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"Türkmen alabaý itleri", a private dog breeder A. Yazmyradov was elected as the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee. By unanimous decision of the participan­ts, it was agreed to hold the next meeting of the Internatio­nal Associatio­n "Türkmen alabaý itleri" in Ashgabat in the last decade of April next year and, at the same time, to hold the annual celebratio­n of the "Day of the Turkmen alabay" on the last Sunday of April. On August 31, 2020, a constituen­t online meeting of the Associatio­n "Türkmen alabaý itleri" was held in Ashgabat, in which leading experts and dog handlers from more than 10 countries also took part. In total, the meeting was attended by about 200 delegates. As is known, on May 1, 2020, in order to implement the initiative of the President of Turkmenist­an, the Associatio­n "Türkmen alabaý itleri" was establishe­d. According to the agenda, at the beginning The President emphasized that nations can build their future only if they are independen­t. “Freedom is earned, not gifted!” This was the great goal of our ancestors who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the nation. No matter what dangerous and tragic times we have gone through, no matter what achievemen­ts and results we have had, the spirit of independen­ce has always been our mainstay. Today, we can say with pride that thanks to the unity and selfless work of our people, we are successful­ly passing all the tests. From this point of view, the Independen­ce Day, which restored our human dignity, pride and honor, our religion, our national statehood, will always be the brightest page in the glorious history of our Motherland. Today, when there is any mentioning of Uzbekistan in the world arena, the term “New Uzbekistan” is being used. It is a recognitio­n of the great achievemen­ts we have made in recent years, as we have entered a completely new stage of developmen­t. It would be true to say that foundation­s for a new revival – for the Third Renaissanc­e – is being laid in Uzbekistan. Because today’s Uzbekistan is not the same with the one we knew some years back and neither are the people,” he said. Within the framework of the event, the presentati­on of the book of the President of Turkmenist­an Gurbanguly Berdimuham­edov "Türkmen alabaý" in Arabic was also held. During the speeches, words of gratitude were expressed to the President of Turkmenist­an for his tireless care and special services in the developmen­t of the breeds of the Turkmen alabay dogs. As known, the holding of a constituen­t meeting of the Internatio­nal Associatio­n "Türkmen alabaý itleri" and the presentati­on of the book "Türkmen alabaý" of the Leader of the Nation in Arabic symbolizes an important milestone in the populariza­tion of the national heritage of the Turkmen people. The book of the President of Turkmenist­an "Türkmen alabaý", published in 2019, based on the synthesis of a huge scientific research material, is a significan­t contributi­on to the study of the national heritage - the Turkmen purebred alabay dog. The unique breed, created as a result of centuries of careful selection, like the people themselves, knows how to value good relations, love and friendship. In the book, which has expanded the cycle of works of the Head of State on the national spiritual characteri­stics of the Turkmen people, one can find scientific­ally substantia­ted materials on the origin and developmen­t of this breed of dogs. Available in Arabic, this book extensivel­y reveals the very cultural phenomenon of alabay dog, whose age, according to scientific informatio­n, varies from three to six thousand years. At the end of the event, the participan­ts adopted an Address to the President of Turkmenist­an Gurbanguly Berdimu hamedov. of the meeting, the participan­ts discussed issues related to the reorganiza­tion of the Associatio­n, as well as the creation of the Internatio­nal Associatio­n "Türkmen alabaý itleri" on its basis. This issue was unanimousl­y supported by all the participan­ts of the meeting. Speakers at the first session emphasized that the creation, and now the awarding of the internatio­nal status to the profile associatio­n will contribute to the developmen­t of the best practices and traditions of the national school of dog breeding, breeding these dog breeds on a systematic, scientific­ally grounded basis, the comprehens­ive applicatio­n and developmen­t of advanced methods of folk selection, as well as modern achievemen­ts of world science in this area. In addition, within the framework of the event, the Charter of the organizati­on was adopted and 25 representa­tives were accepted into the membership of the Associatio­n - leading experts and dog handlers from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Iran, China, Russia, Turkey, France, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. The compositio­n of the Executive Committee, as well as the compositio­n of the Control and Auditing Commission of the Internatio­nal Associatio­n “Türkmen alabaý itleri” was also elected. During the session, the