In the world of fash­ion where rules change ev­ery day, how many of those decade-old con­ven­tions are still worth fol­low­ing? This week, we’re bust­ing 10 myths that have been hin­der­ing your true fash­ion po­ten­tial.


When it comes to style and fash­ion, rules are meant to be bro­ken. So stop be­liev­ing in the fash­ion myths, get cre­ative, and break the rules.

1 No heels for tall girls

Called rel­a­tively tall for Asian/Mid­dle East­ern stan­dards, I per­son­ally still don’t get why ‘tall’ peo­ple shouldn’t wear high heels. If you’re blessed with a good height, there’s no harm in en­hanc­ing it (if we can still use that word for height) a lit­tle bit more. A few inches aren’t go­ing to make you look like you suf­fer from gi­gan­tism. Heels, all the way; even if you are 6 feet. Think of all the gor­geous mod­els on the Paris cat­walk!

2 Maxi dresses aren’t for short girls

And then we have the myth for the shorter ones. If the strug­gle of try­ing to match up to their taller friends wasn’t enough, now with this one, they would have to let go of all those lovely flowy gowns too. That would be un­fair. But the good news is that they don’t need to fol­low this myth. Maxi dresses with the right colours can make even shorter girls look just as stun­ning. Go for single, bold colours in light­weight fab­ric to cre­ate that per­fect breezy look.

3 Only dark pants if you’re bot­tom heavy

We un­der­stand the whole no­tion of darker colours hav­ing the slim­ming ef­fect but hon­estly, cuts also play a very vi­tal role. A well-fit­ted pair of pants or a skirt, even if it’s a pure white, can look per­fectly el­e­gant on those who are bot­tomheavy. We’ll bust another myth while we’re here. Just make sure you’re wear­ing nude in­ner wear with your white pants. White doesn’t cam­ou­flage white. (We heard that oops!)

4 Match bags, shoes and oh, nail pol­ish too

We won’t say there is any­thing wrong with per­fectly syn­chro­nised clothes though. If you have am­ple time, then by all means, you can go blue from head to toe. But there isn’t a def­i­nite need. Mix-and-match is the trend of the cen­tury. More than any­thing, it makes one look ef­fort­less; like they didn’t stay up a night be­fore to match ev­ery item from their wardrobe. Imag­ine the pain of hav­ing to trans­fer the con­tents from one hand­bag to another ev­ery single time.

5 Gold and sil­ver don’t go to­gether

A child­hood myth that it’s about time we do away with. Gold and sil­ver ( just like black and navy blue) go per­fectly well. And do you know what else you could throw in too? Bronze! The shades of three-coloured gold. The only thing to be kept in mind while sport­ing this fash­ion is the sheen of the met­als. Don’t mix matte gold pieces with shiny sil­ver items. It com­pletely ru­ins the look.

6 Dressy clutches are meant for the night

Like a long ma­roon evening gown with dainty lit­tle em­bel­lished clutch bag, you say? The norm. But how about you bring out a se­quined sil­ver clutch and pair it with your stone-washed jeans and a pretty top? We’ll as­sure you, it looks just as trendy. It’s like a daz­zling ac­ces­sory that de­serves to catch the morn­ing sun and adds that ‘bling’ to your day­time out­fit.

7 No more than one bright colour

We aren’t say­ing bring in all the colours of the rain­bow in one out­fit (let’s draw the line here a lit­tle, shall we) but just like the mix-and-match prin­ci­ple, we can bring a great amount of vi­brancy in an ensem­ble by care­fully adding mul­ti­ple bright colours. Colour-block­ing is the tech­nique that comes in handy. Bring in a neu­tral shade in between two strong colours to bal­ance the look. Let’s il­lus­trate bet­ter — a bright-coloured top with a pas­tel skirt and bright shoes. The skirt bal­ances the two strong colours it’s flanked with mak­ing the at­tire bold, yet not too over the top. A sim­ple al­ter­na­tive is to go for mul­ti­ple ac­ces­sories in dif­fer­ent colours that works as state­ment pieces while you sport an el­e­gant pas­tel-shaded or mono­tone dress.

8 No denim on denim

Bust­ing the myth by say­ing denim on denim is just classy. It’s ca­sual yet re­ally chic. Just re­mem­ber one golden rule – don’t wear the ex­act same shades on top and below. If you fancy darker jeans (they do make legs look slim­mer) make sure your denim shirt is sig­nif­i­cantly lighter. If you’re play­ing it the other way around with lighter bot­toms, make sure the top is at least two shades darker.

9 You are a par­tic­u­lar size only

Yes, so maybe it can give you a rough ref­er­ence but that’s about it. You could be a size L at one store and an S in another and this holds true es­pe­cially if you’re jump­ing between fast fash­ion and de­signer wear. We need to ac­cept that sizes vary from brand to brand and even country to country. It’s al­ways ad­vis­able to ig­nore that lit­tle size tag and ac­tu­ally see what looks good on you. And look at the bright side, you won’t feel guilty pick­ing a size larger, and you’ll ac­tu­ally get the dress that fits you right.

10 No short dresses af­ter you’ve aged

Age is just a num­ber; and as long as your legs don’t give away that num­ber, short dresses shouldn’t be leav­ing your wardrobe. We’ve seen some of the most glam­orous stars from yesteryears still look­ing el­e­gantly stun­ning in their lit­tle black dresses. The only se­cret – they keep it sim­ple.

Antara Bose is a model turned fash­ion and beauty con­sul­tant. A pop­u­lar blog­ger, an­chor, and voice over artist, she main­tains a deep con­nec­tion with the lo­cal fash­ion in­dus­try and is pas­sion­ate about dis­cov­er­ing and celebrating as­pir­ing tal­ent as well...

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