Opinion: Social media is the most effective way for people to tell their stories

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The beauty of Twitter is actually hearing from a variety of people.

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How to boost your so­cial shar­ing

Shar­ing is at the heart of so­cial me­dia. It’s how par­tic­i­pants start a con­ver­sa­tion about some­thing. They share it. But first, your con­tent has to be worth shar­ing. It has to pro­voke enough thought about it for some­one to like it and share it on other so­cial me­dia for­mats. But, how do you make sure you cre­ate con­tent that is share-wor­thy? Share ev­ery­thing your­self – First, get in the habit of shar­ing things your­self. Share your blog posts, your YouTube videos and any con­tent that you cre­ate on your so­cial me­dia. How of­ten you share some­thing de­pends on which so­cial me­dia you are us­ing. Re­mem­ber that peo­ple are sit­ting in wait for your shares and they don’t typ­i­cally scroll back to find out if they missed any­thing. There­fore it’s up to you to find out the best time of day to share, and how of­ten to share, based on which so­cial me­dia you’re us­ing. For ex­am­ple, you can share on Twit­ter at dif­fer­ent times of day as dif­fer­ent peo­ple will see it. Ask peo­ple to share – Al­ways re­mem­ber to in­clude a call to ac­tion within your con­tent. You want to tell peo­ple to ‘like’ the com­ment or your Page or ‘share’. They truly may not think of do­ing it with­out your di­rec­tions. It’s not that they don’t like your con­tent it’s just that most peo­ple are obliv­i­ous to the power of shar­ing and so they just don’t do it or think about it. In­clude ask­ing in your call to ac­tion and you’ll get more shares right away. Keep your so­cial shares short – Twit­ter forces brevity, but Face­book doesn’t. How­ever, stud­ies show that shorter posts on Face­book get more shares than longer ones. So, use the abil­ity to put a link to the main source of con­tent in your shares and make your com­ments short on the ac­tual so­cial me­dia. Make the com­ment get no­ticed by ask­ing a ques­tion or ask­ing for ac­tion with a head­line that will get at­ten­tion from your fol­low­ers. Pay at­ten­tion to what your share looks like – What does the viewer see when they see your share? Do they see an im­age that gets their at­ten­tion? Do they see words that make them want to read more? What ex­actly do they see on their end? It’s im­por­tant to un­der­stand how size of images, and the au­to­matic crop­ping of them on the dif­fer­ent so­cial me­dia works so you know whether some­one will be able to view or share your information or not. Al­though it does of­fer dif­fer­ent sizes now, In­sta­gram will of­ten cut images shared from other plat­forms. Fi­nally, be sure that you’ve done ad­e­quate re­search on your tar­get au­di­ence so that you know what they want. If you are not shar­ing the type of information your tar­get au­di­ence wants, then you may end up with a lot of shares and likes from peo­ple who are the wrong au­di­ence. Keep your au­di­ence in mind for ev­ery­thing you do and you’ll be more suc­cess­ful in get­ting more shares with your so­cial me­dia. BREAK­ING NEWS As I write this ar­ti­cle, the big­gest so­cial me­dia news this week is that both Disney and Mi­crosoft are bid­ding to buy Twit­ter. There are still ru­mours that Google is in­ter­ested but Face­book has def­i­nitely said it isn’t go­ing to buy Twit­ter. Watch this space! Face­book Rolls Out Dy- namic Ads for Brick-andMor­tar Re­tail­ers: Face­book in­tro­duced ‘new ways for ad­ver­tis­ers to run smarter cam­paigns that achieve in-store re­sults’ with dy­namic ads for re­tail. Face­book Ex­pands Mea­sure­ment Tools for Re­tail­ers: Face­book and its mea­sure­ment part­ners an­nounced sev­eral new prod­ucts and in­te­gra­tions that will help mar­keters ‘un­der­stand which cam­paigns are per­form­ing best, which are sell­ing the most prod­ucts both in-store and on­line and ul­ti­mately, how ad­ver­tis­ing is help­ing to grow your brand’. Face­book Rolls Out New Cus­tom Ad Targeting Op­tion: Face­book qui­etly rolled out the abil­ity for brands to cre­ate cus­tom au­di­ences that tar­get users who have viewed their can­vas ads on Face­book. Face­book Adds Link Ads, En­hanced Mo­bile Web­sites, Pay­ments, and More to Mes­sen­ger: Face­book has been ‘ac­tively build­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties for brands and busi­nesses to be dis­cov­ered on Mes­sen­ger’ and added sev­eral new fea­tures ‘that de­liver value for peo­ple, busi­nesses and de­vel­op­ers’. Twit­ter Lifts 140-Char­ac­ter Count Lim­its: Twit­ter of­fi­cially an­nounced that “pho­tos, videos, GIFs, polls and Quote Tweets no longer count to­ward your 140 char­ac­ters” in tweets, but notes in its de­vel­oper doc­u­men­ta­tion that at­tach­ments are still lim­ited to up to four pho­tos or one GIF, video, poll, quote tweet, or DM deep link per tweet. Twit­ter Rolls Out Na­tive Ads for Mo­bile App In­stalls: Twit­ter an­nounced that “na­tive ads are now avail­able to ad­ver­tis­ers run­ning mo­bile app in­stall cam­paigns on the Twit­ter Au­di­ence Plat­form.”

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