Rulers least both­ered about com­mon man’s prob­lems: Siraj

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LA­HORE—Ameer, Ja­maate-Is­lami, Pak­istan, Sen­a­tor Siraj-ul-Haq, has said that Is­lam­abad was the cen­tre of all mis­chief and as long as long US loy­al­ists and India’s friends were sit­ting in the fed­eral cap­i­tal, peace and pros­per­ity could not re­turn to the coun­try.

‘We don’t have democ­racy in the coun­try, in­stead it is monarchy and there is no room for monarchy and dic­ta­tor­ship in Is­lam’, he added while ad­dress­ing the con­clud­ing ses­sion of a week­long Fehm-e-Qu­ran course at It­te­faq Town.

Siraj-ul-Haq said that the Qi­bla (cen­tre of de­vo­tion and wor­ship) of the rulers was Wash­ing­ton and not Makkah and they were ig­nor­ing the in­junc­tions of Al­lah and His Prophet to please the US.

‘The rulers are least both­ered about the prob­lems of the com­mon man. Medicines are costlier than liquor in the coun­try,’ he re­marked, and added that mil­lions of peo­ple had to sleep on foot­paths and there was no one to look af­ter the or­phans wid­ows and the des­ti­tute al­though it is the duty of the state to look af­ter the needy.

The JI chief said that the in­ter­est based system, cor­rup­tion and com­mis­sions had crip­pled the so­ci­ety. He said it was time to throw out the cor­rupt, land and drug mafias from the cor­ri­dors of power and put them be­hind the bars. He said that the un­just dis­tri­bu­tion of wealth had caused de­spair and un­rest among the masses. The rich were get­ting richer and the poor were grow­ing poorer due to the system.

He said that the peo­ple had lost faith in the ju­di­cial system as the poor did not get justice at po­lice sta­tions and in courts while the crim­i­nals were roam­ing about freely.

The things had gone wors­ened to the ex­tent that the peo­ple were look­ing up to the mil­i­tary courts for justice. How­ever, he said that the mil­i­tary courts were not the an­swer, and added that the peo­ple would get justice only when the de­ci­sions in the courts were made in the light of the holy Qu­ran.

’It is a pity that even af­ter seventy years of in­de­pen­dence, we are not free from the slav­ery of the west’, he said. The Bri­tish system still pre­vails in the fields of ed­u­ca­tion, econ­omy and ju­di­ciary.

The medium of in­struc­tion was English and not the na­tional lan­guage. He said that if the de­ci­sions were made in the light of the Qu­ran, the feu­dal lord, cap­i­tal­ist and vaderas would not be able to ex­ploit the poor, he added.

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