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1. What did Al­bert Abra­ham Michel­son in­vent?

a) Stetho­scope b) In­ter­fer­om­e­ter c) Te­le­scope d) Barom­e­ter

2. What did Al­bert Abra­ham Michel­son mea­sure?

a) Speed of sound b) Depth of Ocean c) Height of moun­tain d) Ve­loc­ity of light

3. For what did Al­bert Abra­ham Michel­son win No­bel Prize for Physics?

a) Dis­cov­ery of spon­ta­neous ra­dioac­tiv­ity b) Dis­cov­ery of ar­gon c) Spec­tro­scopic and metro­log­i­cal in­ves­ti­ga­tions d) De­vel­op­ment of wire­less teleg­ra­phy

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