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The Ramzan Pack­age, trum­pet­edly an­nounced and pub­li­cised through big ad­ver­tise­ments along with the photo of the Khadam-e-A’ala by the Punu­jab Govern­ment, has been with­ered away in the air within first week of the holy month of fast­ing. Prof­i­teers, black mar­ke­teers and vested in­ter­ests are play­ing havoc with the peo­ple who con­tinue to pay more and more for es­sen­tial daily use ar­ti­cles which are hardly avail­able at the govern­ment fixed prices in Ramzan Bazaars, It war Bazaars and else­where.

The so-called raids by the Pro­vin­cial Min­is­ters, se­nior of­fi­cials are not pro­duc­tive and de­ter­rent enough to bring prices of es­sen­tial ar­ti­cles which the faith­fuls re­quire for Sehr and If­tar dur­ing the month of fast­ing. It is gen­er­ally be­lieved that the vested in­ter­ests are given a sig­nal by the of­fi­cials con­cerned ahead of any sur­prise raid and the out­come re­ported is “all is well”. Fur­ther­more, be­sides the price hike the cus­tomers gen­er­ally do not get full quan­tity of any com­mod­ity for which they are charged as the com­mod­ity is found to be much less than what they have paid for. There seems to be no mech­a­nism to check this fraud be­ing plays con­stantly with the cus­tomers. —Lahore

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