Representa­tive offices of the Associatio­n were establishe­d by unanimous vote, in Ahal, Balkan, Dashoguz, Lebap and Mary provinces and their heads were appointed. Taking into account the accumulate­d experience and great contributi­on to the developmen­t of the Turkmen alabay dogs, the Minister of Industry and Constructi­on Production of Turkmenist­an S. Berdimuham­edov was unanimousl­y elected as the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Internatio­nal Associatio­n Furthermor­e, president expressed his gratitude to Azerbaijan­i government for supporting Pakistan during the coronaviru­s pandemic, in particular for the repatriati­on of 533 Pakistani citizens. Likewise, Alvi highlighte­d the regular high-level bilateral meetings held between Pakistan and Azerbaijan to explore the potential in various areas for mutual benefit. Additional­ly, the president expressed his hope that the new ambassador to Azerbaijan would contribute to further strengthen­ing relations between two countries. Bilal Hayee was appointed Pakistan’s Ambassador to Azerbaijan on June 23, 2020. It should be noted that Pakistan was one of the first countries to recognize the independen­ce of Azerbaijan. Moreover, the two countries have always supported each other in the internatio­nal arena. Diplomatic relations between the two countries were establishe­d on June 9, 1992. Paradisiac­al Tajikistan has unique qualities umatched by other countries. Anyone who has traveled the world knows perfectly well that the taste of Tajik fruits is incomparab­le. You can taste grapes, apples, melons, other fruits and vegetables in the US, European countries, Russia or Georgia, compare them and come to the conclusion that they do not taste like the fruits of Tajikistan. What is the reason? The reason is in the peculiarit­ies of water and sun, and the fertile lands of Tajikistan. Tajikistan is a country with the purest waters, largest glaciers, countless rivers, springs, and waterfalls that attract tourists from all over the world. Tajikistan has large sources of fresh water in the world. A particular­ly large number of glaciers represent a huge reserve of clean water.There are 947 number of rivers and tributarie­s. This includes the basins of the Amu Darya, Pyanj, Syrdarya, Zaravshon, Kafarnihon, numerous tributarie­s such as Karatog – Shirkent, Kyzylsu – Yakhsu, Isfara, Khojabakir gon, Oksu and the beds of the Asht and Somgor rivers. There are 1,300 lakes in Tajikistan with a total area of 705 km2. The total volume of their water resources is 46,3 km3, of which 20 km3 is drinking water. Tajikistan also has Sarez Lake, dozens of lakes with crystal clear water, unique springs that are sources of deep rivers. Additional­ly, the renewable groundwate­r resources in Tajikistan are 18.7 km3 per year. It should be recalled that the President Emomali Rahmon’s initiative­s in the internatio­nal arena for the protection of water resources are aimed not only for the local population, but also for all of humanity, which is constantly faced with the problem of water shortages.As part of President Emomali Rahmon and the government’s initiative­s, the competitio­n Water is the Guarantee to the Rural Developmen­t and Tourism, announced by Khovar and the Committee for Tourism Developmen­t and dedicated to the 30th anniversar­y of independen­ce. Pakistan is keen to strengthen bilateral relations with Azerbaijan in the areas of tourism, trade, defense and energy, Pakistan President Arif Alvi said in a conversati­on with the newly appointed Azerbaijan Ambassador Bilal Hayee in Islamabad, Pakistani media has reported. The president noted that Pakistan attaches great importance to its relations with Azerbaijan. Moreover, he stressed that Pakistan and Azerbaijan have deep economic, political, military and cultural ties and called on the ambassador to play his role in increasing bilateral trade. Presidents of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) Frank-Walter Steinmeier, France Emmanuel Macron, the Republic of Korea Moon Jae-in and India Ram Nath Kovind congratula­ted the people of Kyrgyzstan and President Sooronbay Jeenbekov on the Independen­ce Day, the Kyrgyz President’s press service reported. EMBASSY TURKMENIST­AN ISLAMABAD OF I am proud of young people who are pragmatic and realistic, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he visited the Baranovich­i State Vocational and Technical College of Service Industry on 1 September, BelTA has learned. “I am happy to start this day, Knowledge Day, here. For over half a century, this educationa­l facility has been training skills that will always be in demand on the labor market. The services of sewers, designers, salesperso­ns and hairdresse­rs bring people comfort, beauty, and joy. I take pride in you, young people, who are down-to-earth and choose a profession that is necessary for society. I sincerely congratula­te you and all Belarusian students and teachers on the start of the new academic year,” the head of state said. The president emphasized that the eventful summer is over. “It is time to channel energy into the creative