Is the world’s old­est emoji re­ally the world's old­est?

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Is­tan­bul, Turkey - Ar­chae­ol­o­gists in Turkey be­lieve they have found the ear­li­est ex­am­ple of the smi­ley face emoji. If only there were a way for them to ex­press their de­light about this.

A smi­ley face was drawn on the side of a pitcher dat­ing back to 1,700BCE, by a vi­sion­ary who must have died in tor­ment know­ing that he or she would never see an iPhone, not even an iPhone 2.

Nikolo Marchetti, the pro­fes­sor lead­ing the ex­ca­va­tion, told the me­dia: “This pitcher was used to drink sher­bet, a sweet drink. We have prob­a­bly found the old­est smi­ley emoji.” And then he did a winky face at all his col­leagues.

Prior to the find, the old­est smi­ley emoji was thought to date back to 1635. It was a smi­ley face drawn by a lawyer on a le­gal doc­u­ment in Slo­vakia. It’s not clear what the le­gal doc­u­ment was, but if it was a copy­right claim on the smi­ley emoji, no won­der he was pleased.

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