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Pol­i­tics is the gen­tle art of get­ting votes from the poor and cam­paign funds from the rich, it's said, by promis­ing to pro­tect each from the other!

Fol­low­ing SC ver­dict that ousted the then prime min­is­ter, Nawaz Sharif, the ex-PM's re­jec­tion of rul­ing of high­est court in land de­scribed as anti-man­date and votes of peo­ple, may just be con­sid­ered as a child­ish tantrum, which does not suit a thrice PM. Pak­istani na­tion ought to end pol­i­tics of per­sonal vengeance and make their lead­ers base their poli­cies and ac­tions on na­tional in­ter­ests and self­less states­man­ship for progress and pros­per­ity of Pak­istan.

Such a hope or ex­pec­ta­tion maybe imag­ined to be from some­one who lives in par­adise of fools, but just to fill in the blanks, it’s but a hu­man duty to raise a voice, even if it is not the only one, or even if it hap­pens to be among fewer voices, when the power that con­quers all and sundry con­tin­ues to rule supreme ev­ery­where.

The bad guys have al­most al­ways beaten the good guys in coun­tries like Pak­istan. It’s an un­be­liev­ably tragic story from Pak­istan’s founder Mo­ham­mad Ali Jin­nah who made a coun­try which sac­ri­ficed him and his ideals whom his fol­lower lead­ers boast about with­out any sig­nif­i­cant ac­tion or a feel­ing of re­morse by not ful­fill­ing his con­cept of state and states­man­ship, and down to other great politi­cians.

To be re­al­is­tic, such an ap­peal to ful­fill na­tional in­ter­ests above per­sonal whims and plea­sures, may sound so good in speeches, but in prac­tice very lit­tle of it is seen.

Those high talk­ing lip ser­vice lead­ers with tall but hol­low claims failed in each of their rul­ing ten­ure when tested against best prac­tices or ben­e­fi­cial re­sults.

It’s an amaz­ing sit­u­a­tion where nei­ther the best kind of lead­ers nor the worst kind of rulers could make any sig­nif­i­cant, de­sired or ideal change for the bet­ter! All yes men of nawazi type in a party sing a cho­rus and start a protest even when a leader or party hap­pens to be wrong and gets sent home.

What are pol­i­tics and politi­cians of Pak­istan up against, in na­tional sce­nar­ios?

Firstly, the av­er­age politi­cians were drowned in their own self­ish na­ture and earthly qual­i­ties when tested on time and tide for bet­ter ac­tions. They could change nei­ther them­selves nor their pes­ter­ing party men and in­fe­rior anti-peo­ple po­lit­i­cal sys­tem. They ought to. Or their bet­ter col­leagues can make that change. Chaudhry Nisar may be one of them, who re­fused pomp and glory and re­signed.

Se­condly, even above av­er­age politi­cians could not dis­tance them­selves from, change or re­form the de­ceit of a setup that mis­in­formed and rev­eled in self glory with­out any sig­nif­i­cant ben­e­fits to their na­tion, or the cor­rup­tion of a highly de­cep­tive sys­tem that fooled al­most ev­ery­one. Th­ese in­cluded na­tional and in­ter­na­tional lead­ers in many coun­tries around the world, as re­vealed by Panama Pa­pers leak.

There­fore, among most tragic facts is that even the world’s best lead­er­ship could not be a cure for mostly il­lit­er­ate and tribal minded an­cient think­ing and mod­ern loot­ing of prej­u­diced lead­ers chained in their own per­sonal greed, be­yond change or re­form, within 200-mil­lion na­tion in Pak­istan.

This re­cent ad­vanced 21st cen­tury, like 14 cen­turies past of Jahiliya times be­fore Is­lam, and also af­ter its dawn, is just a bit dif­fer­ent in that ig­no­rant and un­tamed wild tribes used to com­mit wrongs that were some­times much lesser than greater crimes com­mit­ted by ed­u­cated and cul­tured elites, 14 cen­turies later!

Us­ing il­lit­er­ate, un­em­ployed, crim­i­nals, ex­tor­tion­ists, thieves, hirelings, black­mail­ers and killers, some elites proved to be more sav­age, so­phis­ti­cated, tech­no­log­i­cal and beastly than the il­lit­er­ate, law of the jun­gle crowds in an­cient times with the law of "might is right" rather than "right is might". The poor in in­tel­lect and prin­ci­ples for­tu­nately lacked the higher knowl­edge of ad­vanced so­phis­ti­cated ed­u­ca­tion and tech­niques on how to tor­ture and kill with greater pain and suf­fer­ings, like the civ­i­lized lead­ers of the present time do, af­ter al­most ev­ery­one has said and done al­most ev­ery­thing.

In a good guy and bad guy fights in Is­lam­abad and pro­vin­cial cap­i­tals, there is a need to end the pol­i­tics of self wor­ship and pro­mote na­tional in­ter­ests, to end pol­i­tics of per­sonal vengeance, base it on self­less states­man­ship and rise above per­sonal and party in­ter­ests for col­lec­tive good of the na­tion.

Change is needed from a half a cen­tury of bad pol­i­tics and to usher in an era of good gov­er­nance: Supreme Court ver­dict was bold and coura­geous and af­forded it for a na­tion who has yet to prove its met­tle. Only a na­tion can rise with proper ac­tions that can com­ple­ment Supreme Court de­ci­sion that ousted a PM on be­ing not truth­ful and not trust­wor­thy. ' Each per­son' in the na­tion is wait­ing for ' the na­tion' to rise and com­plete the re­main­ing task! Mean­while, par­ties will com­pro­mise with each other to win their share in next gen­eral elec­tions 2018. Gov­ern­ments have made short work of re­former lead­ers and their pro- re­form fol­low­ers! This na­tion has yet to prove it can make its rulers im­ple­ment gen­uine elec­toral re­forms un­der Con­sti­tu­tion of Pak­istan and elect bet­ter lead­ers and gov­ern­ment for good gov­er­nance.

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