World No Tobacco Day


David Byrne has rightly said, “The True Face of Tobacco Is dis­ease, death and hor­ror- not the glam­our and so­phis­ti­ca­tion the push­ers in the tobacco in­dus­try try to por­tray.” The main ob­jec­tive of cel­e­brat­ing the World No Tobacco Day all over the world is to pro­mote and en­cour­age the com­mon pub­lic to re­duce or stop the use of tobacco or its prod­ucts con­sump­tion as it may lead to the some lethal dis­eases (cancer, heart prob­lem) or even death. Tobacco use kills at least one out of the 10 peo­ple world­wide every year whereas the num­ber of tobacco user all around the world is 1.3 bil­lion.

Re­search shows that higher taxes are es­pe­cially effective in re­duc­ing tobacco use among lower-in­come groups and in pre­vent­ing young peo­ple from start­ing to smoke. It is very nec­es­sary to ban or stop the use of tobacco on global ba­sis as it leads to many ill­nesses like lung cancer, heart at­tacks, strokes, chronic heart dis­eases, em­phy­sema, va­ri­ety of can­cers and etc. While cig­a­rette smok­ers are smok­ing ci­garettes, the non smok­ers are get­ting pun­ished by the smoke ex­haled by them.

Tobacco smoke brings lot of prob­lems to non-smok­ers in the way of headaches, vom­it­ing sen­sa­tion and other such prob­lems. It is time we un­der­stand that pic­to­rial warn­ings on tobacco prod­ucts, ban­ning the sale of loose ci­garettes and other such silly moves will fetch lit­tle re­sults in our fight against tobacco con­sump­tion. — Ahmedabad, In­dia

Nowa­days smok­ing shisha and cig­a­rette has be­come very com­mon and fash­ion­able, es­pe­cially among young boys. Tobacco smok­ing in Pak­istan is le­gal due to this chil­dren are tak­ing it for granted. Smok­ing ci­garettes and shisha has many health risks. It is easy to buy tobacco prod­ucts ev­ery­where for which gov­ern­ment should take se­ri­ous ac­tions. Ac­cord­ing to the lat­est re­search more than 80% of adults be­gin smok­ing before they turn 18.

Smok­ing is very harm­ful for health it can cause lung cancer, mouth cancer and heart dis­eases. We should take re­spon­si­bil­i­ties to pre­vent our new gen­er­a­tion from ad­dic­tion to tobacco. In or­der to re­duce smok­ing rates gov­ern­ment need to adopt a com­pre­hen­sive ap­proach to con­trol tobacco: A to­tal ban on tobacco ad­ver­tis­ing and promotion, shisha places to be closed im­me­di­ately, smok­ing restric­tion in pub­lic and work places, in­crease in tobacco tax­a­tion, bold health warn­ings on tobacco prod­ucts. More the sell­ing of tobacco, more the ad­dic­tion. —Via email

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