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Karachi is the big­gest city of Pak­istan. It was once called the ‘City of Lights and Op­por­tu­ni­ties’. But in Karachi I have been ob­serv­ing one prob­lem that has not been solved yet. It is not traf­fic, it is not pol­lu­tion but it is the prob­lem of sew­er­age. I feel like pock­ing when I see the sew­er­age wa­ter on the roads and even on foot-paths. Peo­ple feel dis­gusted and they blame the gov­ern­ment for it.

They should blame the gov­ern­ment but it is not en­tirely the fault of gov­ern­ment, it is the fault of sweep­ers who block the sew­er­age line on pur­pose to earn money. sew­er­age wa­ter gets mixed with drink­ing wa­ter sup­ply and then causes many dis­eases like ty­phoid, malaria etc. The politi­cians of ev­ery area prom­ise that they would solve the prob­lems of the peo­ple but their prom­ise re­main a prom­ise and no one acts on them.

I re­quest the gov­ern­ment to please pay at­ten­tion to­ward this problen be­cause if they do not pay at­ten­tion to­ward this prob­lem to pro­vide re­lief to the peo­ple from stink­ing wa­ter and dirty en­vi­ron­ment get­ting haz­ardous for the pub­lic health. — Karachi

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