Ira­nian en­voy’s pos­i­tive as­sur­ances

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Iabout N the back­drop of var­i­ous re­ports and de­vel­op­ments that cre­ate doubts

Ira­nian pol­icy in the re­gion and re­la­tions with Pak­istan, Ira­nian am­bas­sador to Is­lam­abad Me­hdi Hon­er­doost, dur­ing his speech at the In­sti­tute of Strate­gic Stud­ies in Is­lam­abad on Fri­day held out as­sur­ances that his coun­try would not al­low use of its ter­ri­tory against Pak­istan. He also claimed that Chah­ba­har, be­ing de­vel­oped with In­dian as­sis­tance, was not a rival to Gwadar and re­it­er­ated Iran’s in­ter­est to com­plete IP gas pipe­line project.

We wel­come these pos­i­tive re­marks by the Ira­nian en­voy and hope Tehran would prove them by its pol­icy and prac­ti­cal steps. This is im­por­tant in view of re­ports that Mulla Man­soor, Tal­iban leader, was tar­geted on his entry into Pak­istan from Ira­nian side, with re­source­ful Afghan leader Hek­mat­yar al­leg­ing that Iran pro­vided in­tel­li­gence in­for­ma­tion to the US about move­ment of Man­soor. If that is the case, the ques­tion arises as to why Ira­nian did not pro­vide in­for­ma­tion to the US when the Tal­iban leader was on their soil? Wasn’t it the mo­tive to bring Pak­istan into dis­re­pute and try to make Pak­istani Balochis­tan desta­bi­lized? Ques­tions were also raised about role of Iran when RAW agent Kulb­hushan Yadev was ar­rested from Balochis­tan, who was known to be en­joy­ing hos­pi­tal­ity in Iran for years and spon­sor­ing anti-Pak­istani ac­tiv­i­ties. Any­how, it is sat­is­fy­ing that the Ira­nian diplo­mat has given cat­e­gor­i­cal as­sur­ance that his coun­try would not al­low use of its soil against Pak­istan. This is how it should be as Pak­istan and Iran are not only Mus­lim broth­ers and neigh­bours but also have deep rooted cul­tural and his­tor­i­cal links and bonds. As for Chah­ba­har and Gwadar, Ad­vi­sor on For­eign Af­fairs Sar­taj Aziz has rightly pointed out, that Pak­istan doesn’t con­sider it rival and in­stead wants to link Gwadar with Chah­ba­har. This is in line with re­quire­ments of 21st cen­tury where the buzz word is to com­ple­ment economies and not to treat them as ri­vals.

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