PMDC pe­nalises col­leges in mil­lions for ad­mis­sion on ad­di­tional seats

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MUHAM­MAD SULEMAN LA­HORE—An on-go­ing tus­sle be­tween the Pak­istan Med­i­cal & Den­tal Coun­cil (PMDC) and Pub­lic Sec­tor Med­i­cal Col­leges over ad­mis­sion of stu­dents be­yond al­lot­ted med­i­cal seats dra­mat­i­cally ended when PMDC im­posed mil­lion of ru­pees penalty for vi­o­la­tion of PMDC rules and di­rected the ad­min­is­tra­tion of med­i­cal col­leges to sub­mit surety bound with this as­sur­ance that no ad­mis­sion shall be made from 2016-17 on these seats.

A well-in­formed source privy to this de­vel­op­ment told Pak­istan Ob­server that the Pun­jab gov­ern­ment has al­legedly flouted the rules and reg­u­la­tions of the PMDC by mak­ing ad­mis­sions to the pub­lic sec­tor med­i­cal col­leges for 2013-14 ses­sion ‘over and above’ the num­ber of seats al­lo­cated by the Coun­cil. “Ad­mis­sions were given to stu­dents with­out seek­ing ap­proval from the PMDC which is a sheer vi­o­la­tion of the rules set by the coun­cil,” he added. How­ever, the source claimed that the ad­mis­sions on ad­di­tional med­i­cal seats were given by the di­rec­tions of the Pun­jab gov­ern­ment on po­lit­i­cal ba­sis.

Pun­jab Med­i­cal Col­lege Faisal­abad ad­mit­ted 325 stu­dents against the 250 al­lo­cated seats, Nishtar Med­i­cal Col­lege Mul­tan ad­mit­ted 325 against 250 seats, Quaid-i-Azam Med­i­cal Col­lege Be­hawalpur 325 against 300, Nishtar In­sti­tute of Den­tistry Mul­tan 66 against 50, Ser­vices In­sti­tute of Med­i­cal Col­lege La­hore 200 against 150, Sheikh Zayed Med­i­cal Col­lege, Rahim Yar Khan, 150 against 100 and Nawaz Sharif Med­i­cal Col­lege Gu­jrat made 100 ad­mis­sions against the 50 seats ap­proved by the Coun­cil.

He said, PMDC re­fused to reg­is­ter those stu­dents who were given ad­mis­sions in ad­di­tional seats which mean that the fu­ture of those stu­dents is hang­ing in the bal­ance.

How­ever, the PMDC’s coun­cil in its 142th meet­ing unan­i­mously granted one time amnesty and ap­proved reg­is­tra­tion of stu­dents given ad­mis­sions on ad­di­tional seats in pub­lic sec­tor in­sti­tutes till to date with a con­di­tion of sub­mit­ting af­fi­davits by con­cerned of­fi­cial and vice chan­cel­lor or de­gree award­ing univer­sity that from ses­sion 2016-17 no ad­mis­sion shall be made be­yond al­lo­cated an­nual ad­mis­sions.

Fail­ing to com­ply shall war­rant dis­ci­plinary pro­ceed­ings against in­sti­tutes/ per­sons as pro­vi­sioned in sec­tion 22 and 22 B of PMDC Or­di­nance 1962. Coun­cil also di­rected that 100 % tu­ition fee charged from each stu­dents in lieu of all charges for each year (five year to­tal) by in­sti­tute shall be paid by con­cerned in­sti­tute to PMDC as penalty.

He said, Pro Vice Chan­cel­lor of Univer­sity of Health Sciences (UHS) Prof Dr Ju­naid Sar­fraz and Dr Sal­man Shahid ad­di­tional sec­re­tary (Tech­ni­cal) of Spe­cilized Health­care & Med­i­cal Ed­u­ca­tion also sub­mit­ted af­fi­davit re­gard­ing this while Prin­ci­ple of Ghazi Khan Med­i­cal Col­lege also sub­mit­ted Rs 5.1 mil­lion as penalty to PMDC.

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