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The split air­con­ditin­ers sold in Pak­istan are ac­tu­ally mini ACs built on the pat­tern of split air­con­di­tion­ers used for cen­tral air­con­di­tin­ing of houses in rich coun­tries, like the United States. Our mini split ACs are in dou­ble units and thus cost al­most twice the price of win­dow­mounted ACs but they are ag­gres­sively mar­keted by the sell­ers in Pak­istan for com­mer­cial prof­i­teer­ing.

Th­ese mini split ACs use ex­actly the same amount of elec­tric­ity as the win­dow type be­cause they both use the same kind of com­pres­sor but the sell­ers dupe the buy­ers by telling them that they run on lesser elec­tric­ity. They also lose 20% cool­ing when the gas passes through ducts be­tween their two units re­duc­ing their cool­ing ca­pac­ity as com­pared to the win­dow-type. The man­u­fac­tures have stopped mar­ket­ing win­dow ACs in Pak­istan, and it is there­fore re­quested the gov­ern­ment should di­rect them to make them avail­able in our coun­try again as they are best suited to our type of sin­glestory houses. —Multan

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