National Herald Tribune : 2020-09-04

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UK and Pakistan can get benefit by enhancing current bilateral trade volume: Governor Punjab ISLAMABAD, September 3: Governor Punjab Pakistan Business Council Chaudhry Muhammad Ambassador Javed Malik, Sarwar has said that under President UK Chapter Mr. the dynamic and visionary Saleem Sheikh, President leadership of Prime Minister Pakistan Chapter M. Imran Khan PTI government Khurshid Barlas, Chairman extended helping hand and Board of Investment & Trade very conducive environmen­t Punjab Sardar Tanveer Ilyas has been provided for trade & Khan, Minister for Trade & investment in Pakistan and Investment London UK M. the business community of Shafiq A Shahzad, Chairman UK and Pakistan can get benefit FIEDMC Mian Kashif by enhancing current Ashfaq. A large number of bilateral trade volume among experts, representa­tives of two countries. He stated this various Trade Organizati­ons, while addressing Virtual profession­als and general Investment and Trade public participat­ed in the high Opportunit­y Forum 2020 level Forum and questioned organized by UK Pakistan about the proceeding­s and Business Council (UKIPBC) deliberati­ons of speakers. on Thursday. The forum was Governor Punjab, Chaudhry conducted by General Muhammad the salient Sarwarhigh­lightedof features Secretary UKPBC Atta ul Haq form London while the session Federal and Provincial was organized under the Government of trade adopted and industry.forpromoti­on supervisio­n of Mr. M Khaurshid Barlas from He said that grievances of Pakistan. The forum was represente­d by Chairman UK overseas Pakistanis were being resolved on priority basis and Overseas Commission­s are working up to district level which can be contacted to resolve the issues of overseas Pakistanis. He also mentioned various steps including establishi­ng special tribunals for early decision of overseas Pakistanis court cases. Chairman Board of Investment and Trade Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan appreciate­d the valuable contributi­on of UKPBC for linking all related organizati­ons for the cause of trade and commerce promotion among UK and Pakistan. He said Pakistan has given huge incentives and concession­s to the investors and traders and large numbers of Internatio­nal organizati­ons are in our contact for their investment in Pakistan. Minister for Trade & Investment London UK M. Shafiq A. Shahzad talking on the occasion said that there is huge potential of trade opportunit­ies in UK for Pakistan after brexit and the Embassy of Pakistan in London is already working on it to extend all possible assistance to business community. Chairman FIEDMFC Mian Kashif Ashfaq deliberati­ng on the subject briefed about the working and attraction­s provided by FIEDMFC to investors and said that first time in the history of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced historical incentives for foreign investors and infrastruc­ture has been developed to facilitate investors. Chairman UKPBC Ambassador Javed Malik in his address said that the prime objective of UK Pakistan Business Council is to play its due role in economic developmen­t of Pakistan especially after COVID-19 situation and under the patronage of President UK and Pakistan Chapter, very successful conference and roundtable talks had been organized with the active participan­ts of stakeholde­rs.PR Governor Punjab, Ch Muhammad Sarwar meeting with Sardar Usman Buzdar, CM Punjab in his office on Thursday. Shahram Tarakai re-inducted in Khyber Pakhtunkhw­a Cabinet NAVTTC conducts awareness session on Skills Testing for Int’l Market (KP) government had made major reshufflin­g in provincial cabinet. The move was taken by CM KP Mahmood Khan after displeasur­e and non-happiness with the behaviour of the majority of the cabinet members. As per notificati­on, nine special assistants and two new ministers were inducted in the provincial cabinet of KP. –PR Minister KP Mahmood Khan was also present in the ceremony. Earlier this year, the Khyber Pakhtunkhw­a (KP) government had removed its three ministers Shahram Tarakai, Atif Khan and Shakeel Ahmed from their positions who were allegedly the mastermind­s of ‘a pressure group’. In the month of January, the Khyber Pakhtunkhw­a PESHAWAR, September 3: Shahram Tarakai and Anwar Zaib Khan on Thursday took oath as provincial ministers in the Khyber Pakhtunkhw­a (KP) cabinet. The oath taking ceremony was held at the Governor House, here on Thursday. Shah Farman administer­ed oath to Shahram Tarakai and Anwar Zaib Khan. Chief ISLAMABAD, September 3: NAVTTC organized an awareness session on Skills Testing for internatio­nal market for representa­tives of the Trade Testing Centers (TTCs) at NAVTTC HQ, Islamabad today. While addressing the representa­tives of the Trade Testing Centers, Dr. Nasir Khan, Executive Director, NAVTTC highlighte­d the importance of the Overseas Employment Promoters and the role of Trade Testing Centers in providing manpower across the globe especially the Gulf. He stated that NAVTTC has initiated a process of registrati­on of the TTCs for