Another ven­omous West­ern cam­paign

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Iing N line with its well-con­ceived and or­ches­trated an­nual agenda of ma­lign

China this year too, on the eve of Holy month of Ra­mazan, the West­ern me­dia has launched a fierce cam­paign against what it de­scribed, “banning of Ra­mazan in China”. A part of so­cial me­dia of Pak­istan, de­void of any sense of re­spon­si­bil­ity, too has started ad­vanc­ing the ma­li­cious pro­pa­ganda. It is un­der­stand­able the sole pur­pose of the mis­lead­ing and in­cit­ing fab­ri­cated and twisted sto­ries is to cause an an­noy­ance to the Pak­istani Mus­lims and to prick the vast and un­matched reser­voir of good­will be­tween Pak­istan and China.

The fact re­mains that not only the top of­fi­cial in Xin­jiang Uygur au­ton­o­mous re­gion pub­licly wished the area’s Mus­lims a happy Ra­mazan, the Chi­nese Gov­ern­ment too has re­cently dis­played a num­ber of good­will ges­tures to the fol­low­ers of Is­lam and other re­li­gions. How­ever, it is cus­tom­ary for the func­tionar­ies of any gov­ern­ment to plead for peace and har­mony. Even King Ab­dul­lah, the cus­to­dian of two holi­est mosques, in his state­ment on the eve of Ra­mazan, read out by the Min­is­ter for In­for­ma­tion and Cul­ture has “called on Mus­lims to close ranks and re­nounce ex­trem­ism”. In our view those ge­net­i­cally in hurry in spread­ing ru­mours, are ren­der­ing dis­ser­vice to the law-abid­ing and peace-lov­ing prac­tic­ing Mus­lims of Xin­jiang. These el­e­ments should not for­get that the last Prophet Mo­ham­mad (PBUH) af­ter hav­ing es­tab­lished his au­thor­ity in Mad­ina en­tered into an agree­ment with Chris­tians and Jews, known as Meesaq-i-Mad­ina, un­der which the mi­nori­ties were free to fol­low their cus­toms and cul­ture but they were bound to sub­mit to and fol­low the Prophet-led cen­tral au­thor­ity of the State. Mus­lims of Xin­jiang, who have all the re­li­gious free­dom, have fully ad­justed and rightly rec­on­ciled with the stark ground re­al­i­ties. We, the Pak­ista­nis, cer­tainly have a spe­cial place in our hearts for the Xin­jiang Mus­lims as well as for Mus­lims in any other part of the world but we would warn the self-styled sym­pa­this­ers of them to please be re­al­is­tic and do not, in any way, cause in­con­ve­nience to these Mus­lims and al­ways keep in mind the multi-di­men­sional strate­gic in­ter­ests of the State of Pak­istan.

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