Sky-high prices of food items out of peo­ple’s reach

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RAWALPINDI—The Pun­jab Gov­ern­ment had com­mit­ted to give “re­lief” to the cit­i­zens dur­ing the holy month of Ra­mazan by de­creas­ing the over­all prices of food items but the unchecked price hike have dis­ap­pointed the cit­i­zens.

De­spite the mug­ging of traders in the open mar­kets, the price con­trol com­mit­tees re­main silent over the es­ca­lated rates of food items. The con­cern of high-ups for price con­trol is con­fined to Ra­mazan bazaars only where poor qual­ity of items are be­ing sold at slightly low rates than the mar­ket. The re­tail­ers have in­creased the prices of milk, yo­gurt, meat, chicken and fruits hence the help­less cit­i­zens are com­pelled to over­buy food items. What is more dis­ap­point­ing is that the rates of packed milk have also been in­creased by the con­cerned com­pa­nies without any jus­ti­fi­ca­tion.

The gov­ern­ment had fixed the prices of milk as Rs. 70 per litre, yo­gurt for Rs. 80 per kg, beef for Rs. 325 per kg and mut­ton for Rs. 625 per kg. The re­tail­ers have in­creased the prices at ex­ces­sive rates. In open mar­kets milk is sold for Rs. 100 per litre, yo­gurt for Rs. 110 per kg, beef for Rs. 450 per kg and mut­ton for Rs. 700 - Rs. 750 per kg.

The prices of fruits in­clud­ing apri­cots, plums, nec­tarines, ap­ples and ba­nanas are twice than the prices fixed by the gov­ern­ment. Man­goes in par­tic­u­lar were sold for Rs. 80 per kg be­fore Ra­mazan which has in­flated to Rs. 140 dur­ing the fast­ing month. In fact fruits have gone be­yond the reach of the com­mon man. They have to pur­chase the fruits for If­tar as their chil­dren press for the fruit without re­al­iz­ing the fi­nan­cial con­di­tions of their par­ents. —INP

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