Mur­der most foul…!

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EXAM re­sults are out; there’s joy, dis­ap­point­ment, and sadly; un­nec­es­sary death! In the hall of a col­lege a stu­dent stood: a small fig­ure in front of the school no­tice board. With anx­ious eyes she searched for her num­ber. It wasn’t there. The girls around her jos­tled and pushed.

There were screams of de­light and shrieks of ec­stasy as they saw their marks. She turned away from the sounds; tears stream­ing down her face. Far away she heard same laugh­ter turning into jeers. Sud­denly she felt imag­i­nary eyes on her back and voices say­ing. “She’s dumb you know, she failed.” “She was never any good.” “Re­mem­ber in class, she sat with that stupid look.” She turned and walked the stairs to her now empty class. In si­lence and in her imag­i­na­tion she heard her teacher’s voice. “Why don’t you do your home­work like the oth­ers, you’ll fail if you go on like this.”

How was she to tell the teacher, she hadn’t un­der­stood a thing the day be­fore to do her work at home. She heard her teacher say: “Stand out­side the class will you, let the whole school know what an id­iot you are!” She stood out­side and watched ju­niors smirk and laugh as they walked past. The teacher called her in af­ter awhile. There were snig­gers from the other girls as she sat on her bench. “Dumb,” they all seemed to say.

“She’s just a plain id­iot!”.There were no tears to wash away the heav­i­ness in her heart. Now, she sat on her bench in the empty class­room, and her thoughts went home as a shiver ran down her spine. She saw her father tall, men­ac­ing stand­ing in front of her. “You bet­ter pass okay, we don’t want the neigh­bours laugh­ing at us do we?”

An un­cle had snig­gered. “She’s got her brains from her mother’s side!” “Oh no!” shouted her mother, “It’s her own idiotic mind!” “I don’t care where you’ve got your brains from,” her father guf­fawed, “But if you fail I will throw you out!” “At least pass, so we can marry you off!” her mother had piped in.

Her imag­i­na­tion heard voices, laugh­ter, shout­ing, snig­ger­ing in the empty silent class­room: Voices chas­ing each other round and round her mind; laugh­ter, cruel and bru­tal, snig­gers, sharp and mer­ci­less, echoed louder and louder in her head, till sud­denly she felt her­self shud­der in­vol­un­tar­ily. “Stupid!” they cried. “Id­iot!” they yelled. “Fail­ure!” they shouted. Like a zom­bie she climbed the steps of the school to the ter­race, one by one, the tears no more there. She walked as though pushed by some in­vis­i­ble force.

She smiled as she heard their taunts and jeers grow less and less. She smiled as she calmly climbed up onto the para­pet wall. She heard the scream­ing of her class­mates be­low as she joy­ously threw her­self down.

“Why did she do it?” cried her class­mates, her teacher, her father and her mother. Sui­cide was what the po­lice re­port said, but it was mur­der most foul..! Murdered by peo­ple who should have learned to stand by her in­stead of mak­ing fun of her! Murdered by those who should have learned to give her sup­port! Par­ents! Don’t be a mur­derer, sup­port your chil­dren..! —Email:bob­s­ban­

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