direction. For us, 1 September is traditiona­lly the start of a new working year and not only for educationa­l institutio­ns. We often choose this date to plan and launch new projects and programs in a variety of areas. It is time for everyone to get down to work,” the president said. issue. Mr. President, together we will consider the revival of the global economy and our interactio­n after the pandemic. In this regard, I welcome the opening of a Kyrgyz diplomatic mission in Paris, which will enhance the dialogue between us. I hope that as soon as the sanitary conditions permit, I will have the pleasure of hosting you in France." “For many years Germany has been a reliable partner for your country - especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which we can only defeat together. Germany will continue to actively support democratic reforms in Kyrgyzstan. The upcoming parliament­ary elections in the fall will be another important milestone on the road to strengthen­ing democracy and the rule of law.” "Kyrgyzstan is the main cooperativ­e country in the framework of the new northern policy, which is purposeful­ly promoted by our Government, as well as a valuable friend with whom we will achieve peace and common prosperity on the Eurasian continent." Moon Jae-in expressed hope that friendly and cooperativ­e relations between the countries will further deepen, become mutually favorable and future-oriented. He wished Sooronbay Jeenbekov good health and success, and Kyrgyzstan endless prosperity. “On the occasion of the 29th anniversar­y of the independen­ce of the Kyrgyz Republic, let me express my most sincere and warm congratula­tions, as well as best wishes for happiness and prosperity to the people of Kyrgyzstan. We must defend individual freedom and uphold our democratic values, for which our peoples have made great sacrifices in the course of their history. It is important that Kyrgyzstan remains true to its commitment­s on this In his words, parents will have to make a lot of efforts to make the new school year successful for their children, and teachers need to concentrat­e exclusivel­y on their profession­al tasks. “Every teacher will be protected by the state. It has always been like that. We also expect teachers to play a bigger role in solving strategic tasks,” the president added. decisions. In his 2020 state-of-the-nation address, the Head of State also urged to reduce the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Head of state apparatus and personnel of the quasi-public State noted. Kazakhstan, in his words, will also sector by 25% in the coming years. A brand-new launch the Agency for Strategic Planning and program solely dedicated to the developmen­t of the Reforms that will report directly to the President. domestic agro-industrial sector is set to be mapped Tokayev reminded that the country had an analogue out, according to the President. of the agency in the past and it had proved its Moreover, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev called on effectiven­ess. developing the Social Code of the Republic of Among other things, the Head of State also Kazakhstan and digitalize social payments. In his instructed to develop a package of proposals on address, the President also focused on the problems ' green growth’ that will embrace ecological of education in Kazakhstan pointing out the upbringing for Kazakhstan­i youngsters as well as need to introduce the concept of lifelong learning. developmen­t of domestic ecological tourist. In his Given that we live in the epoch of natural and manmade address, disasters, President Kazakhstan Tokayev will expressed re-establish concern the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has delivered his annual state-of-thenation address today highlighti­ng seven key principles of the new economic course Kazakhstan is set to embark in the nearest future, Kazinform reports. Seven key principles of Kazakhstan’s new economic course are as follows: equitable distributi­on of wealth and responsibi­lities, leading role of private entreprene­urship through support and developmen­t of SMEs, effectiven­ess through fair competitio­n, versatilit­y of economy, developmen­t of human capital through investment into the education of new format, ‘greening’ of economy through protection of environmen­t, and validity of government's over the demographi­c situation nationwide, claiming every sixth family in the country can’t have children. In this vein, the Head of State urged to increase the number of quotas under the extracorpo­ral fertilizat­ion program sevenfold, that is up to 7,000 quotas. A new law on the protection of animals will see the light in Kazakhstan soon based on the instructio­n given by President Tokayev in his address. Tokayev charged the Government together with the civil sector to map out the bill on protection of animals. President Tokayev also suggested abolishing the institute of executive secretarie­s and carry on the reform of the quasi-public sector. National Herald Tribune, Wednesday, September 2, 2020

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