Deep con­tra­dic­tions

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Though there was up­roar in the me­dia when Ja­mat-e-Is­lami (JI)’s then Ameer, Mu­nawar Has­san de­clared Al-Qaeda’ chief, Osama bin Laden, and TTP leader, Ha­keem Ullah Mehsud as mar­tyrs; how­ever, no one was sur­prised by that out­burst as that rep­re­sents what JI has been struggling for decades. But when such a state­ment comes from Im­ran Khan and his party, PTI, lead­ers, one won­ders to what di­rec­tion Khan is tak­ing the young gen­er­a­tion of this coun­try. Im­ran was very vo­cal on Ha­keem Ullah Mehsud’s death in 2013 drone at­tack and called for NATO sup­plies block­ade, even his party called Tal­iban as their brethren and of­fered them to open of­fice in Pe­shawar. One would have thought that since 2013, Khan has learnt some lessons, but ap­par­ently that’s not the case. He and his party are still play­ing the role of pied piper, tak­ing the youth on the path of men­tal sui­cide. Has PTI for­got­ten the mas­sacres by Tal­iban at APS, BKU, Kabul, Hel­mand, Kun­doz, Hazara en­claves? I was re­ally dis­ap­pointed by PTI’ spokesman, Naeem ul Haq call­ing the Tal­iban leader, Mul­lah Man­soor a sha­heed (mar­tyr). If you call him mar­tyr, what about hun­dreds of civil­ians, chil­dren and women at­tacked and killed by Tal­iban — are they not mar­tyrs? What a con­tra­dic­tion!

In fact, it’s not only PTI, we all are living in a con­tra­dic­tory world — just days be­fore Mul­lah’ death, Pak­istan for­eign af­fairs ad­viser showed frus­tra­tion over Tal­iban re­fusal to at­tend peace talks, now for­eign of­fice is drum­ming that dron­ing of Mul­lah has de­stroyed the peace talks chances. Af­ter dra­ma­tiz­ing the DNA test of Mul­lah, Choudry Nisar is now af­ter NADRA’ ju­nior staff for is­su­ing of ID card and pass­port to Mul­lah Man­soor. Whom he thinks he is be­fool­ing around; who doesn’t know in Pak­istan on what pass­port Tal­iban lead­ers travel to UAE and Qatar, ob­vi­ously not an Afghan pass­port. De­fence an­a­lyst and po­lit­i­cal lead­ers are sing­ing the sovereignty epic in ev­ery TV talk show, some one should ask them what Mul­lah was do­ing on our soil, only then ask the ques­tion who droned him!

Let’s come out of th­ese con­tra­dic­tions and see what the out­side world is say­ing about us. Other­wise keep won­der­ing why Pak­istan is feel­ing iso­lated while all its neigh­bours are get­ting united. No one can help us un­less we are truth­ful to our­selves and are able to call a spade a spade. — Saudi Ara­bia

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