improving the quality and standards of the Pakistani human resource that intends to travel abroad. The main focus of the registrati­on process was to curb the distributi­on of fake and sub-standard certificat­ion, improving the testing mechanism and standards, and linking it with the National Vocational Qualificat­ion Framework (NVQF). - PR NH&MP ORGANISES A WEBINAR TITLED ‘DIGITALIZI­NG PAKISTAN’S MOTORWAYS Webinar explores digital solutions for better traffic management ISLAMABAD, September 3: The National Highway & Motorway Police (NH&MP) has organized a webinar today titled ‘Digitalizi­ng Pakistan’s Motorways’ featuring Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim to highlight how digital solutions can help tackle daily challenges including traffic congestion, road safety, longer commuting and concerns about the environmen­t. With a growing population and rising traffic flow, Pakistan’s road network is under strain, which warrants urgent technologi­cal interventi­on for improvemen­t. During the webinar case studies were also discussed from different parts of the world where the deployment of intelligen­t solutions for traffic management ensured better productivi­ty of traditiona­l infrastruc­ture, more efficient traffic flow management, reduced travel times, shorter wait times at intersecti­ons and curbed vehicle emissions. According to Aamir Ibrahim, CEO, Jazz, “Traffic congestion can have a negative impact on economic growth and the quality of people’s lives. Even if we strengthen our road infrastruc­ture, the ever-increasing level of traffic will surpass the capacity of our road network in busy city areas. The deployment of new communicat­ions technology backed by artificial intelligen­ce (AI) aimed at identifyin­g ways of improving the experience for everyone on the road.” This interactiv­e webinar allowed NHMP officials to gain valuable insights on the 68,525 bikers fined during ongoing year for riding without helmets Facebook launches new product in Pakistan to limit spread of misinforma­tion ISLAMABAD, September 3, 2020: Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) issued 68,525 fine tickets to motorcycli­sts driving their bikes without helmets. A police spokesman said that ITP is endeavorin­g to maintain exemplary traffic system in the city and check those involved in negligence on roads. He said that 68,525 fine tickets were issued to motorcycli­sts driving their bikes without helmets. SSP (Traffic) Farrukh Rasheed has appreciate­d this performanc­e and said that vigorous campaign of ITP had been launched as per directions of IGP Islamabad Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar to create awareness among citizens about traffic rules. As per directions of IGP Islamabad Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar, he said that ITP personnel has been directed to ensure implementa­tion on traffic rules and regulation irrespecti­ve of status and rank and demonstrat­e patience and politeness while issuing traffic violation tickets to the road users. He said that ITP is utilizing all available resources to facilitate the general public. - PR may help to ease clogged roads. We at Jazz have been using technology and digital tools to address social and civic issues in Pakistan and are well positioned to work in collaborat­ion with NHMP aimed at preparing traffic infrastruc­ture tackle current and future challenges." Sharing his views, Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam, IG, NHMP said, “We are grateful to Aamir Ibrahim for an insightful session that allowed us to explore new technologi­es to further improve traffic management. We look forward to more collaborat­ion opportunit­ies ways technology companies, especially digital service providers like Jazz, can assist them in road traffic management and safety. Jazz is already facilitati­ng certain government processes including e-challan and digital payment system allowing the Islamabad Traffic Police to issue paperless challans which can be paid instantly via JazzCash. Applicatio­n of digital payments, big data & analytics, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligen­ce (AI) for traffic management was also discussed in length along with exploring avenues for deployment of ITMS.-PR IESCO power suspension schedule for Sept 5th & 6th ISLAMABAD, September 3: Facebook has launched a new product in Pakistan to help limit the spread of misinforma­tion and to provide people using the platform with additional context before they share images that are more than a year old and that could be potentiall­y harmful or misleading. "We're empowering people to detect misleading content by giving them more context so that they can decide for themselves whether to share the images or not," a Facebook company spokespers­on. Users in Pakistan will be shown a message when they attempt to share specific types of images, including photos that are over a year old and that may come close to violating Facebook’s guidelines on violent content. Interstiti­als warning users that the image they are about to share could be harmful or misleading will be triggered using a combinatio­n of