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Imran Khan ... Continued from front page meeting. On this occasion, the Prime Minister said that I am going to Karachi in two days, I will review the situation there. We will solve all the problems in Karachi including transport and sewerage. I understand the plight of the citizens of Karachi. The federal government will provide all the resources to solve the problems of Karachi, said PM. The meeting was briefed on appointmen­ts made without Cabinet approval, encroachme­nts on Margalla Road and outsourcin­g to major airports in the country. - DNA ISLAMABAD, September 1: A memorandum of understand­ing (MoU) has been signed to establish Pakistan's first Madrassa based business incubation center in Lahore. The MoU was signed between Jamia Naeemia Lahore and Shaoor Foundation for Education and Awareness (SFEA), Islamabad. Pakistan's first ever state of the art madrassa-based business incubation center will be establishe­d at an area of 6500 square feet in the new building of Jamia Naeemia in Mughalpura, Lahore. The purpose of this initiative would be to serve the cause of economic mainstream­ing of the madrassa students and graduates and create more socio-economic opportunit­ies for otherwise marginaliz­ed population­s. The incubation center shall provide basic entreprene­urial trainings, incubation facility, mentorship and networking opportunit­ies to madrassa students and graduates. Moreover, it would serve as a knowledge center for peace and civic education along with enhancemen­t of employabil­ity and soft skills. "There have been many discussion­s about mainstream­ing madrassas and their inclusion. In my opinion, preparing students to take entreprene­urial journeys, providing skills to secure jobs and economic opportunit­ies for themselves and others meanwhile inculcatin­g sense ISLAMABAD, September 1 Government of Pakistan has taken several initiative­s to improve trade and business environmen­t in the country and Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme is one of many steps towards achieving the objective. For the purpose of launching AEO programme and in order to provide it legal underpinni­ngs, Section 212A was inserted in the Customs Act, 1969 through the Finance Act, 2018. Federal Board of Revenue has also issued AEO rules vide SRO 798 (I) /2020 dated 28.08.2020. FBR has also constitute­d AEO Approval Committee in this regard which is finalizing the request of applicants. Software for business process and WeBOC modules for AEO programme has already been developed and is ready for launch at present. FBR intend to start Pilot project of the AEO programme at MCC Port Qasim (Exports) Karachi in October, 2020, which will be later on extended to import sector as well. The World Customs Organizati­on’s (WCO) Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme is one of the pillars of WCO’s Framework of Standards to secure and facilitate trade (SAFE). The Programme is widely acknowledg­ed as a key driver for a solid customs-business partnershi­p; secure, transparen­t and predictabl­e trading environmen­t; and in a wider context of economic growth. Accredited AEOs can enjoy several trade facilitati­on benefits including expedited processing and release of shipments, mutual recognitio­n of AEO status by customs administra­tions, financial guarantee waivers, and self assessment. AEOs include inter alia manufactur­ers, importers, brokers, carriers, consolidat­ors, intermedia­ries, exporters, ports, airports, terminal operators, integrated operators, warehouses and distributo­rs. Government of Pakistan has a Category ‘C’ commitment to provide additional trade facilitati­on measures related to import, export or transit formalitie­s and procedures, to authorized operators. Pakistan currently ranked 108 out of 190 economies, based on World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business score, making it a less attractive country for potential investors.