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Pakistan Observer - - EDITORIALS & COMMENTS - Dr Mah­boob A Kh­waja Email:kma­boob@ya­hoo.com “How the United States and Bri­tain Lost the Bo­gus War in Iraq and Afghanistan” (“This War on Ter­ror­ism is Bo­gus”) (“ISIS, Weapons Makers, Thugs Ben­e­fit from This Crime.” Dis­si­dent Voice),

IN 2008, Pres­i­den­tial can­di­date Obama in­spired hope for politi cal change but it turned out to be a fal­lacy of per­cep­tion and hope. The world is more dan­ger­ous place in 2016 than when a coloured Pres­i­dent Obama mak­ing history moved into the White House. In schol­arly terms, pol­i­tics is a game of pre­ten­sion and ob­ses­sion to ego­ma­niac ideals to en­hance one’s own im­age and in­ter­est for power. You can’t blame Obama squarely for all the wrong ide­al­is­tic per­cep­tions he gen­er­ated to win the two Pres­i­den­tial elec­tions. Mod­ern democ­racy is fast be­com­ing a wil­ful house of de­cep­tion and ex­ploita­tion for the rich and priv­i­leged ones. Was the 2011 Protest Move­ment not a re­vul­sion against the same ideals?

Pres­i­dent Obama is leav­ing the Presidency and the po­lit­i­cal world in much worst con­di­tions than when he as­sumed the of­fice. War is the only goal and pol­icy aim that he pur­sued, not much dif­fer­ent that of be­lea­guered Ge­orge W. Bush did to de­hu­man­ize the Amer­i­can cul­ture and vic­tim­ize the hu­man­ity with new brand of ter­ror­ism. History speaks loud and clear. History will judge lead­ers and na­tions by their ac­tions, not by their claims. None of these char­ac­ters had any vi­sion for uni­ver­sal har­mony and sus­tain­able po­lit­i­cal change or to foster peace and co-ex­is­tence across many di­vided na­tional lines of greed and hege­monic con­trols. Amer­i­can poli- ti­cians do what po­lit­i­cal fi­nanciers and lob­by­ists dic­tate them to do - to loath the mankind with the fear of in­se­cu­rity and con­tin­u­ous war agenda.

The Arab Mid­dle East is vir­tu­ally de­stroyed; its masses bombed, ter­ror­ized and dis­placed as un­wanted refugees across many Euro­pean na­tional fron­tiers. The real prob­lem of Pales­tine is re­placed by the cur­rent wars to capsize the whole of the Arab world. Who is re­spon­si­ble for all the in­trigu­ing wars and back­door conspiracies to kill one an­other? Have all the Arab peo­ple lost their sense of think­ing and ra­tio­nal­ity?

How would the fu­ture gen­er­a­tions view them in a crit­i­cal anal­y­sis? Were they so in­ept and stupid not to think of their own fu­ture and sus­tain­abil­ity? The ag­gres­sors have carved up sub­jec­tive ti­tles and la­bels of sec­tar­ian killings, daily blood­bath and ter­ror­ism. As if it was not part of their planned scheme of things to dis­man­tle the Arab free­dom and hu­man dig­nity. Was this per­pet­u­ated cru­elty and dark­ness not the ex­plicit out­come of the Amer­i­can and Bri­tish war and oc­cu­pa­tion of Iraq and Afghanistan? Who will re­build the cen­tury’s old cul­tures, hu­man habi­tats and rep­utable an­cient val­ues that have been sys­tem­at­i­cally de­stroyed by the war mon­gers?


(Global Re­search), this au­thor clar­i­fied the per­ti­nent facts of the bo­gus war: Michel Meacher, Bri­tish En­vi­ron­ment Min­is­ter un­der PM Blair - pro­vides re­li­able in­sight into the real rea­sons for the ‘War on Ter- ror­ism’. He claims that the “war on ter­ror” is flatly su­per­fi­cial ... the so­called ‘war on ter­ror­ism’ is be­ing used largely as bo­gus cover for achiev­ing wider US strate­gic geopo­lit­i­cal ob­jec­tives ... in fact, plans for mil­i­tary ac­tion against Afghanistan and Iraq were in hand well before 9/11.”

David Swan­son

points out how the US weapon man­u­fac­tur­ers have in­creased the cost of weapon sales by 19% and are ul­ti­mately the ben­e­fi­ciary of the war against ISIL. The coali­tion of war led by the US against ISIL is noth­ing but a para­dox of self-con­tra­dic­tory co­er­cive ar­range­ment. The U.S. France, Ger­many, UK, and Arab Gulf coun­tries’ aim is to over­throw Pres­i­dent Bashar al-As­sad, which hap­pens to be the goal of ISIL and other groups fight­ing in Syria. Pres­i­dent Putin is shield­ing the be­sieged Bashar Al-As­sad from final col­lapse and mak­ing gains in Syria and Ara­bian strate­gic think­ing. Many Arab lead­ers are im­pressed by Putin’s de­ci­sive ac­tion to pro­tect his client state. They could open new mar­kets for Rus­sian weapons and in­flu­ence in the Arab world. Pres­i­dent Obama re­mained in­be­tween with­out any prompt ac­tion to oust Bashar Al-As­sad. The cur­rent sec­tar­ian wars do not ap­peal to any holi­est mis­sion.

The US and Rus­sia are bomb­ing to sup­port their war econ­omy and find a con­ve­nient pre­text to kill the Arab peo­ple. Amer­i­can for­eign pol­icy aims at and acts like dou­ble-edge Ra­zor King to in­stall author­i­tar­ian regimes in the frontline Arab states and ma­nip­u­late them for il­le­git­i­mate pur­poses and ex­ploita­tion of the natural re­sources. When these for­mer neo­colo­nial tribal agents turned kings and princess be­come a li­a­bil­ity, the US im­plies Plan “B” to get them killed by their own peo­ple like Ghadafi in Libya, Ab­dulla Saleh ousted in Ye­men and Sad­dam Hus­sein hanged in Iraq. The Arab coali­tion lead­ers have no sense of time and history how the US will de­stroy the Arab cul­ture and civ­i­liza­tion by us­ing false pre­text of the war.

We are wit­ness­ing an his­toric event and epic of em­pire-build­ing. Lead­ers claim­ing to be demo­crat­i­cally elected, think and be­have like ab­so­lute dic­ta­tors. Pres­i­dent Obama is en­gaged in time-killing ex­er­cises at the end of his Presidency. He was not an in­tel­lec­tual and proac­tive per­son lead­ing to peace­ful fu­ture-mak­ing. Mankind needs morally and in­tel­lec­tu­ally re­spon­si­ble lead­er­ship to pur­sue a sus­tain­able fu­ture. All ab­so­lute rulers and lead­ers tried to run down the mankind as if it was just a num­ber - a digit - and con­scious-less en­tity of tech­no­log­i­cal imag­i­na­tion. But all of them have caused im­mense losses and li­a­bil­i­ties to their own na­tions and em­pires. Amer­i­can po­lit­i­cal history was en­riched with in­tel­lec­tual fore­sights and demo­cratic val­ues to safe­guard the rest of the mankind. But its con­tem­po­rary lead­ers and ma­jor in­sti­tu­tions seem to defy the logic of peace­ful co-ex­ist­ing with the global com­mu­nity. — The writer spe­cialises in global se­cu­rity, peace and conflict res­o­lu­tion.

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