Pa­tent lies

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In ad­vanced democ­ra­cies, if a politi­cian tells a lie and is caught, he has to im­mensely suf­fer the ad­verse con­se­quences. But in il­lit­er­ate poli­ties like our own, there is a free-for-all sit­u­a­tion and the politi­cians, whether in or out of gov­ern­ment, tell pa­tent lies freely and none of them has ever been pun­ished. Nixon had to re­sign not be­cause he had com­mit­ted the crime of theft, but only be­cause he had told a lie to the pub­lic. It is un­for­tu­nate that our politi­cians prom­ise the moon to their vot­ers at the time of elec­tions, but only give mis­ery when they be­come Min­is­ters. Abid Sher Ali, our ju­nior Power Min­is­ter has of­ten stated that the cities will have 6 hours of load shed­ding, while it will be 8 hours in ru­ral ar­eas. He has not de­fined what is a city and what con­sti­tutes ru­ral area. Thus in Muzaf­far­garh city there is a reg­u­lar load shed­ding of 8 hours plus a reg­u­lar ad­di­tional black­out of 2 hours daily on pre­tence of breakdown of one kind or the other. In ru­ral ar­eas elec­tric­ity is sup­plied for only 10 hours a day. The nightly black­outs are es­pe­cially ir­ri­tat­ing as they give full free­dom to mos­qui­toes to play havoc with the peo­ple. One won­ders who will call the ac­count­abil­ity of our Min­is­ters. —Muzaf­far­garh

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