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Call­ing all hair fa­nat­ics, this week I’m go­ing to blow your socks off with a new hair trend that’s been tak­ing the hairstyling scene since ear­lier this year. If you are a fan of neon hair colours and vi­brant, unique iden­ti­ties then you must have heard of the in­cred­i­ble Guy Tang, the master­mind be­hind the cre­ation of outof-this-planet hair colours that look noth­ing short of amaz­ing. He is the founder of Mydentity brand, which gave hairstylists a chance to let their cre­ative juices flow onto the hair of their clients with colour pal­ettes that are in­di­vid­u­ally unique and pretty much awe­some. From rain­bow colours, to shades of blonde and ev­ery­thing in between Tang’s col­lec­tion has it all.

My fas­ci­na­tion with Tang’s work be­gan on In­sta­gram, and as a fash­ion pho­tog­ra­pher, I have to keep up with what’s trend­ing in the style depart­ment. The colours looked uber­cool. I had to find out more about it, so I went to meet one of Mus­cat’s best and pro­fes­sional hairstylist Mykola Kuzmin to find out all about Mydentity.

Mykola is a hairstylist from Ukraine who has an un­par­al­leled pas­sion for fash­ion and style. I met him dur­ing one of my fash­ion photo-shoots and we’ve been work­ing to­gether ever since. One day, he called me with an idea to do a shoot us­ing Tang’s prod­ucts. He had or­dered the colours from USA and de­cided to ex­per­i­ment with a quick photo shoot us­ing two trendy colours of Mydentity col­lec­tion: Sil­ver Smoke and Rose Gold. The re­sults were stun­ning. I had a quick in­ter­view with Mykola af­ter the shoot to learn more about this mirac­u­lous brand.

First, the styling was fan­tas­tic as usual. How did you end up in the hairstyling depart­ment?

Well, I started with teach­ing, so my first oc­cu­pa­tion was a teacher of English and for­eign lit­er­a­ture. I have a Bach­e­lor’s de­gree in it, but I felt like this is not for me and I’m more in­ter­ested in fash­ion.

That’s in­ter­est­ing. So why not go for de­sign­ing?

Well, be­cause I know that fash­ion is hard, and to be­come suc­cess­ful it’s even more harder. So I de­cided to choose an eas­ier way on how to get to fash­ion, which is by do­ing hairstyling. I was on a mis­sion to get out of Ukraine be­cause Ukraine is not quite trendy. It can be trendy, but trends come a bit later to the country. In­stead I worked in crew ships which was a great ex­pe­ri­ence, but I de­cided to stop and go to Dubai. I stayed there for like a month, but didn’t get of­fers that caught my at­ten­tion. Oman of­fered me a job right away, so I de­cided to come here. Now it has been three years.

It’s a dif­fer­ent vibe than here.

It is more in­ter­est­ing here than in Dubai, to me. Oman has a char­ac­ter. I guess both have their own in­di­vid­ual charms.

Now, let’s talk hair. The colours are ab­so­lutely stun­ning. What in­spired you to ex­per­i­ment with Mydentity?

I was in­spired by Guy Tang, who is a ge­nius when it comes to hair. I’m fol­low­ing him a lot. I watch his videos be­cause he does a lot of videos when ex­per­i­ment­ing with any colour. He joined a brand called Olaplex that makes hair prod­ucts. Af­ter get­ting that ex­pe­ri­ence he launched his own brand that sells his ex­per­i­mented colours called, ‘Mydentity’ and it celebrates in­di­vid­u­al­ity and iden­tity.

So he cre­ates new colours?

Yes, and makes colours that weren’t pop­u­lar and trendy. Green was once ugly, now it’s trendy.

So what’s the hottest trend right now?

Like the se­ries ‘Or­ange is the New Black’, Grey is the new blonde! But in Oman peo­ple like to be blonde, which is nice and a bit chal­leng­ing when it comes to Ara­bian hair be­cause it’s more dark. It has more pig­ment in it, it’s stronger, but it is fun to style. World­wide, the trend is denim, very dark ashy blue. Any­thing that could look like jeans ba­si­cally. It looks nice but less vi­brant.

What makes Mydentity colours unique and trendy?

His colours are easy to blend, be­cause there are lots of dif­fer­ent boost­ers. And he has shades that no other brand has, for ex­am­ple, Sil­ver Smoke, Dusty Laven­der, and Rose Gold are quite unique colours. Thanks to him, we no longer have to mix 10 dif­fer­ent colours to get a cre­ative look, now we can just use one from his brand. It also has the best and most in­ter­est­ing se­lec­tion of boost­ers, like char­coal and laven­der.

What’s a booster?

It’s ba­si­cally an en­hancer for the colour. You pick the base colour and then add a booster to en­hance it. Like if you use Rose Gold with laven­der booster, you will get a less pink­ish colour and more vi­o­let shade. Or you can add more pink to achieve a vi­brant colour. For ex­am­ple, for Eva (model in pink) she’s wear­ing Sil­ver Smoke. I added more char­coal booster in her roots to cre­ate a shady look on the roots, you can just play around. It’s su­per easy, less dam­ag­ing, and safe, too.

Talk to me about skin colour. Who can wear Mydentity colours?

I al­ways say to peo­ple that that’s a limit you put in your­self and your mind. The times are chang­ing, in early 2000s Bey­once had dark or brown hair, now she’s blonde. She has a dark skin and she’s fully blonde. She looks amaz­ing. So I don’t be­lieve if hav­ing a dark skin lim­its you from get­ting blonde hair.

So what if I want to try some of the colours? How would the pro­ce­dure be?

First we light up the hair colour to blonde and then dye the hair with Mydentity’s colours. You just need to un­der­stand that it’s a step-by-step process that may take time, es­pe­cially if your hair is dark. Be­cause it is a mas­sive process to lighten it and still save the hair. Some hair take up to 12 hours, so it needs pa­tience.

*Mydentity colours will de­but in the Mid­dle East next year, but if you fancy hav­ing an iden­tity of your own in­spired by Guy Tang, then book a ses­sion with Mykola for a cre­ative makeover. Mus­cat Beauty Sa­lon, Sabco Cen­tre, Qu­rum; +968 9114 8692

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