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SO many of us go through life won­der­ing why God didn’t give us great looks, good height or more colour. We look at oth­ers who we think are pret­tier or more hand­some and sigh with envy. “If only…” we say to our­selves and look in the mir­ror sadly.

To those who think such, do I ad­dress this lit­tle story about a girl who grew up with a blind mother:

The one thing, how­ever, that used to con­cern us was the fact that Mom never re­ally knew what we looked like. One day when I was about 17 and stand­ing in front of the bath­room mir­ror comb­ing my hair, I asked, “You re­ally don’t know what any of us look like, do you Mom?” She was feel­ing my hair to see how long it was. “Of course I do,” she an­swered. “I know what you looked like the day they laid your tiny lit­tle body in my arms for the first time. I felt ev­ery inch of you and felt the soft fuzz on your head. I knew that you were blond be­cause your daddy told me so. I knew that your eyes were blue be­cause they told me so.

I know that you are very pretty be­cause peo­ple tell me you are. But I re­ally know what you are like- what you are like inside.” My eyes grew misty. “I know that you’re lithe and strong be­cause you love be­ing on the tennis court. I know that you have a good na­ture be­cause I hear you talk to the cat and to small chil­dren.

I know you are ten­der- hearted. I know you are vul­ner­a­ble be­cause I’ve seen your hurt re­ac­tions to some­one’s re­marks. I know that you have char­ac­ter be­cause you have the courage to stand up and de­fend your con­vic­tions.

I know that you have re­spect for hu­man be­ings be­cause of the way you treat me. I know that you have wis­dom be­cause you con­duct your­self wisely for a girl your age. I also know that you have a will of your own be­cause I’ve seen a hint of temper, which tells me that no one can dis­suade you from do­ing the right things.

I know that you have fam­ily de­vo­tion be­cause I’ve heard you de­fend­ing your brothers and sis­ter. I know that you possess a great ca­pac­ity for love be­cause you’ve shown it to me and to your fa­ther many times.

You have never in­di­cated in any way that you were short- changed be­cause you have a blind mother. So dear,” and she drew me closer to her, “I do see you and I know ex­actly what you look like, and to me you are beau­ti­ful..!” How true and mean­ing­ful the words of that mother are, aren’t they? Close your eyes my friend and imag­ine you are look­ing in the mir­ror at your­self; what do you see?

A per­son, hurt, re­sent­ful and an­gry? Some­one filled with envy, jeal­ousy or an anger that is dis­tort­ing your heart? Or is there love and warmth, car­ing and com­pas­sion? What you see is what you are. Skins wrin­kle, good looks fade and bod­ies shorten with age but that beauty which only the blind can see is what you re­ally are: Close your eyes: Are you beau­ti­ful or ugly? —Email: bob­s­ban­

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