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The rep­u­ta­tion of a com­pany is its most im­por­tant as­set which, if not main­tained, re­sults in dras­tic con­se­quences such as the com­pany los­ing cus­tomers, em­ploy­ees, stock­hold­ers and de­cline in sales and rev­enues. Com­pa­nies need to be aware of their on­line pres­ence with the In­ter­net emerg­ing as the new com­mu­ni­ca­tions plat­form. Brand strate­gists stress on the com­pa­nies to de­velop their on­line rep­u­ta­tion to pro­tect their im­age. Man­age­ment ex­perts be­lieve that com­pa­nies need to be proac­tive, cre­ate con­sumer-spe­cific con­tent, mon­i­tor search re­sults and take im­me­di­ate ac­tion if the com­pany faces a neg­a­tive sit­u­a­tion.

Com­pa­nies should op­ti­mize their web­site with their com­pany name for search en­gine op­ti­miza­tion which will pro­vide greater vis­i­bil­ity in search re­sults. Most com­pa­nies use the first-per­son voice on their web­sites with sen­tences such as “We are the provider of...” which should re­place sen­tences in third-per­son voice such as “XYZ pro­vides...” to in­crease its chances of ap­pear­ing in top search re­sults. More­over, com­pa­nies should di­ver­sify their web pres­ence by us­ing so­cial me­dia. Where the web­site pro­vides in­for­ma­tion about the com­pany and its ser­vices in a for­mal man­ner, the so­cial me­dia helps the com­pany re­main con­nected with the pub­lic for in­for­mal feed­back. Com­pa­nies reach out to var­i­ous mar­ket seg­ments through LinkedIn, Google Plus, Face­book, YouTube and Twit­ter. So­cial me­dia ex­perts pro­pose that com­pa­nies should use LinkedIn as it ranks higher than other so­cial me­dia net­works and is use­ful for busi­ness-to-busi­ness com­pa­nies.

A com­pany should mon­i­tor its search re­sults at least once a month while large com­pa­nies should do it fre­quently by set­ting up Google Alerts. The so­cial me­dia man­ager of the com­pany should check the sec­ond and third pages of the search en­gine for any neg­a­tive con­tent where chances are that the com­pany will find a web­site de­fam­ing its im­age. In this case, the com­pany should con­tact the cre­ator of the web­site. Big­ger com­pa­nies which en­joy sales in bil­lions of dol­lars and have a global pres­ence find neg­a­tive news which is prop­a­gated by their com­peti­tors or dis­loyal cus­tomers. The Wikipedia is an­other side of im­age rep­u­ta­tion which re­mains largely un­con­trolled as In­ter­net users can ac­cess the page and edit con­tent at will. A com­pany must reg­u­larly visit its Wikipedia page to find any in­cor­rect piece of in­for­ma­tion that can harm its rep­u­ta­tion.

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