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OPEN your mailbox and a flood of chain mail jump at you. ‘Send it to ten peo­ple,’ says one ‘and you’ll have good for­tune smiling at you within twenty four hours!’ ‘Pass this on to twenty of your friends and good luck is yours!’ says an­other. Well don’t feel a cow­ard that you’ve se­cretly send those dozen let­ters, just in case! Be­cause some years ago an Amer­i­can sci­en­tist vis­ited the of­fices of the great No­bel prize win­ning physi­cist, Niels Bohr, in Copen­hagen and was amazed to find that over his desk was a horse shoe se­curely nailed to the wall with the open end up in the cor­rect man­ner to catch the good luck and not al­low it to spill out.

The Amer­i­can said with a ner­vous laugh, “surely you don’t be­lieve the horse shoe will bring you luck, do you Pro­fes­sor Bohr?” Bohr chuck­led, “I be­lieve in no such thing my good friend, not at all! I am scarcely likely to be­lieve in such non­sense. How­ever I am told that a horse shoe will bring you good luck, whether you be­lieve it or not!”

So who’s tak­ing chances what? In Jan­uary 1998, in Queens­land, Aus­tralia, a man and his com­pan­ion were driv­ing along a high­way. The car crashed into the side of a fully laden 600 me­tre long train at a level cross­ing and got wedged be­tween two car­riages. To the hor­ror of the pas­sen­gers they saw it dragged side­ways along the tracks! Mo­ments later they reached a precipice, the car was struck by a py­lon got dis­lodged from the train and spun sev­eral times be­fore com­ing to a rest and as ev­ery­one watched, the ‘lucky’ pair man­aged to free them­selves from the wreck and the man climbed away from the tracks onto the road to get help.

Sud­denly on the high­way he was hit by a car and was crushed to death! What hap­pened? Did he ex­haust all his luck at one go? And don’t we all blame some­one else for our bad luck? As the case of an old man who was rather ill. Sit­ting by the bed was his wife. He turned to her and said, “You know dear, you’ve al­ways been by my side through thick and thin, through good times and bad…

“I re­mem­ber the time I lost my job, you were there by my side! And when I joined the so­cial ser­vice agency you to vol­un­teered to work by my side, so you’d be with me, and when I had that ter­ri­ble ac­ci­dent you re­mained con­stantly by my side. When we went through that fi­nan­cial cri­sis, you were there right next to me! And now that I’m ill you’re right next to me. You know some­thing dear, you’re bad luck..!”

And did you hear about a lost dog, brown fur, some miss­ing due to mange, blind in one eye, deaf, lame leg due to re­cent traf­fic ac­ci­dent, slightly arthritic, goes by the name, ‘Lucky’Ah folks, the only sure thing about luck is that it will change..! — Email: bob­s­ban­ter@gmail.com

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