15% de­cline in visi­tors to Salalah in kha­reef sea­son

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There has been a 15 per cent fall in the num­ber of visi­tors in the first five weeks of the kha­reef sea­son, ac­cord­ing to the Na­tional Cen­tre for Statis­tics and In­for­ma­tion (NCSI).

The to­tal num­ber of visi­tors stood at 183,115 as on July 25, NCSI statis­tics show.

How­ever, com­pared to the fourth week of the sea­son, there was a 98.3 per cent rise in the num­ber of visi­tors in the fifth week to 81,599. Of the to­tal, 65.5 per cent were Oma­nis and there was a 15.8 per cent fall in the num­ber of Omani visi­tors com­pared to last year. Non-Oma­nis com­prise 34.5 per cent of the to­tal visi­tors.

GCC visi­tors ex­clud­ing Oma­nis com­prised 17.5 per cent of the to­tal while Asians com­prised 12.1 per cent.

Over­all 72.7 per cent visi­tors ar­rived via the land routes. The num­ber of Omani visi­tors at the end of the fifth week of the sea­son stood at 119,958 this year com­pared to 142,413 in 2016.

There were 32,069 GCC tourists com­pared to 33,069 dur­ing the same pe­riod last year. Visi­tors from Asian coun­tries de­clined to 22,183 this year from 30,408 last year, while the num­ber of Euro­pean tourists in­creased to 1,347 this year from 1,022 last year. Visi­tors from other na­tions also in­creased this year to 835 while it was 619 dur­ing the same pe­riod last year.

The to­tal num­ber of GCC visi­tors till July 25 was 152,027 com­pared to 176,366 in 2016. Of these, 119,958 were Oma­nis, 17,846 from the UAE, 9,380 from Saudi Ara­bia, 1,581 from Bahrain, 1,788 from Kuwait and 1,474 from Qatar.

Visi­tors from other Arab na­tions were 6,723 this year com­pared to 6,892 last year. Of these, there were 847 Syr­i­ans, 1,449 Egyp­tians, 482 Jor­da­ni­ans, 261 Le­banese, 63 Tu­nisians, 270 Iraqis and 3,351 from other na­tions in the re­gion.

Of the 22,183 visi­tors from Asian na­tions, 12,219 were from In­dia, 4,445 from Pak­istan, 547 from the Philip­pines and 4,972 from other coun­tries.

Of the 1,347 Euro­pean tourists, 530 were from the UK com­pared to 439 in 2016. There were 161 Ger­man,117 French and 46 Span­ish tourists. There were also 493 visi­tors from other Euro­pean na­tions com­pared to 328 last year.

From the Amer­i­cas, there were 497 visi­tors com­pared to 365 last year. Of these, 328 were from the US, 99 from Canada and 70 from other na­tions.

From Africa, there were 240 visi­tors this year com­pared to 148 in 2016, while 97 came from coun­tries in Ocea­nia.

While visi­tors from GCC na­tions fell by 13.8 per cent in the fifth week, those from Asia saw a de­cline of 27 per cent and from other Arab coun­tries fell by 2.5 per cent.

There was a 31.8 per cent in­crease in the num­ber of visi­tors from Europe and a growth of 34.9 per cent in visi­tors from other coun­tries. How­ever, there was a com­bined 15 per cent fall in visi­tors dur­ing the pe­riod, ac­cord­ing to NCSI statis­tics.

There was a 39.6 per cent rise in the num­ber of visi­tors who ar­rived by do­mes­tic flights, while those ar­riv­ing by in­ter­na­tional flights saw a de­cline of 3.6 per cent. Ar­rival via land routes to Salalah also saw a 24 per cent de­cline. The Visi­tors Sur­vey, which started on June 21 will con­tinue till Septem­ber 21.

The sur­vey is be­ing con­ducted for the 14th suc­ces­sive year, in co­op­er­a­tion with the Min­istry of Tourism and ROP. The project aims at iden­ti­fy­ing the num­ber of lo­cal and for­eign tourists dur­ing the kha­reef sea­son and analysing the growth trends.

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