Pick­les, sugar and pep­per..!

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MANY years ago while do ing my Masters in Lit­era ture, I had a professor who taught me lin­guis­tics. This good man from a Brah­min fam­ily had done his stud­ies in Eng­land and very of­ten told us sto­ries of life in that coun­try where he had gone to study.

“For the first few months!” he once said, “I could not eat the English food! It was bland and taste­less, and I was a veg­e­tar­ian. Then one day my mother sent me a bot­tle of pickle and pack­ets of pep­per. Af­ter that ev­ery meal be­came a de­light!” To­day, as I think of my Brah­min professor and his love for pick­les and pep­per, a ques­tion comes to my mind, “Did my professor eat only pick­les and pep­per?”

No, he mixed the pickle and sprayed the pep­per on the meals which were al­ready there! The pickle and the pep­per when added to the lunch or din­ner made it plea­sur­able!

What would have hap­pened if my good professor de­cided he would only eat pick­les and pep­per and noth­ing else? Sounds silly doesn’t it? But of­ten we are all as silly as that! We want to live in a world of fun!

We want to live in a sen­su­ous world of bod­ily plea­sure, till we get bored of that plea­sure and search for other ex­cite­ment and more ex­cite­ment! A son of a friend, once told me how his un­cle lost his sense of taste af­ter a brain surgery, “You should have seen him,” said my young friend, “He emp­tied a whole bot­tle of pickle onto his plate of rice be­cause he could not taste the pickle!”

Are we like that un­cle who can­not taste? Do we con­tin­u­ously try to live in a world of plea­sure, shirk­ing our work?

Do we get up in the morn­ing and in­stead of think­ing how to spend the day wisely, think in­stead what new plea­sure we can give our body?

And like that un­cle in the story, we start in­tro­duc­ing newer and newer plea­sures into our day, till fi­nally we be­gin to empty the whole pickle bot­tle into our life and yet there is no taste? What should we do? I re­mem­ber when my daugh­ter went to Seattle to study, she phoned me and said, “Daddy I have started lik­ing cof­fee! But I like it with­out sugar!”

“With­out sugar?” I asked sur­prised. “That’s when you taste the real cof­fee!” she said. Yes, it’s when we start emp­ty­ing the pickle and pep­per into our lives, when we stop sug­ar­ing our daily rou­tine with plea­sure that we start find­ing joy in the real essence of life!

Put a lit­tle pep­per, a lit­tle sugar into your lives but don’t live a life that is only pick­led plea­sure be­cause then your crav­ing for ex­cite­ment will stop you en­joy­ing your day..!

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