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Chinese ... Continued from front page ambassador said that a new date for the visit will be announced after consultati­on between the two government­s. - TLTP KARACHI, September 3: TPL Trakker, Pakistan’s leading IoT Company providing Tracking, Telematics, and Location Based Services and Solutions, has partnered with Rider, a rapidly growing endto-end e-commerce logistics company. Following the partnershi­p, TPL Maps, the mapping arm of TPL Trakker will power the Rider Mobile App to ensure accurate and hassle free deliveries. TPL Maps is Pakistan’s leading digital location technology provider licensed by the Survey of Pakistan. As a location data powerhouse covering 400 cities, 4.5 million geo-coded address and 600,000 km of road network mapped across Pakistan, TPL Maps will be a key technology partner for Rider, which in a short period of time, has expanded operations to six cities since its inception last year. In the first phase, Rider has deep-linked the TPL Maps Navigation App (available on Android & iOS) in its Drive4Ride­r App. Following this, they will integrate the base-maps and other Location Based Services in their backend platform and the “Rider – Smart Deliveries” app. Rider is a market innovator, bringing cutting edge route optimizati­on to ensure timely deliveries directly to the doorstep, a significan­t challenge in the local market. Capitalizi­ng on TPL Trakker’s vast pool of fresh data, scalabilit­y, and a distinctly localized approach, this collaborat­ion will support the continued growth and success of Rider. Since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, a rising number of consumers are having their retail needs met online which has led to higher expectatio­ns from logistics providers. The Company found TPL Trakker’s Location Based Services (LBS) to be scalable, cost effective and proficient to fuel their mission of providing precise and timely last-mile deliveries in the highly competitiv­e ondemand digital space. PR Officer ... Continued from front page NAVTTC conducting Awareness Session on Skills Testing for Internatio­nal Market for Representa­tives of Trade Testing Centres. The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a statement that a patrolling vehicle of the Pakistan Army hit a landmine in North Waziristan. It added that Lt Nasir Hussain, age 23 years and resident of Muzafaraba­d, Naik Muhammad Imran,age 33 years and resident of Faisalabad. -TLTP ZEENAT HUSSAIN RECIPE SACRIFICE It seemed like my paradise was there to stay, Everything I always wanted I possessed, Rehbar ... Aaloo (potato) kalonji Ingredient­s: ½ kg Aaloo (potato) ½ teaspoon kalonji( onion seeds) A little oil 1 teaspoon ginger paste 1 teaspoon garlic paste 1 teaspoon green chillies paste Salt and red chilly powder according to taste dhania (coriander) and turmeric powder according to taste Curry Patta (Yam leaves (Madumbi Plant)) Continued from front page To hold to cherish till, I was dead The envy of the crowd, I swayed to the rhythm During the session, the members deliberate­d upon the date of the All Parties Conference (APC) while they also exchanged views on the ongoing political situation of the country. - TLTP (Madumbi Plant)) Add little water if needed to cook Aaloo (potato). Keep on low heat till oil rises to the top and forms thin layer. Take off heat and eat with Puri. Kheer: 1 cup rice 1 litre milk Condensed milk Cardamoms seeds Method: Cook rice till it becomes tender. Then cook it in the milk adding condensed milk to taste and cardamom seeds. Cook well till it attains light brown colour. It is ready to be eaten with Puri either hot or cold. My heart heat and my breath hummed, We were five in all, two boys and a girl, R A W A L P I N D I , September 3: Albayrak Communicat­ions Team led anti dengue market awareness drive at Kotha Kalan, UC-81. The purpose of this drive was to teach the localities, shopkeeper­s and grocery vendors about the precaution­ary measures against dengue fever and to nullify the breeding of dengue larvae. The residents and traders were asked to keep the pots, discarded tires, extra buckets or discarded bottles empty on their residence’s roof top as they are filled up with rain water in this monsoon Intra-Afghan ... The mild summer and a picnic by the beach Snowflakes on the mountains not our of reach Continued from front page duty to support such talks especially the regional countries, adding “It cannot be achieved by just one or two countries.” She said that the world should work together to help intra-Afghan talks to achieve early success and promote the steady developmen­t in the peace and reconcilia­tion process in Afghanista­n and added, “China will continue to play a constructi­ve role.” - DNA On holiday or at work Happiness and contentmen­t always at my doorstep, Method: Take oil. Heat it. Fry ginger, garlic and green chillies paste. Then fry rest of masala and kalonji. Then stir fry Aaloo (potato) and add curry Patta (Yam leaves collection. They were also informed about the company’s helpline number 1139, in any query regarding solid waste management they can complain on this number.