Jus­tice de­layed is jus­tice de­nied

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‘Jus­tice de­layed is jus­tice de­nied’. This is one of the ba­sic and the most im­por­tant prin­ci­ples of the ju­di­cial sys­tem. The im­por­tance of quick dis­pen­sa­tion of jus­tice is ob­vi­ous and it has pos­i­tive and strong ef­fects on the so­ci­ety. If jus­tice is de­layed, crime is en­cour­aged and the so­ci­ety gets ru­ined. A Bri­tish politi­cian and Ju­di­cial of­fi­cer said; “It is ac­knowl­edged that if a case is de­layed, mem­o­ries fade out of doc­u­ments and wit­ness may be lost”.

But jus­tice is not lim­ited to a sim­ple case. It should be prac­ticed at ev­ery level of the so­ci­ety. It is a re­spon­si­bil­ity at ev­ery level. Ev­ery one of us is re­spon­si­ble and an­swer­able for the re­spon­si­bil­ity he/she is given. A man ap­peals for jus­tice when he is op­pressed and if jus­tice is not pro­vided to him in time, it is of no use to him later. In other words jus­tice is de­cayed for him. So we can say that “Jus­tice de­layed is Jus­tice de­cayed”.

When a man, liv­ing his life in a demo­cratic and func­tional state, searches for the lamp of jus­tice and does not find it, he be­comes ag­i­tated. As a whole peo­ple start com­mit­ting sins and crimes, the non-avail­abil­ity of jus­tice re­sults in in­crease rate of crimes. Jus­tice can also be thought of as a re­li­gious re­spon­si­bil­ity. Our re­li­gion has pro­duced the best ex­am­ple of jus­tice in his­tory when Hazrat Umar, the ruler of his time, was brought to the court when a case was filed against him. The judge gave the ver­dict against him and said that if he did not ac­cept his de­ci­sion he would be­head him with his own sword. This also shows that jus­tice should be pro­vided with­out any prej­u­dice and bias.

The im­por­tance of jus­tice can be sum­ma­rized in a sim­ple ex­am­ple. Sup­pose you are walk­ing in the open air when rains comes down heav­ily and you take time in open­ing your um­brella. Ul­ti­mately, the um­brella is open and is right on your head but you are al­ready soaked. The um­brella could not do for you what it was meant for. Jus­tice is just like an um­brella which must be opened be­fore it be­comes too late to do what it was meant for.

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