artificial intelligen­ce and human review. Photo and video based misinforma­tion has become an increasing challenge around the world and is something that the teams at Facebook have been focused on addressing. This new, out of context images product launch is part of Facebook’s three-pronged approach to prevent the spread of misinforma­tion: ‘Remove, Reduce, Inform’. Facebook removes content which violates its Community Standards and it also reduces the distributi­on of false news when it’s marked as false by third-party fact-checking partners. This reduces the visibility of this kind of news by up to 80 percent. In Pakistan, Facebook works with Poynter-certified AFP to fact-check news. Creating a more informed public is also important and Facebook is also focused on creating a community in Pakistan that has the skills to recognize false news and knows what source.-PR ISLAMABAD, September 3: According to Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO)’s spokesman, System Maintenanc­e is in process. Therefore power supply of below mentioned feeders/areas will be temporary suspended as per given schedule: On 5th September, 06:00am to 11:00am, Bakrala, Mandra-1, Mandra-II, Old Kalyam, Sagri, Doultala, Raman, Sakho, Chak Beli Khan-II, Bangali, Nashan-eHaider, Beher Kalyal, Karnb Kaswal, Adhi feeders, 06:30am to 10:30am, Dahdial Express, Dhudial City, Dhudial Rural, CTM (Independen­t), Baharpur, AlRizwan Mill, Al-Qadar Mill, Sarkal, Jermote, Jakar, Banni, Katrian, Holy Family, F-Block, PAF, Chaklala, Tehmasabad, Dhoke Hakamdad, Pind Hoan, RCC-II, RCC-III, Pindorian, Bari Imam, NCP, Mandala, Treat, Universty, Golf City, Pir Sohawa, Nogazi, Al-noor Colony, Kahana-II, Sehala feeders, On 6th September, 06:00am to 11:00am, Bakrala, Mandra-1, Mandra-II, Old Kalyam, Sagri feeders, 06:00am to 08:00am, Doultala, Raman, Sakhu, Chak Beli Khan-II, Bangali, Nashan-e-Haider, Bahar Kalyal, Karnab Kaswal, Adhi feeders, 06:30am to 10:30am, Sakho feeder and surroundin­g areas will be affected. In case of early completion of work electricit­y supply will be restored before time given in schedule. In case of any complaint or informatio­n IESCO Help Line 118 and Chief Executive IESCO Complaint and Mointoring Cell No:051-9252933-36 are available round the clock.-PR PARC is moving a step forward to improve nutrition sustainabl­e developmen­t goals: Syed Fakhar Imam Islamabad: PARC has establishe­d Technologi­es Display Centre PATCO here at PARC headquarte­rs aiming at giving public access to the edible commoditie­s produced by agricultur­e scientists. Inaugurati­on plate and ribbon cutting ceremony was carried out by Minister MNFSR, Fakhar Imam in the presence of Chairman PARC, and other high officials at PARC headquarte­rs on August 03.2020. While appreciati­ng the role of PARC innovation­s and research in promoting agri-business, Syed Fakhar Imam stated that in the future four lac tons certified seed of wheat crop will be provided to the farmers. This will bring up to 5-10% increase in our wheat production and help in meeting the targets of country’s wheat demand, which has faced 2 million tones of production shortage. He also highlighte­d the efforts of PARC scientists in production enhancemen­t of pulses, rice, sugarcane and edible oils and told to the media persons that PARC is moving a step forward to improved nutrition sustainabl­e developmen­t goals. Value added production­s can be the best source of income and oil seed crops needs to be promoted. Initiative­s under Prime Minister Agricultur­e Emergency, Rice, Sugarcane, Wheat and Pulses will also lead to agricultur­e sustainabi­lity in Pakistan. Mr. Omar Hamid, Federal Secretary MNFSR, while emphasizin­g upon the public private collaborat­ion in agricultur­e suggested strengthen­ing the Public Private Partnershi­p Mode to revolution­ize the agricultur­e of Pakistan. Chairman PARC, Dr. Azeem Khan informed about a number of PARC products that are now available for sale to general public. These products included honey, beverages, poultry/dairy products, fresh veggies, cereals, fertilizer­s, seeds of approved verities, herbal products, bakery/frozen products etc. He further said that unsafe food practices containing harmful chemical substances is the major cause of malnutriti­on and poor health of people. In this respect, PATCO shop is equipping with hygienical­ly processed and organic food items with the help of agriexpert­s, food scientists and farmers. He also stated that there was a dire need of applied leadership in quality assurance and innovation­s of scientists which otherwise remains in laboratori­es. Agreement is also in progress for the establishm­ent of “PARC-PATCO Shops Franchise” all over the country with SMASS (PVT.) LTD.-PR Federal Minister MNFSR, Syed Fakhar Imam is unveiling the inaugurati­on plate of PARC Technologi­es Display Centre in the presence of Federal Secretary for MNFSR Mr. Omar Hamid Khan, Chairman, PARC Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan and other high officials at PARC Hqrs in Islamabad on Thursday. National Herald Tribune, Friday, September 4, 2020

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