Ra­mazan: Month of pa­tience, sym­pa­thy

Pakistan Observer - - OPINION - farz, faraiz farz Sakhi Sar­war

HAZRAT Sal­man Farsi (RA), re­ports, “On the last day of Sha­ban the Holy Prophet (PBUH) ad­dressed us and said, ‘O peo­ple there comes over you now a great month, a most blessed month in which lies a night more greater in virtue than a thou­sand months. It is a month in which Al­lah has made Fast­ing com­pul­sory by day. And has made sun­nah the Taraweeh by night. Whoso­ever in­tends draw­ing near to Al­lah by per­form­ing any vir­tu­ous deed, for such per­son shall be the re­ward like the one who had per­formed a in any other time. And who­ever per­forms a shall be blessed with the re­ward of seventy in any other time.

This is in­deed the month of pa­tience, and the re­ward for true pa­tience is Par­adise. It is the month of sym­pa­thy with one’s fel­low­men. It is the month wherein a true be­liever’s rizq is in­creased. Whoso­ever feeds an­other who fasted, in or­der to break the fast at sun­set, for the feeder there shall be for­give­ness of sins and eman­ci­pa­tion from the fire of hell, and for such feeder shall be the same re­ward as the one who Fasted (who he fed) with­out that per­sons re­ward be­ing de­creased in the least.”

There­upon we said, “O mes­sen­ger of Al­lah, not all of us possess the means whereby we can give a fast­ing per­son to break his fast. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) replied, “Al­lah grants the same re­ward to the one who gives a fast­ing per­son to break the fast a mere date, or a drink of wa­ter, or a sip of milk.” “This is a month, the first of which brings Al­lah’s mercy, the mid­dle of which brings His for­give­ness and the last of which brings eman­ci­pa­tion from the fire of hell. Whoso­ever lessens the bur­den of his ser­vants in this month, Al­lah will for­give him and free him from the fire of hell.” “And in this month four things you should con­tinue to per­form in great num­ber, two of which shall be to please your Lord, while the other two shall be those with­out which you can­not do.

Those which shall be to please your Lord, are that you should in great quan­tity bear wit­ness that there is no de­ity to wor­ship ex­cept Al­lah (i.e. re­cite the Kal­imah Tayy­ibah) and make much Istigh­faar beg Al­lah’s for­give­ness with Asta­gir­firul-laah).” And as for those with­out which you can­not do, you should beg of Al­lah, en­trance into par­adise and ask refuge in Him from hell.” “And who­ever gave a per­son who fasted wa­ter to drink, Al­lah shall grant that giver to drink from My foun­tain, such a drink where af­ter that per­son shall never again feel thirsty un­til he en­ters par­adise.” — Cour­tesy: Al­bal­agh.com

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