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If you need to travel with your pet cat, be­cause you are mov­ing out of town or the coun­try and have no other op­tion, you need to plan well in ad­vance, es­pe­cially if you plan to take your pet along on the same flight. Con­sider these few tips to make the jour­ney less stress­ful for the cat as well as your­self: your des­ti­na­tion, if you are mov­ing into a new home, try and min­imise your cat's stress as much as pos­si­ble by keep­ing it con­fined to just one room. the day of your flight to ver­ify. Have a cloth cover that cov­ers the open­ings in the car­rier so your cat can­not see what is go­ing on around - the less they see, the less stress they will ex­pe­ri­ence.

Keep your cat's health cer­tifi­cate and other doc­u­ments on your per­son as well as one set taped to the car­rier some­where. Also, re­gard­less of whether your cat is trav­el­ing in the cabin or in the cargo hold, with­hold food the night be­fore and the morn­ing of the trip, to avoid un­pleas­ant in­ci­dents en route. Cats can usu­ally re­sist the need to uri­nate un­til 48 hours, but to be as­sured, you may add an ab­sorbent layer to the pad­ding on the in­side of the car­rier.

Wait un­til you ar­rive at your fi­nal des­ti­na­tion be­fore you take your cat out of the car­rier. Air­line travel is ex­tremely stress­ful for cats - give your cat a chance to de-stress first.

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