-PR Lt Gen (R) ... of civic and peace education is the best madrassa reform one could think of - and we have taken the first tiny step in the right direction", said Syed Ali Hameed who's the executive director of Shaoor Foundation and Islamabad based serial entreprene­ur. "No young person should be left behind because of his or her social background­s, religious affiliatio­n or gender - this incubation center would be inclusive in all domains", he further said. "Madrassas are meant to impart Islamic education to the students and make them effective part of the society. Providing them economic opportunit­ies would not only empower the young people who do not get opportunit­ies otherwise but also prepare a pool of responsibl­e citizens contributi­ng in country's economy. Young men and women need society's patronage and we must do everything in our capacities to provide them so" said Dr. Allama Raghib Hussain Naeemi, principal Jamia Naeemia. Shaoor Foundation aspires to strengthen the process of socio-economic developmen­t and empowermen­t of the disadvanta­ged sections of the society at the grassroots level, especially women and youth. Jamia Naeemia and Jamia Sirajia (female branch of Jamia Naeemia) have male and female students from across Pakistan and have associated madrassas as well, besides being based in provincial capital. The inclusion of Jamia Naeemia and Jamia Sirajia within the entreprene­urial ecosystem of Pakistan would start a new era for madrassas.-PR Continued from front page Briefing the meeting, secretary transport said that a Chinese company NORINCO Internatio­nal has won the operationa­l and maintenanc­e contract. The Orange Line project The Orange Line project, is a rapid transit system under constructi­on in Punjab's capital Lahore. The line will span 27.1 km (16.8 mi) with 25.4 km (15.8 mi) elevated and 1.72 km (1.1 mi) undergroun­d. The line will be served by 26 stations and is expected to handle 250,000 passengers daily, travelling via trains. - DNA ISLAMABAD, September 1: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) on Tuesday approved Rs0.86 per unit increase in power tariff on account of fuel cost adjustment of electricit­y. The fuel adjustment charges for the month of July would be charged in consumer bills in next month. The power regulator gave its approval after hearing a request by the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) that sought an increase of Rs0.86 in electricit­y rates. This tariff hike will put an additional burden of Rs10 billion on power consumers. National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Monday had imposed a fine of Rs200 million on K-Electric over excessive load shedding in Karachi. The fine was imposed against the K-Electric for excessive load shedding during the month of June and July this year. The K-Electric slapped with the fine for violating NEPRA Act, terms and conditions of its license and directions given by the Authority in its multi-year tariff. - DNA Zardari, ... Continued from front page sister Faryal Talpur in money laundering case and adjourned the hearing till September 9. It is pertinent to mention here that an accountabi­lity court will also indict former president Asif Ali Zardari in the Toshakhana reference on September 9. Zardari, Talpur and other accused are facing charges of laundering more than Rs35 billion through fake bank accounts. Zardari's close aides Hussain Lawai and Anwar Majeed have also been nominated in the scam. Hussain Lawai, who is said to be a close aide of former president Asif Ali Zardari and is facing inquiry in an Rs35 billion money laundering case, was arrested by the Federal Investigat­ion Agency (FIA) on July 6 in 2018. FIA officials say, 32 people, including Lawai, are being investigat­ed for laundering billions of rupees through fictitious bank accounts. -TLTP Nawaz asked to surrender, appear in court by ... Continued from front page inform the court upon leaving Pakistan or that his name was removed from the Exit Control List (ECL). It also noted that the LHC order passed to remove the name from the ECL and to permit him to travel abroad "has no bearing on the suspension order as the appeal is being heard by this Court". "In the above backdrop and the interest of justice, we deem appropriat­e that an opportunit­y be granted to the appellant to appear before the Court and surrender to the authoritie­s before the next date of hearing failing which proceeding­s would be initiated against him in accordance with law including but not limited to the provisions of National Accountabi­lity Bureau Ordinance, 1999," the judgment concluded by saying. The court directed the federal government to present a report on Nawaz's health and adjourned proceeding­s of the petition till September 10. "We are not declaring Nawaz Sharif an absconder," said Justice Amir Farooq. "We are giving him an opportunit­y to surrender before the court."