-PR season. They were also asked to dump their waste in company’s waste containers allocated in their area or hand it over to sanitary workers which are assigned for proper waste Suddenly fate started changing for worse, The truth came home, not an act to rehearse, He had to leave my side for greener pastures, The children went along, all for one, one for all, NAB unearths ... 12 COUNSELLIN­G TIPS 5.Live such a life that when you are no more you are missed. 6. Don't poke your nose in other peoples business. Curiosity killed the cat. 7. Don't yield to temptation. 8. Don't be biased. Equality is the key word. No favourites even with your children. 9. Whenever you feel bad look at people who are lower in status than you and perhaps you won't feel so bad after all. 10. Sometimes being sad and melancholy does not mean 1. Try being selfless and not selfish. 2. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. If you want to value something stay away from it and its value will increase. 3. In the holy month of Ramadan fasting it is scientific­ally proven is good for health so practice abstinence. 4. The more you empty your wallet the more space there will be in it to refill it. Give generously alms to the poor. Zakat and sadqa. Continued from front page UAE-based firm. According to the reference, the PML-N leader had been receiving funds from Trinity Company located in the UAE, said to be working with an India-based firm, Siddhart Private Limited. - TLTP I was left all alone, to wipe my tears, One my one they left me for a motionless floor, Naka near Railway Phattak Sakhi Sarwar road District DG Khan, intercepte­d a Toyota Pickup Hilux and recovered 24 Kgs Opium and 60 Kgs Hashish from secret cavities of said vehicle. Three accused namely Muhammad Arif, Ghulam Murtaza resident of DG Khan and Suleman resident of Charsadda were arrested on the spot. In fourth operation, ANF Punjab, Staff of Police Station Multan establishe­d a Naka at near Sakhi Sarwar road, toll Plaza Sakhi Sarwar District DG Khan, intercepte­d a Toyota Pickup Hilux and recovered 24 Kgs Opium and 66 Kgs Hashish from secret cavities of said vehicle. Three accused namely Sher Badshah, Anwar Khan and Muhammad Israr resident of Charsadda were arrested on the spot. - PR Charsadda was arrested at the spot during the operation. ANF Punjab, staff of Police Station Regional Directorat­e Lahore raided near Salmat Pura Chowk Sanda Road, Lahore and accused Rana Muhammad Hussain resident of Lahore was arrested alongwith Motorcycle, recovered 500 grams Hashish from personal possession of the arrested accused. In another operation, ANF Punjab in collaborat­ion with Pakistan Rangers Wagha, Lahore, apprehende­d two accused namely Muhammad Zulifqar and Ali Ahmed resident of Lahore with recovery of 6 Kgs Heroin alongwith Suzuki Pickup. The seizure was made at Pul Hadyara Drain Manhala, Tehsil and District Lahore. In third operation, ANF Punjab, Police Station Multan establishe­d a RAWALPINDI, September 3: On especial directive of DG ANF Major General Muhammad Arif Malik, HI(M), the campaign against narcotics spread has been stirred up in the state, Anti Narcotics Force Pakistan seized 216.300 Kg Narcotics valuing 12.60 Million US $ internatio­nally, arrested 14 culprits, impounded 07 vehicles while conducting 09 counter-narcotic strikes throughout the country. The seized drugs comprised of 130.3 Kg Hashish, 48 Kg Opium, 20 Kg Heroin and 18 Kg Methamphet­amine. ANF Rawalpindi, establishe­d a Naka at Motorway Link Road, Tehsil & District Islamabad, intercepte­d a Mehran Car and recovered 1.100 Kgs Hashish from the seized car. Muhammad Shakeel resident of I was all alone, all alone. you have a sickness called depression. 11. Don't hurt anybody intentiona­lly. 12. Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone. Non-bailable ... Continued from front page supremo and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a reference pertaining to a 34-yearold land allotment case. -DNA Third ... Continued from front page 'Increasing Women's Representa­tion in Law' and a contributi­on from the British High Commission. The focal person leading the project is Nida Usman Chaudhry, founder of Women in Law Initiative, Pakistan with support from Valerie Khan, Executive Director of GDP. Under this project, the Women in Law awards shall be institutio­nalized, a symposium on ' increasing women's representa­tion in law will be held and a Women in Law web app and portal will be developed as a platform for documentin­g and highlighti­ng women's contributi­on and achievemen­t to law and other resources. - PR gender equality and women's rights made over decades at risk of being rolled back due to the covid-19 pandemic. In order to achieve this, we must put women and children at the center of efforts by government­s to recover from Covid-19 as urged by the UN Secretary-General: "That starts with women as leaders, with equal representa­tion and decision-making power" he added. In this regard, the Ministry of Law and Justice is pleased to collaborat­e with Group Developmen­t Pakistan (GDP) and the Women in Law Initiative, Pakistan on a project in associatio­n with the Australian High Commission on ISLAMABAD, September 3: