Dowry in Sindh

Pakistan Observer - - OPINION - SYED TAHA JAVAID

Dowry is a curse. The dowry sys­tem is a curse for the so­ci­ety. It is re­ally a blot on our so­ci­ety. The evil of dowry is a deep rooted one. Thou­sand of girls are sit­ting un­mar­ried in their homes be­cause their par­ents can’t af­ford the dowry de­manded by their in laws. And thou­sand of par­ents sell what­ever they posses just to meet the de­mands of their daugh­ters’ in-laws, so that their daugh­ter lives hap­pily in her in-laws ever af­ter. I have seen so many cases, in which peo­ple de­mand car for their sons as a dowry, and un­for­tu­nately if girl’s par­ents can’t af­ford to present a car, they break the pro­posal and this raise to their daugh­ter’s defama­tion in the so­ci­ety. Some brides com­mit sui­cide and even some par­ents too. The sys­tem of dowry is un­ac­cept­able; it has made the lives of many poor par­ents mis­er­able. This is one of the main rea­sons why par­ents want sons as chil­dren over daugh­ters. There is also a case, when some brides fail to bring rich dowry with them,- are bru­tally treated. They are beaten and some­times even killed by their in-laws. Dowry is the main rea­son which mostly leads to the vi­o­lence against women. I fail to un­der­stand as to why th­ese peo­ple need dowry when the bride’s par­ents are al­ready giv­ing the most pre­cious as­set of their life i.e. their daugh­ter to them? Do they want to get ma­te­rial things or get their son mar­ried and bring a lov­ing and de­voted wife for their son? Some par­ents force their daugh­ter to marry with an in­com­pat­i­ble old man just be­cause they can­not af­ford the dowry de­manded by the com­pat­i­ble pro­posal. Please stop con­sid­er­ing your daugh­ter a bur­den, she’s a bless­ing not curse. Curse is the dowry sys­tem which is pre­vail­ing among the so­ci­ety since ages. And give your daugh­ter’s hand to those who de­serve to be with her and more in­ter­ested in her rather than dowry. And se­condly, be­ing a boy, I strictly con­demn this dowry sys­tem which is pre­vail­ing in the so­ci­ety since ages and re­quest the Sindh gov­ern­ment to put ban on dowry just as the Pun­jab Gov­ern­ment has done re­cently in order to erad­i­cate this curse from its roots. Then also en­sure that it is strictly im­ple­mented through­out Sindh, un­like Pun­jab. — Karachi

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