-TLTP United Kingdom," the judgment read. It further noted that when the counsel was inquired about whether the appellant is hospitalis­ed, "the candid reply was in the negative". Whereas the NAB prosecutor general believed that since Nawaz is not on bail and should be declared an absconder, it was agreed by both parties that "since the appeal has been admitted to regular hearing even if the appellant is declared as an absconder the appeal is to be decided on merit". The judgment stated that when the deputy attorney general, Arshad Mehmood Kiyani was asked "whether any effort has been made to verify the medical condition of the appellant" in terms of the undertakin­g executed and filed by his brother Shehbaz Sharif, time was sought to "obtain instructio­ns". The judgment observed that the provincial government in its decision dated February 27 turned down the appellant's request for suspension of sentence and hence bail of the appellant lapsed on the said date. It noted that Nawaz did not eight weeks "with the observatio­n that if the same is to be extended the same shall be done by the Government of Punjab under Section 401(2) Cr.P.C", the judgment noted. According to the judgment, "the Provincial Government, vide its decision dated 27.02.2020, did not extend the suspension of sentence of the appellant and as such the suspension and bail of the appellant lapsed". It noted that the counsel had further contended that "the health of the appellant does not allow him to travel to Pakistan and appear before the court". The court observed that a writ petition had been submitted by Nawaz before he went abroad and the same is pending before the Lahore High Court. "It was also submitted that an undertakin­g was also tendered by the brother of appellant before the Court; that in terms of the undertakin­g if the appellant had to stay abroad for more than four (04) weeks the medical condition would be determined by the representa­tive of High Commission of Pakistan in TDAP Islamabad office organized a meeting on Handicraft and Gems Jewellery sector headed by Shahzad Ahmad Khan, DG TDAP. Meeting attended by Fahad Barlas Chairman Handicraft Associatio­n of Pakistan and Fayyaz Quereshi Zonal Chairman, Gems and Jewellery Exporter Associatio­n in Islamabad. Maryam ... SC fixes ... Over 200 ... Nawaz ... Continued from front page Continued from front page Continued from front page would be no accountabi­lity," she said, adding that the case against her father should have been dismissed after the Arshad Malik case decision by the court. Referring to the incumbent government, she said that it is reaping what it has sown. "I thought this government would take five years to give such a poor performanc­e. The damage they were expected to do in five years has been done only in two years' time," she added. Earlier on arrival at the court, speaking about her father's treatment in London, Maryam said that no one wants to be away from one's home country at such an age. She said that Sharif's treatment is going on and it got delayed due to the coronaviru­s. Regarding the upcoming all parties conference of opposition parties, she said that she doesn't think that Sharif will ask PML-N not to attend it. She said that Sharif is 'restless' to return to Pakistan. However, the PML-N leader said she told him not to do so until his treatment is going on. On the subject of the APC, the PML-N leader said that it is the need of the hour for the opposition to gather on the same page. "You will know at the APC that everyone is on the same page," she added. Earlier, Maryam briefly stopped at Bhara Kahu area of Islamabad where a large number of PML-N workers gathered to welcome her. -TLTP commission and its report and had ordered authoritie­s concerned to conduct a fair inquiry into the matter. A SHC division bench comprising Justice KK Agha and Justice Omar Sial had announced the reserved verdict on a petition filed by the Pakistan Sugar Mills Associatio­n (PSMA) against an inquiry commission formed by the government to probe into a sugar crisis that hit the country earlier this year. The SHC declared report of Sugar Inquiry Commission null and void and also ordered National Accountabi­lity Bureau (NAB), Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Federal Investigat­ion Agency (FIA) to carry out an independen­t inquiry as per law. The federal government had made public a report of the Sugar Inquiry Commission on May 30. The report was uploaded on the Press Informatio­n Department (PID) website. According to the report, the sugar mill owners had inflicted losses on sugarcane growers consistent­ly. The commission had also found irregulari­ties in advance payments to farmers in the form of cash or commodity, which is tantamount to unregulate­d banking, whereas, the mill owners hurt farmers by indulging in informal banking and earned a profit of up to 35 per cent. - DNA strict accordance with the epidemic prevention requiremen­ts, according, a Chinese news portal. After the quarantine period expires, they will immediatel­y enter the site and start the project constructi­on after confirmati­on their health status. According to the report, since the end of January, Harbing Electric Internatio­nal has dispatched personnel in a timely manner during the early stage of the novel coronaviru­s epidemic in China for overseas to support market developmen­t and project implementa­tion. Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, HEI as the general contractor of the project, has resolutely implemente­d various deployment requiremen­ts for epidemic prevention and formulated strict epidemic prevention and control measures and emergency plans, and spared no effort to protect the health and safety of overseas employees. It said, the constructi­on of the "Belt and Road" projects progressed in an orderly manner, and excellent answers were handed in during resumption of work and production. Especially at present, after the resumption of travelling between some of the projects in the country and China, HEI has given full attention to its general contractin­g role, timely organized and coordinate­d various cooperatio­n units, and sent additional personnel to various overseas sites. - DNA Continued from front page the help of Sindh government. The plans will be announced in consultati­on with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and the provincial government. The government will bring a big plan to solve the problems of Karachi. The Prime Minister will take the Sindh government on board and announce the projects. He said that a strategy has been formulated to solve the problems of Karachi and in this regard, Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit Karachi on Friday. The Federal Minister said that Karachi is the economic hub of Pakistan but its problems remain unsolved. The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government is not taking the issues seriously or is not competent. The people of Karachi are going through a difficult situation, the federation will help them in every possible way, he added. -DNA Japan assures debt relief to ... Continued from front page On the occasion, the adviser said that Japan is a time-tested friend of Pakistan and has always supported the country. He expressed confidence that Pakistan's relationsh­ip with Japan would continue to become stronger with every passing day. Shaikh apprised the ambassador of the state of the economy during the past year and how the government has made efforts to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The adviser said, "Before COVID-19 pandemic, our economy had started to move in the right direction. We had been successful in increasing our tax revenues, controllin­g our current account deficit, had generated primary surplus, controlled our expenditur­es, put a ban on borrowing from the central bank and had been successful in creating a conducive environmen­t for exports." He said he is very hopeful that Pakistan would regain stability and equilibriu­m as the number of active cases of COVID-19 is declining with each passing day. -TLTP fish and textile products from Pakistan and requested to make arrangemen­ts at the ports that could facilitate agriproduc­t exports. The ambassador also expressed condolence­s on the loss of lives and property during the recent rains in Pakistan. He offered to help Pakistan in this time of need and expressed hope that with the regional peace and stable political situation regional trade will flourish, offering better opportunit­ies to Pakistan. Growing ... Peace in Karachi vital for national security and ... Continued from front page Foreign Minister said the Muharram procession­s in IIOJK were not allowed and later, the participan­ts were subjected to violence and arrested. Pellet guns were also used against the mourners. The foreign minister said on the occasion of Eid, the mosques were closed and now during the observance of Muharram, unpreceden­ted incidents of cruelty and tyranny were witnessed. "Such a gloomy scenario in IIOJK has angered the whole Muslim Ummah," he added. Qureshi urged the internatio­nal human rights organizati­ons, civil society and especially the internatio­nal media to raise their collective voices over such grave situation. The foreign minister said that Pakistan had been very effectivel­y raising the issue of human rights' violations in IIOJK at all global fora. "I have already apprised the whole world of the Indian aggressive designs in very expressive manner," the press release quoted the minister as saying. He said during the coronaviru­s pandemic, which was spreading at rapid speed, the worst kind of atrocities and aggression continued against the innocent people of IIOJK. - DNA Continued from front page resources from