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Shab-e-Barat 14th Sha­ban night is a bigest night for all Mus­lims. Shab-e Barat is the Night when all bless­ings of Al­lah come on earth and all ways of for­give­ness are open in this night. The eight month of Is­lamic Calendar is known as Shabaan. Sha­ban comes be­tween Ra­jab and Ra­madan; and ac­cord­ing to ha­dith these three months are hav­ing a sig­nif­i­cant value in Is­lam.

Holy prophet Muham­mad (SAW) nom­i­nated this month Shabaan with him­self and Ra­madan is month of Al­lah Almighty. The word ‘Shabaan’ is taken from root word “shab” mean­ing “to col­lect” or “gather”. Shabaan is also con­sid­ered as prepara­tory month of Ra­madan. When this month goes in Mid and 15th date comes up then in­ter­me­di­ary night comes named as Shab-e-barat. This night is known as Shab-e-barat be­cause ev­ery Mus­lim awakes all the night and re­mains busy in Shab-e-Barat Prayers for whole night. On the other hand Al­lah says that who­ever pray and uses a Medium of Dua for that he will be surely granted with that thing in any case.

This is also same night when death and life span of ev­ery per­son is de­cided. The re­main­ing life is also de­cided in same night. This is also the night when an­gles got new piece of pa­per of luck of ev­ery men and presents be­fore God for ap­proval. All Life’s Pro­vi­sion is also de­cided in same Shab-e-barat. Ac­cord­ing to an­other tra­di­tion, this is the same night when all acts are de­cided. All mat­ters are de­cided as to who gets how much etc. So Shab e barat is it­self a big and most im­por­tant night for Mus­lims.

The main prob­lem re­gard­ing this night is ex­plod­ing bombs and crack­ers. The people buy crack­ers for their chil­dren and set them free to ex­plode the crack­ers. Hence, on the one hand they cause a great trou­ble for their neigh­bours and on the other hand they cause ex­ces­sive spend­ing. We should cel­e­brate Shab e Barat in a be­fit­ting man­ner by of­fer­ing prayers and bow­ing down in front of Al­lah Almighty with all the sub­mis­sion and thanks­giv­ings for His boun­ties. —Rawalpindi

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