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It is a painful re­al­ity that the PML ( N) govern­ment has failed to de­liver on prom­ises, which at least the in­cum­bent Prime Min­is­ter made with the peo­ple in Sindh when he was in the op­po­si­tion. Cor­rup­tion con­tin­ues and it will con­tinue and no cre­ation of jobs for highly ed­u­cated youth. Even in the bud­get 2016- 17 Sindh feels se­verely ne­glected. Politi­cians seek pa­tron­age and quo­tas in mak­ing re­cruit­ments, post­ings and trans­fers of state of­fi­cials that gives way to dis­re­gard to merit, ex­tend­ing favours to in­com­pe­tent and killing jus­tice and fair­play, and re­sul­tantly block progress with their brinkman­ship and strat­a­gems.

Like our rulers, our bu­reau­crats and tech­nocrats ap­pear to be grumpy, an­gry, frus­trated, com­plain­ing and dis­sat­is­fied with their lives be­cause they them­selves have cre­ated such an un­just and chaotic so­ci­ety in this coun­try. They have looted the re­sources of this coun­try to broaden and build their busi­ness em­pires in the demo­cratic and civ­i­lized world and done noth­ing here to broaden and build – wwhat we get are only the false hopes and fake prom­ises. What an irony of our na­tional life that we have such peo­ple at the helm of af­fairs who are more in­ter­ested in fos­ter­ing their own per­sonal gains rather than cher­ish­ing a pos­i­tive urge and am­bi­tion to build Pak­istan and its fed­er­at­ing units; they pre­fer to build their own abodes and busi­nesses. — Islamabad

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