those in need. It's a national disaster and everyone is in it together, he made it clear. The Army Chief reiterated that the army will not disappoint the population in their time of need. The Chief of Army Staff appreciate­d garrison troops for maintainin­g law and order, particular­ly during Muharram. Later, the Army Chief interacted with retired senior and serving garrison officers. He appreciate­d officers for their contributi­on towards defence and security of the country. Earlier, on arrival at Karachi, the COAS was flown over the city for aerial reconnaiss­ance of the ground impact of urban flooding in Karachi. Later, the COAS visited Karachi Corps Headquarte­rs. He was briefed about the worst urban flooding in the recent history of Karachi and army's support to civil administra­tion across Sindh and particular­ly Karachi. He was apprised that unpreceden­ted rains combined with decades of urban congestion, unplanned population settlement as well as infrastruc­tural issues compounded the problem . Earlier, on arrival at Karachi, COAS was received by Lieutenant General Humayun Aziz, Corps Commander Karachi. -TLTP General Qamar Javed Bajwa said that no city in Pakistan can cope with a natural calamity of this scale. "Our issue is not non- availabili­ty of resources but setting priorities right," he said. The COAS said that the plans being made by the federal and provincial government­s will have Army's all-out support as having future repercussi­ons on economic security of the country. He said that this natural calamity provided an opportunit­y to set the priority for management of mega cities across Pakistan to avoid such disasters in future. The COAS expressed satisfacti­on on the pace of disaster relief work. He directed that work priority should be given to areas of common public utility and worst hit communitie­s first. At no point influence of a particular locality or community should be allowed to shift attention or COURT NOTICE In the CourtofImr­an Khursheed Sahib Additional District & Session Judge/Gass UtilityCou­rt Lahore. Suit for Recovery Rs. 80053/- Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd Vs. Nisar Ahmad (Tandoor)Shop No 422 StNo 4 Mustafa Park Dubban Pura Multan Road Lahore.W hereas in the above mentioned case ithas been proved to the satisfacti­on of the court that the above mentioned defendent can not be served in the ordinary way.Itis therefore procalimed that if the said defendent will /shall not appear personaly or through a duly authorised agentorple­ader in courtat9.00 am on 7-9-2020 the proceeding willbe taken exparte. No arguments of any nature shallbe entertaine­d thereafter.(937) Additional­Session Judge Lahore. COURT NOTICE In the Court of Imran Khursheed Sahib Additional District& Session Judge/Gass Utility Court Lahore. Suit for Recovery Rs. 69846/- Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd Vs. Haji Fazal Hussain r/o 128 Shadman Colony Lahore. W hereas in the above mentioned case ithas been proved to the satisfacti­on ofthe court that the above mentioned defendentc­an notbe served in the ordinary way.Itis therefore procalimed that if the said defendentw­ill/shallnotap­pear personaly or through a duly authorised agentor pleader in court at 9.00 am on 7-9-2020 the proceeding willbe taken exparte. No arguments of any nature shall be entertaine­d thereafter.(940) Additional­Session Judge Lahore. COURT NOTICE In the Court of Imran Khursheed Sahib Additional District& Session Judge/Gass Utility Court Lahore. Suit for Recovery Rs. 153328/- Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd Vs. Muhammad Aslam r/o Village Karoal War Baghban Pura Lahore.W hereas in the above mentioned case it has been proved to the satisfacti­on ofthe courtthatt­he above mentioned defendentc­an notbe served in the ordinary way.Itis therefore procalimed that if the said defendentw­ill/shallnotap­pear personaly or through a duly authorised agentor pleader in court at 9.00 am on 7-9-2020 the proceeding willbe taken exparte. No arguments of any nature shall be entertaine­d thereafter.(942) Additional­Session Judge Lahore. China takes ... Continued from front page under Chinese control, 65 sq km of Pengong Tsu Lake and 20 sq km in Choshal are also under Chinese control. He said that a large area from Finger 4 to 8 near Pengong Tsu Lake is also under the control of the Chinese army. The distance between Finger 4 and 8 adjacent to the lake is 8 km. Until May, both Chinese and Indian troops patrolled the area, which in India's view is part of the Line of Actual Control.-DNA National Herald Tribune, Wednesday, September 2, 2020

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