IN­FINITI QX80 is de­signed to al­low cus­tomers to travel in lux­ury every­where. Oom­men John P test drives IN­FINITI’s pow­er­ful SUV

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The QX80’s power gives you com­mand of ev­ery turn. Ex­cep­tional ca­pa­bil­ity, in­spired de­sign and a lux­u­ri­ous ex­panse con­verge for an ex­pe­ri­ence that chal­lenges the lim­its of your next jour­ney.

QX80 is mas­sive. And it’s pretty wide too with pretty con­sis­tent width. Yet, it is still easy to drive with ab­so­lute light steer­ing and su­perb vis­i­bil­ity. With a pow­er­ful 5.6-litre V8 en­gine driv­ing the rear or both axles, the new QX80 re­mains the con­sum­mate per­former in even the worst driv­ing con­di­tions. With a taut yet com­fort-ori­ented sus­pen­sion and am­ple per­for­mance from its 5.6-litre V8 en­gine, the IN­FINITI QX80 gives driv­ers an as­sured feel­ing of con­trol and con­fi­dence at the wheel. De­signed and engi­neered to al­low cus­tomers to travel every­where in lux­ury, the SUV fea­tures a high-qual­ity, hand-crafted in­te­rior, cre­at­ing a driver-cen­tric, pas­sen­ger-minded space for in­clu­sive, mod­ern lux­ury travel.

The IN­FINITI QX80 of­fers a com­for­to­ri­ented ride with the sus­pen­sion engi­neered to fil­ter out poor road con­di­tions and keep oc­cu­pants com­fort­able. Whether at a cruise, on busy ur­ban roads, or on a wind­ing high­way, the IN­FINITI QX80 re­mains com­posed and con­trolled at all times.

The IN­FINITI QX80 stands apart with a re­fined and spa­cious cabin that fea­tures high-qual­ity ma­te­ri­als, a hand­crafted fin­ish, and ad­vanced drive­as­sist tech­nolo­gies – all com­bin­ing to pro­mote a sense of in­clu­sive, mod­ern lux­ury and set new stan­dards for up­scale so­phis­ti­ca­tion. De­spite the com­fort-

bi­ased brief for the fully-in­de­pen­dent dou­ble-wish­bone sus­pen­sion, the IN­FINITI QX80’s unique Hy­draulic Body Mo­tion Con­trol (HBMC) tech­nol­ogy lim­its ex­cess body-roll un­der more se­vere corner­ing. HBMC mon­i­tors body lean and roll as the IN­FINITI QX80 turns into a cor­ner, and ad­justs the sus­pen­sion to cre­ate a smooth, flat ride. Hy­draulic cylin­ders are con­nected to the shock ab­sorbers and linked to one an­other with high-pres­sure hy­draulic chan­nels. Two ac­cu­mu­la­tors mon­i­tor body roll and ad­just sus­pen­sion stiff­ness on each side of the car by trans­fer­ring oil be­tween the hy­draulic cylin­ders. For the new model, the sus­pen­sion’s damp­ing force also has been re­duced by 30 per cent at ev­ery cor­ner, iso­lat­ing the cabin fur­ther by ab­sorb­ing higher-fre­quency vi­bra­tions.

Rear Auto-Lev­el­ing Sus­pen­sion au­to­mat­i­cally ad­justs sus­pen­sion pres­sure to main­tain the op­ti­mum ride height with cargo in the trunk or a trailer on tow. This al­lows the IN­FINITI QX80 to tow up to 8,500 lbs (3,855 kg) and carry up to 2,694 litres (95.1 cu ft) of in­te­rior cargo vol­ume with third- and sec­ond-row seats folded. By keep­ing the ve­hi­cle at its op­ti­mal height, the IN­FINITI QX80 re­mains sta­ble and con­tin­ues to of­fer re­spon­si­ble han­dling and brak­ing, im­prov­ing driver con­fi­dence when tow­ing or car­ry­ing heav­ier loads. IN­FINITI has also changed the ver­ti­cal an­gle of the ra­dial steel belt in the tire walls. This re­duces ver­ti­cal de­flec­tion by 5 per cent over the out­go­ing IN­FINITI QX80, en­abling the car to bet­ter ab­sorb small vi­bra­tions and road im­pacts when driv­ing over rough or bro­ken sur­faces.

The de­sign changes to the car are ac­com­pa­nied by op­ti­mised aero­dy­namic prop­er­ties. With a drag co-ef­fi­cient of 0.36 Cd – com­pet­i­tive with the most aero­dy­namic de­signs in the seg­ment – the new IN­FINITI QX80 fea­tures a range of mod­i­fi­ca­tions to bet­ter di­rect air over, around and un­der the ve­hi­cle. IN­FINITI has ap­plied its ‘zero lift’ ap­proach, max­imis­ing sta­bil­ity at higher speeds. Re­vi­sions to the car in­clude a new un­der­body cover, re­shaped to im­prove air flow and re­duce air pres­sure be­neath the body and bet­ter di­rect air away from the rear tires to re­duce drag. The re­designed body also en­hances air flow, par­tic­u­larly off the rear, to min­imise drag-in­duc­ing tur­bu­lence. These changes re­duce the ef­fects of wind tur­bu­lence at higher speeds, leav­ing the driver feel­ing more in-con­trol and con­nected with the road.

Driv­ers can cus­tomise the all-wheel drive sys­tem via a dial in the cen­ter con­sole. The sys­tem sits in ‘auto’ mode by de­fault, us­ing a com­puter-con­trolled trans­fer case to in­stantly re­dis­tribute en­gine torque to the wheels with the most trac­tion. Per­ma­nent high- and low-range all-wheel drive set­tings are also avail­able. The high-range set­ting is de­signed to take on mod­er­ate of­froad driv­ing and snow; the low-range func­tion em­pow­ers driv­ers to tackle more de­mand­ing off-road con­di­tions, with steeper in­clines and de­clines, when more trac­tion is needed. The all-wheel drive sys­tem is backed up by the QX80’s four-wheel Ac­tive Brake Lim­ited Slip (ABLS) sys­tem, which re­sponds to wheel-spin by au­to­mat­i­cally ap­ply­ing brakes to each spin­ning wheel and re­dis­tribut­ing torque to other wheels to max­i­mize trac­tion and con­trol.

Both rear- and all-wheel driv­e­trains are paired with an ad­vanced 5.6-litre DOHC V8 en­gine, de­liv­er­ing am­ple on-road per­for­mance. Com­bin­ing the com­bus­tion ef­fi­ciency of Di­rect In­jec­tion Gaso­line (DIG), and the re­spon­sive ac­cel­er­a­tion of VVEL (Vari­able Valve Event and Lift) tech­nol­ogy, the V8 en­gine pro­duces 400 hp (298 kW) and 413 lb ft of torque. The smooth-shift­ing seven-speed au­to­matic trans­mis­sion, fit­ted as stan­dard to ev­ery model, al­lows the driver to ac­cess the en­gine’s power and torque re­serves at any time. The au­to­matic trans­mis­sion fea­tures Adap­tive Shift Con­trol (ASC), and man­ual shift mode with Down­shift Rev Match­ing. In rear-wheel drive con­fig­u­ra­tion, the QX80’s fuel econ­omy is rated at 14 mpg city, 20 mpg high­way and 16 mpg com­bined. All-wheel drive vari­ants are ca­pa­ble of 13 mpg city, 19 mpg high­way and 15 mpg com­bined.

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