Peo­ple protest over non-sup­ply of wa­ter and power in Karachi’s Ibrahim Hy­deri

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Scon­sumedWEETENED so­das are hugely pop­u­lar through­out Amer­ica. Be­cause they are in such vol­ume, any neg­a­tive health ef­fects should be thor­oughly in­ves­ti­gated. In this ar­ti­cle, we ask whether soda does in­deed in­crease the risk of di­a­betes. The av­er­age can of soda is roughly 20 ounces and con­tains 15-18 tea­spoons of sugar and more than 240 calo­ries.

Th­ese high lev­els of quick-di­gest­ing carbs do not lower calo­rie in­take at meal­times. In other words, they are an ad­di­tion to the daily calo­rie in­take, rather than a re­place­ment. In mod­ern so­ci­ety, the ef­fects of this ex­ces­sive en­ergy in­take are wors­ened by peo­ple’s lower lev­els of phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity. Be­cause of seden­tary life­styles, the en­ergy so­das pro­vide is of­ten not needed and is stored in the body in­stead.

Peo­ple who drink one, two, or more cans of soda a day are much more likely to develop type 2 di­a­betes than peo­ple who rarely drink soda. In fact, ac­cord­ing to a study pub­lished in 2010, the risk of de­vel­op­ing di­a­betes is 26 per­cent higher for peo­ple who have one or more sug­ary drinks each day. Young adults and Asians who con­sume one or more sweet­ened drinks daily are at an even greater risk of de­vel­op­ing type 2 di­a­betes.

Drink­ing too many sweet­ened drinks means that the body stores ex­cess en­ergy in the form fat, so, drink­ing too much soda can play a part in peo­ple be­com­ing over­weight or KARACHI—Large num­ber of lo­cals in­clud­ing women and chil­dren protested Monday against wa­ter short­age and no power sup­ply for al­legedly two months in Ibrahim Hy­deri.

Parco Road was shut for all kinds of traf­fic as irked lo­cals burnt tyres as part of protest against the al­leged cor­rupt and slack govern­ment. Lo­cals also raised slo­gans against the ad- min­is­tra­tion how­ever, no move­ment has been seen from the govern­ment to as­sure the pro­test­ers of co­op­er­a­tion un­til fil­ing of this re­port.

Have in­formed author­i­ties nu­mer­ous times but no ac­tion taken, a res­i­dent com­plains. Res­i­dents of Hy­deri area have set up a protest camp out­side Karachi-Elec­tric’s lo­cal of­fice. Pro­test­ers have vowed to not to let the ad­min­is­tra­tion budge them un­til their de­mands are met.—INP

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