one evening. Be ex­tra cau­tious if you are us­ing liq­uid la­tex prod­ucts and make sure it’s from a brand you trust (look for the FDA mark).

Glit­ters are al­ways hard to get off, but us­ing good cos­metic-grade glit­ter in­stead of pick­ing it out from your craft box will make it less harsh on your skin. If you’re go­ing in for a com­plete body paint, re­mem­ber that cheaper brands some­times can lead to ex­treme dry­ness of the skin and clogged pores where the paint can set­tle for the next cou­ple of days; so you might end up look­ing blue (quite lit­er­ally) for a while.

In­clude mois­turis­ers

Keep­ing skin hy­drated fixes half the prob­lems. Pre­pare your skin for the evening; be­cause once you’ve painted your­self in unimag­in­able colours and worked up the per­fect ghoul­ish do, you’re also go­ing to be work­ing pretty hard to get that gunk off. The re­sult –re­ally parched skin. Layer the skin with some ex­tra mois­tur­is­ing cream be­fore load­ing the makeup (es­pe­cially face paint). Even while re­mov­ing makeup, use a cot­ton ball to dab on some lo­tion be­fore div­ing into the cleans­ing rou­tine. It helps to hy­drate the skin be­fore the en­tire or­deal.

Colour and care

Is wacky hair a part of your Hal­loween cos­tume? Your best op­tion is go­ing in for clip-on wigs in­stead of spray­ing those tresses a bril­liant pink. How­ever, if you are one of those who just loves how your nat­u­ral hair feels, and pre­fer colour­ing to clip-ons, tem­po­rary hair colours that can be washed off are a good op­tion too. They don’t gen­er­ally dam­age hair and the colour comes off easy. The prob­lem, how­ever, hap­pens when the colour­ing is com­bined with heat styling and hair­sprays. Crazy chem­i­cals and ex­tra heat don’t do those tresses any good and can leave you with dry, brit­tle and dull locks. Al­ways fol­low through with in­tense nour­ish­ing masks and fre­quent hair-oil­ing ses­sions for a cou­ple of weeks after the may­hem.

Pro­tect the peep­ers (and every­thing around it)

If you’re us­ing any form of ad­he­sives, la­tex or glit­ter, steer clear of the area around the eyes. The skin around this area is es­pe­cially thin and can be more sen­si­tive. Glit­ter is com­mon on Hal­loween, but re­mem­ber — no mat­ter how well you stick it, there are al­ways go­ing to be a few flakes that will fall off. Hav­ing glit­ter on your fore­head, eye­brows or lashes means it’s bound to get into those eyes. This can cause ir­ri­ta­tion es­pe­cially if you are wear­ing con­tact lenses too. And we all know what wa­tery eyes can do to all that makeup!

Un­com­fort­able cloth­ing

Com­fort is prob­a­bly not the first at­tribute we look at when choos­ing a Hal­loween cos­tume. Thigh-hug­ging span­dex, belly-clench­ing corsets or knee-high boots that are two sizes smaller ( but goes oh-so-well with that skirt) – we’ve all bat­tled with our set of wardrobe dis­com­forts. Carry a spare pair of shoes for the times you aren’t strut­ting around in your Hal­loween at­tire and use baby pow­der to re­duce fric­tion when slip­ping in and out of that rub­bery cos­tume.

Use the right makeup re­mover: Dif­fer­ent prod­ucts need to be tack­led dif­fer­ently. La­tex based makeup can be peeled off after wash­ing with warm wa­ter and reg­u­lar soap. Petroleum jelly helps to re­move more stub­born face paint. Can’t get that glue off ? Co­conut oil can work won­ders. How­ever, some­times, de­spite all the wash­ing, some ar­eas of the skin can still look a bit dis­coloured. A paste made out of bak­ing soda and wa­ter can be used to counter this colour but can also make the skin very dry. Tooth­paste and shav­ing cream are great al­ter­na­tives and don’t dry out the skin as much. In short, be ready with am­ple amount of cot­ton balls, makeup re­movers, and wet wipes.

Hal­loween Makeup Tips:

And if you thought we’d just be ram­bling about what not to do, you were wrong! Here are some fun, quick and easy makeup tips you can in­cor­po­rate.

zPick up the light­est shade of foun­da­tion and con­cealer to achieve that pale, vam­pire look.

zIf you are hes­i­tant about red-lip­stick, Hal­loween is the time you can ex­per­i­ment with all the reds fear­lessly. You might even find a shade that you can carry forth to your ev­ery­day makeup.

zRed lip­stick can also dou­ble as fake blood. Want to know what else from your reg­u­lar makeup box can dou­ble as Hal­loween makeup? That ex­ten­sive eye­shadow pal­ette (which has half the colours still un­touched). Pur­ples, browns and deep blues can be made to look like bruises. Just make sure the shad­ows are all matte fin­ish. White-coloured con­tact lenses can change your en­tire look – mak­ing you look re­ally, re­ally scary. Don’t for­get to seal the look with a makeup sealer; one with an ex­tra long stay­ing power.

An­tara Bose is a model turned fash­ion and beauty con­sul­tant. A pop­u­lar blog­ger, an­chor, and voice over artist, she main­tains a deep con­nec­tion with the lo­cal fash­ion in­dus­try and is pas­sion­ate about dis­cov­er­ing and cel­e­brat­ing as­pir­ing talent as well...

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