Nu­clear Sum­mit re­minded: Kashmir is nu­clear flash­point

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DR GHU­LAM NABI FAI ASH­ING­TON— An im­pres­sive peace ful demon­stra­tion was held dur­ing Nu­clear Se­cu­rity Sum­mit in front of the Wash­ing­ton D. C. Con­ven­tion Cen­ter wherein hun­dreds of par­tic­i­pants, who came from New York, New Jersey, Penn­syl­va­nia, Delaware, Mary­land, Vir­ginia and Wash­ing­ton it­self were car­ry­ing the plac­ards with the mes­sage, “Kashmir: Nu­clear flash­point”; “Time to re­solve the Kashmir dis­pute is now”; “Free­dom for all: Free­dom for Kashmir”; “Kash­miris de­mand right of self­de­ter­mi­na­tion”; “In­dia: Stop hu­man rights vi­o­la­tions in Kashmir.” “Road to Kabul Runs Through Kashmir.”

The par­tic­i­pants high­lighted that Kashmir was at the brink of a po­ten­tial nu­clear holo­caust, and this holo­caust was oc­cur­ring be­cause the root cause of in­de­pen­dence and free­dom for Kashmir had not been ad­e­quately ad­dressed. Kashmir has ig­nited two wars be­tween the es­tranged South Asian ri­vals in 1948 and 1965, and a third could trig­ger nu­clear vol­leys and a nu­clear win­ter threat­en­ing the en­tire globe. The United States would en­joy no sanc­tu­ary. Both In­dia and Pak­istan are racing like thor­ough­breds to bol­ster their nu­clear ar­se­nals and ad­vanced de­liv­ery ve­hi­cles. Their de­fense bud­gets are climb­ing de­spite wide­spread mis­ery amongst their pop­u­la­tions. “All those lead­ers at­tend­ing the Nu­clear

WSum­mit and those who are in­ter­ested in the world peace are urged to per­suade both In­dia and Pak­istan to help re­solve the Kashmir dis­pute for the sake of international peace and se­cu­rity,” said Dr. Ghu­lam Nabi Fai, Sec­re­tary Gen­eral, World Kashmir Aware­ness. Dr. Im­tiaz Khan, Pres­i­dent, Kash­miri Amer­i­can Council said that Kashmir was the bone of con­tention of nu­clear ten­sion be­tween In­dia and Pak­istan. The world pow­ers must im­press upon the Gov­ern­ment of In­dia to stop hu­man rights vi­o­la­tion in Kashmir.

Sar­dar Sawar Khan, for­mer Ad­vi­sor to the Prime Min­is­ter of Azad Kashmir said that Kashmir was a nu­clear flash­point. Kashmir was called the most dan­ger­ous place in the world by for­mer Pres­i­dent Bill Clin­ton. Sar­dar Im­tiaz Khan, New Jersey quoted Pres­i­dent Vladimir Putin who said, “In­dia and Pak­istan should re­solve Kashmir dis­pute in the in­ter­est of peace in South Asia and the rest of the world.” Choudhary Za­hoor Ahmed re­minded Pres­i­dent Obama of his prom­ise that he made in 2008 when he said, “I will con­tinue sup­port of on­go­ing In­dian Pak­istani ef­forts to re­solve Kashmir prob­lem.” Sar­dar Im­tiaz Gar­alvi cited the ex­am­ple of tor­ture, rape, mass mur­der and dis­re­gard for the U. N. res­o­lu­tion for a ref­er­en­dum on Kashmir by the Gov­ern­ment of In­dia. Sahibzada Im­tiaz Za­far said that the peace­ful demon­stra­tion was an hon­est and sin­cere re­flec­tion of the wishes of the peo­ple of Kashmir.

Chand Iqbal Doddy said that Pak­istani and In­dian lead­ers must sit down with the Kash­miri lead­er­ship to dis­cuss the fu­ture of Kashmir.

Sar­dar Zarif Khan said that we ac­cept that so­lu­tion which re­spects the wishes of the peo­ple of Kashmir. Sar­dar Taj Khan said the fact that po­lit­i­cal so­lu­tions had been achieved in Namibia and East Ti­mor which gave the hope and con­fi­dence to the peo­ple of Kashmir.

Sar­dar Zul­fiqar Khan and Sar­dar Zubair Khan thanked the par­tic­i­pants for mak­ing the oc­ca­sion a suc­cess. Sar­dar Zahid Hus­sain was the stage sec­re­tary of the event. He con­cluded the event by of­fer­ing prayers to all those in­no­cent civil­ians who gave their to­day for the bet­ter­ment of to­mor­row.

Other peo­ple who spoke dur­ing the oc­ca­sion in­clude Mohammad Sabir, Sufi M. Nazir; Sar­dar Aj­mal Khan; Raja Li­aqat Kiyani.

Nu­clear Threat: “The best way to solve any prob­lem is to re­move its cause.” Martin Luther King “Nu­clear weapons are the scourge of the earth; to mine for them, man­u­fac­ture them, de­ploy them, use them, is a curse against God, the hu­man fam­ily, and the earth it­self.” Philip Ber­ri­gan, Amer­i­can Peace Ac­tivist.

The nu­clear age has placed in the world’s lap a grow­ing and com­plex set of threats that cre­ate the pos­si­bil­ity of an all- out holo­caust in some part of the world al­most ev­ery day. We now have North Korea threat­en­ing Seoul, test­ing in­tercon­ti­nen­tal bal­lis­tic mis­siles and brag­ging about hy­dro­gen bombs. Few peo­ple know that the Korean War has never ended.

The Armistice Agree­ment was just a cease­fire. No for­mal treaty was ever signed. Then there’s NATO play­ing war games at Rus­sia’s borders, with gen­er­als talk­ing about tak­ing back Crimea. And let’s not for­get Is­raeli Prime Min­is­ter Ne­tanyahu who has threat­ened to at­tack Iran uni­lat­er­ally if no one else does it. But in South Asia, the main­stream me­dia seems to over­look fre­quently a con­tin­u­ous and on­go­ing threat of an­other kind.

Let’s get a quick snap­shot of the prob­lem: If you had half a dozen sol­diers from a for­eign coun­try stalk­ing your neigh­bor­hood block day and night, watch­ing your ev­ery move, not­ing when you come and go, who your chil­dren are play­ing with, and who you talk to in your neigh­bor­hood, how would you feel?

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