De­signer dilem­mas

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The lawn sea­son – ac­tu­ally it is hardly a sea­son any more , it is more like an all year round thing, starts some­time in Jan­uary, ends mid De­cem­ber, so ba­si­cally the lawn sea­son is al­ways upon us and so are the bill­boards, the ex­hi­bi­tions, the repli­cas and the crazy sales of course. The prob­lem, how­ever, is not con­fined to the de­sign­ers who are de­sign­ing and sell­ing their fab­ric with bizarre prints (you can lit­er­ally find ev­ery­thing from road side thailas, to cages, to Eif­fel tower/Statue of lib­erty, to black swans on these dresses) though they largely re­main part of the prob­lem – but no, the main prob­lem is our so­ci­ety and it’s ab­surd and ab­so­lutely opts for ridicu­lous stan­dards of fash­ion and per­fec­tion. I mean it is per­fectly O’kay to blame these en­trepreneurs also known as “de­sign­ers” for their un-af­ford­able clothes but what do you do about the thick­headed cus­tomers who con­tinue to not only will­ingly buy these clothes but are also very will­ingly ready to sell their self-re­spect while fight­ing over these dresses in those crazy 36 hours sales.

Peo­ple need to un­der­stand that there is more in life than just clothes. Prac­ti­cally speak­ing, yes, it’s their money; they can do what­ever they want to do with it. But be rea­son­able at least, your hold­ing of com­mu­nity par­ties, char­ity func­tions, fund rais­ings, all are there to help the so­ci­ety, help the poor, all the while wear­ing a thirty thou­sand some­thing dress adorned with branded ac­ces­sories worth all of the event put to­gether and then you talk about in­come in­equal­ity too. Like se­ri­ously, take a breath and look around you. The prob­lem is right there, right in front of you, look in the mir­ror again, just with a deeper per­spec­tive. The in­come dis­par­ity is ever in­creas­ing in Pak­istan and with these trends the life­style im­bal­ance is purely ugly. Our coun­try has enough so­cial prob­lems as it is, the least peo­ple can do is be hu­man while shop­ping. — Karachi

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