PML-N ticket-hold­ers for AJK polls an­nounced

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IS­LAM­ABAD—Pres­i­dent Pak­istan Mus­lim League-N Muham­mad Nawaz Sharif on Tues­day ap­proved the names of can­di­dates for the up­com­ing elec­tions of Azad Kash­mir. PM’s Special Advisor for Political Af­fairs Dr Asif Kir­mani had sent the list of names based on pro­pos­als by mem­bers par­lia­men­tary board to the Prime Min­is­ter in Lon­don, to which he gave the ap­proval.

Prime Min­is­ter Sharif fe­lic­i­tated the party ticket-hold­ers and urged upon them to ap­proach the peo­ple of AJK with the mes­sage of pros­per­ity, pub­lic wel­fare and good gov­er­nance.. Nawaz Sharif said pro­vi­sion of ba­sic fa­cil­i­ties of life to peo­ple in­clud­ing health, ed­u­ca­tion, road net­work and clean drink­ing wa­ter was his pri­or­ity.

He vowed to make AJK a mod­ern and in­ter­na­tional-level tourist desti- na­tion, which he said would also high­light the Kash­miris’ freedom move­ment and help rec­og­nize the is­sue in global arena. Nawaz Sharif ex­pressed con­fi­dence that the PML-N can­di­dates would clinch max­i­mum seats in elec­tions and would fo­cus their en­er­gies in serv­ing the masses.

He also ex­pressed best wishes for se­nior vice pres­i­dent PML-N Sar­dar Sikan­dar Hayat, PML-N pres­i­dent AJK Raja Muham­mad Fa­rooq Haider Khan and his team, hop­ing that their political acu­men would lead to suc­cess of PML-N can­di­dates in elec­tion. He said the PML-N had re­ceived large num­ber of ap­pli­ca­tions for party tick­ets, which he said was a tes­ti­mony to the pop­u­lar­ity of PML-N among masses.

The PML-N nom­i­nated can­di­dates are: LA-1 (Da­dayal) Ch. Ma­sood Khalid, LA-02 (Chak­swari) Nazir In­qlabi, LA-03 (Mir­pur City) Ch. Muham­mad Saeed, LA-04 (Khari) Ch. Rukhsar Ahmed, LA-05 (Bar­nala) Col Waqar Ah­mad, LA-06 Raja Maq­sood Ahmed Khan, LA-07 (bhimb­her City) Ch. Tariq Fa­rooq, LA-08 (Kotli City) Ma­lik Muham­mad Yousaf, LA-09 (Nakayal) Muham­mad Fa­rooq Khan, LA010 (She­hensa) Raja Muham­mad Naseer, LA-11 (Charhoi) Raja Muham­mad Iqbal, LA-12 (Khoi Ratta) Raja Nisar Ahmed Khan, LA-13 (Dheerkot) Raja Iftikhar Ayub, LA-14 (Cen­tral Bagh) Mush­taq Min­has, LA15 (East Bagh) Sar­dar Mir Ak­ber, LA16 (Haveli) Ch. Muham­mad Aziz, LA17 (Ab­baspur) Ch. Muham­mad Yasin Gul­shan, LA-18 (Ha­jeera) Sar­dar Khan Ba­hader Khan, LA-19 (Rawalakot City) LATERON, LA-20 (Tho­rar) LATERON, LA-21 (Pa­lan­dri) Dr. Muham­mad Na­jeeb Khan, LA-22 (Baloch) Fa­rooq Ahmed Tahir, LA-23 (Nee­lam val­ley) Shah Ghu­lam Qadir, LA-24 (Kotla) Mrs. Noureen Arif, LA25 (Lachrat) Ch. She­hzad Mah­mood, LA- 26 (Muzaf­farabad) Syed Iftikhar Gil­lani, LA-27 (Khawara) Raja Ab­dul Qayyum, LA-28 (Chakaar) Raja Muhamamd Fa­rooq Haider Khan, LA29 (Leepa) Dr. Mustafa Bashir, LA-30 (Jammu 1) LATERON, LA-31 (Jammu2) Ch. Muham­mad Is­mail, LA-32 (Jammu 3) Ch. Muham­mad Ishaq, LA32 (Jammu- 4) LATERON, LA-33 (Jammu 5) Javed Akhter, LA-34 (Jammu 6) Raja Muham­mad Sid­dique, LA-36 (Val­ley-1) Muham­mad Naeem Khan Ad­vo­cate, LA-37 (Val­ley-2) Ghu­lam Abass Mir, LA-38 (Val­ley-3) Syed Shaukat Ali Shah, LA-39 (Val­ley-4) Asad Aleem Shah, LA-40 (Val­ley-5) Ahmed Raza Qadri, LA-41 (Val­ley-6) LATERON.—APP

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