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Pakistan Observer - - OPINION - ALI ASHRAF KHAN

Two days ago the Pak­istan Army handed over a pur­pose built border-cross­ing fa­cil­ity to Afghan au­thor­i­ties at An­goor Adda, the border cross­ing be­tween the two coun­tries in South Waziris­tan near Wana. “This ges­ture will aid in the es­tab­lish­ment of peace and sta­bil­ity along Pak­istan and Afghan border”, an ISPR press re­lease stated. But, the next day, we read in the news that Afghan au­thor­i­ties have closed the An­goor Adda border cross­ing in South Waziris­tan only hours af­ter it was handed over to them and Afghan flag was hoisted on that Post. What more, our peace lov­ing neigh­bour­ing coun­try also claimed about 30km of Pak­istani ter­ri­tory for them­selves and de­manded its re­turn and con­trol, we are told. Now it seems that some­thing has gone ter­ri­bly wrong. What was the army think­ing when they were giv­ing away con­trol over a border post and Pak­istani ter­ri­tory? The rea­son we are given is the promotion of peace be­tween our two coun­tries. But how cred­i­ble is any peace an­nounce­ment by Afghanistan when they even don’t rec­og­nize the border be­tween our two coun­tries? You can’t take the sec­ond step before the first one and you should not try to run before you know how to walk. It is hon­ourable to seek peace but that has to be a cred­i­ble wish on both sides. Before Pak­istan can take Afghan in­ten­tions se­ri­ously Afghans should rec­og­nize Pak­istan as it is. By ig­nor­ing this fact we have brought on our head a new conflict as if we didn’t have enough on our plate al­ready. To­day Ghani de­mands thirty kilo­me­ters of Pak­istani ter­ri­tory, to­mor­row he will say that all ter­ri­tory un­til At­tock should be handed over. Who is re­spon­si­ble for this? — Karachi

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