Bit­ter Har­vest

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The car­nage in Pe­shawar’s Army Pub­lic School fi­nally woke up the es­tab­lish­ment to the need for com­bat­ing Ji­hadist ter­ror­ism that has been bleed­ing Pak­istan for decades, cour­tesy the con­flict­ing aims of its po­lit­i­cal elite and fail­ure of its ju­di­ciary to quickly pun­ish the Ji­hadists. What we now reap is the bit­ter har­vest of the seeds sown by Gen­eral Zia-ul-Haq. What re­mains un­clear is whether the re­solve to up­root ter­ror­ism will de­liver vis­i­ble re­sults be­cause, even be­fore ac­ti­va­tion of the mil­i­tary courts, pe­ti­tions were be­ing filed for an­nul­ment of the 21st con­sti­tu­tional amend­ment that has sanc­tioned their cre­ation. Th­ese pe­ti­tions re­flect the tra­di­tional self-serv­ing blind­ness of our politi­cians.

Although Charlie Hebdo had been pub­lish­ing blas­phe­mous cartoons for years, why did the Ji­hadists at­tack its of­fice and the Kosher mar­ket in Paris only after France de­cided to rec­og­nize Pales­tine as an in­de­pen­dent state, and sought lifting of the post-Ukraine af­fair eco­nomic sanc­tions against Rus­sia? Doesn’t this odd­ity raise doubts about the US and Is­rael be­ing friends of Europe? What politi­cians in the West never re­al­ized was that the ruth­less sub­ju­ga­tion of the Mus­lims dur­ing the past three cen­turies wasn’t some­thing that they could get used to; his­tory isn’t for­got­ten eas­ily. The ha­tred this sub­ju­ga­tion nur­tured was bound to show its colours; dis­mem­ber­ment of the Euro­pean em­pires after WW-II had lib­er­ated the Mus­lims to set­tle old scores. But in the changed world sce­nario, they could have opted against re­venge had the West not done what it did be­gin­ning 1948 - cre­ate Is­rael on Arab land and back the Zion­ists, who would adopt vi­o­lence as the route to achiev­ing their ne­far­i­ous aims, the first demon­stra­tion be­ing the mas­sacre of 91 in­no­cent hu­mans in the bombing of the King David Ho­tel in Jerusalem. To the Arabs, cre­ation of Is­rael on their land as com­pen­sa­tion for what the Nazis did to the Jews re­mained un­ac­cept­able. That the Jews suf­fered at the hands of Christian Europe could hardly jus­tify (as done by the then US Pres­i­dent Harry S Tru­man) the Is­raeli ex­pro­pri­a­tion of a part of the Arab land and, at the out­set, driv­ing a mil­lion Mus­lims out of it. Cre­ation of Is­rael rekin­dled ha­tred among the Mus­lims and events that fol­lowed made it bit­ter, the first thereof be­ing the Suez Canal war wherein Bri­tain and France joined Is­rael in at­tack­ing Egypt, and there­after the wars that Is­rael waged against its neigh­bour states and the atroc­i­ties it con­tin­ues to unashamedly com­mit on the Pales­tini­ans to grab more of the Arab land.

Be­sides the car­nage in Pales­tine - bla­tant dis­play of Is­raeli ter­ror­ism - that goes on un­abated, the West kept top­pling the popular but West-unfriendly regimes in its for­mer colonies, in­stalled its prox­ies there and prod­ded and fi­nanced them to wage wars against each other - the long­est be­ing the Iraq-Iran war. All this desta­bi­lized them, in­creased poverty there, and made them pro­gres­sively more volatile. Along­side went on atroc­i­ties like not im­ple­ment­ing even the UN res­o­lu­tion on hold­ing a plebiscite in Kashmir, turn­ing Afghanistan into a bat­tle­field to “give the Soviet Union its Viet­nam”, cre­ation, train­ing and arm­ing of mer­ce­nary out­fits like the Mu­ja­hedin, al Qaeda and the Tal­iban, the mas­sacre in Bos­nia, and spin­ning an “in­tra-Mus­lim” split us­ing ISIS. Lives of mil­lions in Pak­istan’s tribal ar­eas to streets across Iraq, Libya and Syria are be­ing dev­as­tated - they are the ‘ex­pend­able’ vic­tims of the Ji­hadist “Kalash­nikov cul­ture”, and the rit­ual dron­ing of Pak­ista­nis, Ye­me­nis, Syr­i­ans, Iraqis and Libyans wors­ens this sce­nario - one that is sup­posed to se­cure the West against ter­ror­ism by the Ji­hadists. What did US in­ter­ven­tions in Afghanistan, Le­banon, Iraq, Libya and Syria lead to? Daesh, ISIS and ISIL mer­ce­nar­ies were trained by Nato in Turkey (with France play­ing a cru­cial role therein); many of them are from Europe and would re­turn as trained ter­ror­ists; the re­cent Paris tragedies prove that. Couldn’t a blow­back from this pol­icy be vi­su­al­ized and fore-stalled? Although all US mil­i­tary in­ter­ven­tions in the Mid­dle East were touted as the route to de­moc­ra­tiz­ing the Arab states, the democ­racy that such free­dom of ex­pres­sion pro­motes can never be ac­cept­able to the non-athe­ists - the vast majority of this planet’s pop­u­la­tion. Dis­pen­sa­tions al­low­ing prop­a­ga­tion of hate on racial or re­li­gious bases are flawed, ir­re­spec­tive of the po­lit­i­cal con­text used to jus­tify them. Blind pur­suit of this pol­icy im­plies reap­ing an un­end­ing bit­ter har­vest. Hope­fully, it won’t hap­pen. Then isn’t it time to re­think Europe’s blind support for the US global agenda that is driven by Zion­ist am­bi­tions? Don’t for­get that the Zion­ists haven’t for­given Europe for the holo­caust.

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