Pri­or­ity ed­u­ca­tion or roads?

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Ed­u­ca­tion is ba­sic ne­ces­sity for any coun­try to progress and pros­per. In democ­ra­cies, it is con­sid­ered as a ba­sic in­gre­di­ent for good gov­er­nance and a ba­sic right of the peo­ple but in our coun­try ed­u­ca­tion has al­ways been treated as a low pri­or­ity con­cern. We are go­ing down­wards day by day in the stan­dards and qual­ity of our schools, our ed­u­ca­tion, teach­ing tech­niques and ap­a­thy of the those at the helm of af­fairs is vis­i­ble to­wards ed­u­ca­tion of our younger gen­er­a­tions. Ac­cord­ing to a re­port ti­tled “25 mil­lion Bro­ken Prom­ises” there are cur­rently 25.02 mil­lion chil­dren be­tween 5 to 16, who are out of school.

Those who are go­ing to school half of them or more than half of them don’t make it for higher ed­u­ca­tion. Yet the ap­a­thy shown by the gov­ern­ment in bud­get 2016 is shock­ing. Only around 70 bil­lion will be spent on higher ed­u­ca­tion where ap­prox­i­mately 250 bil­lion are re­served for road projects. See­ing the con­di­tion of ed­u­ca­tion sev­eral ques­tions are raised. Do we re­ally need roads or the qual­ity school­ing sys­tem? Does a na­tion progress and de­velop with roads or Met­ros? I will re­quest gov­ern­ment to take a look at their pri­or­i­ties in pol­icy mak­ing, as the ne­glect to ed­u­ca­tion would cost the na­tion very dearly.

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