Obama plunges Afghanistan into un­cer­tainty

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de­vel­op­ment lend cred­i­bil­ity to the grow­ing per­cep­tion that the United States has no in­ter­est in restora­tion of peace in Afghani stan and in­stead wants to per­pet­u­ate the in­sta­bil­ity and tur­moil as part of its re­gional game plan. Apart from killing of Tal­iban leader Mulla Man­soor and that too at a time when at­tempts were be­ing made to woo Tal­iban lead­er­ship for talks, Pres­i­dent Obama has sent a mes­sage to Tal­iban to forget that they can be­come ruler of Afghanistan any­time in fu­ture.

This is one of the most glar­ing ex­am­ples of crude in­ter­fer­ence in the in­ter­nal af­fairs of another coun­try. The United States, along with many other so-called coali­tion part­ners, mil­i­tar­ily in­ter­vened in Afghanistan to top­ple Tal­iban, used all dra­co­nian machi­na­tions at its dis­posal for over a decade to dec­i­mate them and push Afghanistan into stone era and now is vow­ing to en­sure that they will not re­turn to power in the coun­try again. This self-as­sumed role of global po­lice­man is the root cause of trou­bles and con­flicts in the world and es­pe­cially in Afghanistan, which is be­ing treated not as a sov­er­eign coun­try but a colony of the United States. It is a uni­ver­sally ac­cepted prin­ci­ple that all states are equal and peo­ple of ev­ery coun­try are en­ti­tled to de­cide about the kind of sys­tem they want and select groups or par­ties to rule them. You are plead­ing for democ­racy and demo­cratic val­ues else­where in the world, then how can you deny this to the peo­ple of Afghanistan. Tal­iban are mostly Push­toon and bar­ring stray clans of Uzbeks and Ta­jiks, Afghanistan is a coun­try of Push­toons. What en­ti­tles the United States or any other coun­try to deny Push­toons their due share of gov­er­nance in Afghanistan? Sim­i­lar at­tempts were made in the past as well when rule of mi­nor­ity was pro­posed to re­solve the prob­lem but such plans ag­gra­vated and com­pli­cated the sit­u­a­tion fur­ther. It is also to be pointed out that Tal­iban or mil­i­tants are the prod­ucts of the United States and they were used to push the Soviet Union back but now Washington wants to elim­i­nate them al­to­gether and that also through use of force. Any how, the plan to block the way of Push­toons to come into power means to bring in an anti-Pak­istan set up in Kabul to sand­wich the coun­try. Al­ready, ar­rest of six Afghan agents in Balochis­tan and their rev­e­la­tions have proved that In­dia and Kabul were in league to cre­ate in­sta­bil­ity in Pak­istan. Pak­istani civil­ian and mil­i­tary lead­er­ship is ca­pa­ble of safe­guard­ing in­ter­ests of the coun­try but Obama’s re­marks in­di­cate he wants Afghanistan to plunge into un­cer­tainty.

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