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Is­miled with amuse­ment this morn­ing as I read that our HRD Min­is­ter Ms Sm­riti Irani had re­acted an­grily to a Bi­har MLA who had writ­ten , ‘Dear Sm­riti Irani!’ “Since when have you started call­ing women as ‘dear’ wrote back Sm­riti an­grily. Well, I’m a bit sur­prised that the hon­ourable HRD min­is­ter doesn’t know this is a po­lite, cour­te­ous de­cent way of ad­dress­ing a per­son while writ­ing a let­ter! That in call­ing a per­son ‘dear’ in a let­ter, no­body is try­ing to get to close to her, nor get­ting af­fec­tion­ate, but is the way all gram­mar books in school and col­lege, taught us to write to any­one and every­one, in­clud­ing min­is­ters!

Do you won­der why the HRD min­is­ter re­acted in this man­ner? When a man or woman is sure of him­self or her­self, are con­fi­dent about them­selves, they don’t look for in­sults, they don’t find of­fense in ev­ery small thing thrown their way. Oh no, they don’t!

But quite of­ten a sense of inse­cu­rity makes peo­ple re­act to small, petty and triv­ial mat­ters. Many have said Ms Irani is not ed­u­cated enough to be the HRD min­is­ter, many say she is only a 12th stan­dard pass, and the HRD post should have gone to a more qual­i­fied per­son. I do be­lieve that be­cause of this slight, the min­is­ter feels ev­ery­body is hu­mil­i­at­ing her, that in say­ing ‘dear’ they are be­ing deroga­tory.

“How dare any­one call me ‘dear.’ You know who I am? I am Madam Min­is­ter!” could be what her mind is say­ing. From the min­is­ter I would go to our PM as he meets Pres­i­dents and Kings. Does the for­mer chai-wal­lah feel small and in­signif­i­cant in front of so many who are more so­phis­ti­cated and ed­u­cated than he? Not that I can see! He ap­pears con­fi­dent and ex­hibits a tow­er­ing per­son­al­ity!

Though I do not agree with many of his poli­cies, I have grudg­ingly grown to ad­mire the way he has han­dled lead­ers of the world. Truly, he has over­come his own small­ness and is a huge world fig­ure. Many of us, go through the same prob­lem. We have hum­ble begin­nings, or are less ed­u­cated, and this comes in the way as we start do­ing bet­ter in life. We buy a Mercedes but act like Maruti own­ers! We make money, do well in busi­ness, but feel some­body is al­ways in­sult­ing us.

Lift your­self up! Grow big­ger! Stop look­ing for in­sults! Watch our PM! Stop re­act­ing like our HRD min­is­ter! Some­times we have to wear big­ger boots, but as we put our feet into them my ‘dear’ reader, al­low your ‘dear’ feet also to grow into those boots and fit the boots well..!

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