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Ti­tle: Stealth of Na­tions: The Global Rise of the In­for­mal Econ­omy Au­thor: Robert Neuwirth

Pub­lisher: Pan­theon (Oc­to­ber 18, 2011) Price: $16.91

No. of pages: 304 pages

Stealth of Na­tions: The Global Rise of the In­for­mal Econ­omy is a well-writ­ten book based on ground re­al­i­ties re­lated to the in­for­mal global eco­nomic sec­tor. Robert Neuwirth’s in­ves­tiga­tive skills and ex­pe­ri­ence help him ex­plore the topic in de­tail while his com­mu­nica­tive writ­ing style cap­tures the reader’s at­ten­tion as he of­fers in­ter­est­ing hy­poth­e­sis and presents so­lu­tions to deal with the men­ace of the in­for­mal econ­omy.

Neuwirth makes the book com­pelling to read by adding com­ments of the en­trepreneurs he met in Paraguay, China, Nigeria, South Amer­ica, China, and Africa. Ex­pert analy­ses by John Keith Hart, Roberto Unger, and Martha Al­ter Chen draws read­ers’ at­ten­tion to­wards var­i­ous an­gles of the in­for­mal econ­omy. The au­thor re­frains from ex­plain­ing the dark side of the econ­omy but ex­plores the ba­sic hu­man in­stinct of sur­vival as the book takes ac­count of en­trepreneurs who fol­low cor­rupt prac­tices such as bribery and smug­gling but of­fer a liv­ing to tens of mil­lions of peo­ple.

Do such prac­tices pose a so­lu­tion to global eco­nomic prob­lems or an un­der­ground world of ques­tion­able prac­tices - the writer leaves it for the reader to de­cide.

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