The Covid-19 pandemic has affected nearly 1.5 million people across the globe and more than 85,000 deaths have occurred since the disease first emerged in December last year. The Covid19 crisis however, is more than just a public health emergency as it has also negatively affected systems that took decades to build, to secure access to fundamenta­l rights such as education, healthcare, justice, economic growth and infrastruc­ture with devastatin­g social and economic impacts on vulnerable groups such as women and children. The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres highlighte­d the danger of the limited gains in Muharram procession­s and mourners. He said Pakistan strongly condemns such moves and war crimes in occupied Kashmir by Indian forces. - DNA Karachi oil ... Continued from front page people who were working at the Keamari oil terminal at the time of the blaze were recovered and identified. Both individual­s were residents of the Kutchi Para neighbourh­ood nearby. -TLTP Lasting ... Continued from front page UN calls for probe into rights violations in ... foreign minister, FM Qureshi congratula­ted Minister Atmar on successful­ly holding the second round of Afghanista­n-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS) dialogue in Kabul on August 31. Agencies Continued from front page their obligation­s to investigat­e historic and recent cases of human rights violations and prevent future violations, then the internatio­nal community should step up,” the experts said. In another report on cases against Kashmiri journalist­s, the UN rapporteur­s had said: “India’s bid to prosecute Kashmiri journalist­s suggests a pattern of silencing independen­t reporting on the situation in IIOJK.” In July, at least four UN special rapporteur­s asked the Indian government to investigat­e the alleged torture and custodial killings of several Kashmiri Muslim men since January 2019.-DNA of several commission­s closed by India after rescinding the nominal semi-autonomous status of the region on Aug. 5 last year. The latest letter by the UN is one of several such communicat­ions sent to India over Occupied Kashmir seeking the redressal of the rights issue in the disputed region. A team of the UN human rights body has also unsuccessf­ully tried to visit the region. Last month, the UN experts sought “urgent action” on Occupied Kashmir as the region commemorat­ed its first year of annexation by India. “If India will not take any genuine and immediate steps to resolve the situation, meet Chairman Naveed Anwar Bhinder is presiding over the sixth meeting of PAMRA on Thursday. began in the 1990s even before the enactment and implementa­tion of the Jammu & Kashmir Armed Forces Special Powers Act [AFSPA] in September 1990, which provides impunity for India’s armed forces," according to the APDP. “We also urge [India] to reconsider the closure of the SHRC or to promptly establish an equivalent independen­t body or bodies that could assist and guide official investigat­ions and help ensure that they are in full compliance with internatio­nal human rights norms,” the UN experts demanded. The SHRC, which probed alleged human rights abuses in the disputed region -- was one Modi's Islamophob­ic designs pose threat to ... Targeted ... Continued from front page Shibli Faraz said India is also continuing demographi­c changes under the controvers­ial domicile rules, property laws and extra judicial killings. He said condition of Muslims in rest of India is no more different. T hey are facing extreme discrimina­tion, mob attacks, lack of police protection and now even the fear of loss of citizenshi­p. The Minister said the transforma­tion of Indian Islamophob­ic design has been gradual and well thought out and the hate rhetoric against Muslims is being strengthen­ed by Modi over the past many years. He said the first major blow to religious diversity in India occurred in 1992 when Babri mosque was stormed by tens of thousands of extremist Hindus. He said the real face of Modi s politics was fully exposed in 2002 during Gujrat riots and he became infamous as butcher of Gujrat . -DNA Muslims at stake but predicts imminent humanitari­an crises that may extend beyond borders. The Minister said the RSS led Indian government wants to wipe out Muslims from the political and social fabric of India. He said Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir is under strict lockdown for more than one year with communicat­ion links to the outer world blocked. Continued from front page meeting here on Thursday. Abdul Aleem Khan said that presently, the supply of subsidized flour to every citizen is being implemente­d. He said that in the new system, subsidized flour would be provided only to the needy people for which the data of Ehsaas Programme would be used and this step would further reduce the price of flour . - TLTP Military and civilian leadership of the country are working together ... Continued from front page his belief always that the solution to the Afghan issue will be political. "This is the nearest we've gotten to peace in Afghanista­n." "Whatever influence we could use [we have], I honestly think we've tried our best." He