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Afew years ago, news­pa­pers car­ried some very in­ter­est ing news: A Vice Con­sul of the Ira­nian con­sulate in Mum­bai was de­frauded of fifteen thou­sand dol­lars by an African who claimed he could turn pa­per into cur­rency notes by us­ing a ‘chem­i­cal’!

Now, I’ve al­ways as­sumed diplo­mats to be wise peo­ple who have stud­ied rea­son­ably more than most of their peer group, are achiev­ers and sit in po­si­tions where they have to be dis­cern­ing and crit­i­cal in their judge­ments.

I be­lieve they have been cho­sen by their coun­try to check, ex­am­ine and in­spect any­thing that may en­dan­ger their moth­er­land or fa­ther­land as the case may be. I would there­fore take for granted these men and women are the cream of their na­tion. The clever­est, most shrewd, the best.

Yet, Vice Con­sul Has­san Sadri, all of forty- three years, met twenty five year old Arin Al­bam­bay, as he was shop­ping with his lit­tle son. Al­bamb­hay told the vice con­sul he had mag­i­cal pow­ers to turn black pa­per into cur­rency notes by us­ing a chem­i­cal. The learned Vice- Con­sul im­me­di­ately took him home!

There, Arin took out 30 sheets of black pa­per and said that if he was to start the ex­per­i­ment he would need to buy the ‘chem­i­cal’ for which Mr Sadri, the vice con­sul took out what amounted to Rs 7.7 lakhs and handed it over to Arin. Arin took the money and dis­ap­peared!

Poor Vice Con­sul, he must be the laugh­ing stock of his friends and coun­try­men and yet it was greed that did him in. As Vice Con­sul I am sure, he en­joyed both power and wealth, but that did not keep him from want­ing more. “Give me more!” his heart shouted as the clever African worked his trick­ery around the greedy man.

Ah greed! It has top­pled highly paid ex­ec­u­tives, brought down gi­ant cor­po­ra­tions and cost thou­sands of work­ers their jobs and re­tire­ment funds! One colum­nist writes that un­re­strained cor­po­rate greed is a greater threat than ter­ror­ism..!

Greed whis­pers in our ear that we would be hap­pier if we had more money, more things and more power. It cre­ates dis­con­tent and a grow­ing de­sire to do what­ever it takes to gain po­si­tion and pos­ses­sions. Un­for­tu­nately in to­day’s cap­i­tal­is­tic world, greed is en­cour­aged, pam­pered and thought of as a virtue; with­out greed we are told there is no wealth!

I have only one an­swer to such rubbish, a tale taken from the rubbish dump it­self: A fly was buzzing around a barn one day when he hap­pened on a pile of fresh cow ma­nure. Due to the fact that it had been hours since his last meal, he flew down and be­gan to eat. He ate and ate and ate. Fi­nally, he de­cided he had eaten enough, but look­ing down at the ma­nure again, he wanted some more, so eat he did. He then de­cided to fly away but found he could not get off the ground. He had eaten too much.

He looked around won­der­ing what to do and spot­ted a pitch­fork lean­ing against the wall. So up the pitch­fork he climbed. He reached the top and jumped off think­ing that once air­borne he would be able to take flight. In­stead he dropped like a rock. Splat! He hit the floor dead!

That’s how we’ll land when we are too greedy..! God’s riches fill up our sup­ply, With what­ever we may need, So we can then be gen­er­ous, And not con­trolled by greed..!

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