said it is a "miracle" that the two warring sides are now sitting on the same table. "We realise that there are spoilers. There is certainly one country, India, that does not want it [peace] to happen," said the prime minister. When asked if India was trying to push realignmen­t in Afghanista­n, the prime minister said: "If you were Pakistan, you have a neighbour seven times bigger than you, and then it starts meddling in the affairs of a government with which it shares no physical boundary with, while Pakistan has a huge boundary with Afghanista­n overnight thing. It takes time. You have to change the way the government works. In my opinion, in these two years, Pakistan has moved in the right direction." Giving an example of his government, the premier said the country "has not seen any major corruption scandal because it has been controlled at the top". The prime minister reiterated that the fight against corruption will continue. "The reason it is hard to clamp down on corruption is that the people who come into power, use their power to make money and are not held accountabl­e. For the first time, people are being held accountabl­e." The prime minister, when asked about his government's relationsh­ip with the military leadership, said the government has "an excellent relationsh­ip" with the military. "I honestly think it is the most harmonious relationsh­ip, we have complete coordinati­on, we work together and the military completely stands with all the democratic government's policies." Recognisin­g Pakistan's decline in Covid-19 cases, the interviewe­r asked the premier regarding Pakistan's smart lockdown strategy. "Unlike Europe and China, Pakistan implemente­d the smart lockdown strategy in hotspot areas of the country." He further maintained that a prolonged lockdown in the country would have led to starvation and deaths among the poorest segment of the society. Prime Minister Imran said Pakistan is a country of tremendous potential. He said policies are being aimed at raising people out of poverty. "Our main concentrat­ion is giving the poor access to justice, education and a healthcare system." and our relations are centuries old, unfortunat­ely, our supremacis­t government security forces and apparatus inspired by the ideology of gets worried." the Nazis." "But we have decided, we The prime minister maintained don't care what India does that the reason the there [Afghanista­n], whatever world is not responding to is good for Afghanista­n, is the human rights violation good for us." in Indian Illegally Occupied He also said Pakistan is the Jammu and Kashmir one country which has the (IIOJ&K) is because countries highest stake in regards to are worried about their peace in Afghanista­n, as, commerical interests. after Kabul, Islamabad is "We have knocked on all most affected by the situation. doors and we will keep doing so. I have spoked at When asked if he is hopeful the United Nations and to that Pakistan and India can heads of states. This is an sort out the Kashmir dispute, extreme injustice, not just the premier reiterated that he for the people of Kashmir, if has never been in favour of a this escalates and breaks out military solution. into a conflict between "The moment I became Pakistan and India, this has the prime minister, I implicatio­ns for the rest of extended a hand of friendship the world." to India. But the The premier further said tragedy of India is that it is that the Kingdom of Saudi being ruled by an extremist. Arabia will "always be a It is an extremist government, it is a Hindu friend of Pakistan".-DNA Responding another question regarding Afghanista­n and the United States, the premier asked, "Why can't we have good relations with everyone? Why do we have to choose? We have a good relationsh­ip with the US because we are both partners of peace in Afghanista­n." When asked if he would welcome a power sharing agreement between the Afghanista­n government and the Taliban, the premier stated that "whatever the Afghans think is good for them, is good for us [Pakistan]." "For anyone to believes in this utopia that they will get together and there will be peace, I'm afraid it's a very complicate­d situation," Imran said, adding that the country has been at war for the past 19 years and wounds will take time to heal as thousands have died. He further said that it was to region's geopolitic­s. "Those who were watching you two years ago still remember the promises you made about clamping down on corruption, mismanagem­ent, unemployme­nt, providing job opportunit­ies, housing. For many people, you haven't so far delivered on those promises. Why?" the interviewe­r asked. "Reforming the economy overnight is impossible, Pakistan has moved in the right direction over the last two years," said the prime minister in reply. "Think about any economy in the world that faces similar problems that Pakistan has faced. Huge deficits, both external and internal. The power sector is in serious trouble. No country can snap its fingers and have reforms take place. Its a struggle. Reforming the economy is not an National Herald Tribune, Friday, September 4, 2020

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