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ALI MUHAM­MAD DAR HE re­cently forged unity among the re­sis­tance lead er­ship seems to have, on the one hand, up­set both the cen­tral and state gov­ern­ments and on the other, it has gen­er­ated new hope and joy among the peo­ple of Kash­mir. The peo­ple of Kash­mir who are longing and strug­gling for their right to self­de­ter­mi­na­tion have been since long as­pir­ing for the unity among the re­sis­tance lead­ers. Many a time af­ter the split in Hur­riyat Con­fer­ence in Septem­ber 2003 ef­forts were made by var­i­ous groups and in­di­vid­u­als for the unity among the re­sis­tance lead­ers but this time these ef­forts came to fruition. Thanks to the PDP-BJP coali­tion govern­ment for mak­ing public its plan to cre­ate sep­a­rate town­ships for mi­grant Kash­miri pan­dits and colonies for exser­vice men in Kash­mir. For, this has even­tu­ally led to the unity among the re­sis­tance lead­er­ship.

The whole credit for forg­ing unity among the re­sis­tance lead­ers goes to the Jammu and Kash­mir Lib­er­a­tion Front (JKLF) chair­man Muham­mad Yasin Ma­lik who took the ini­tia­tive and put in his sin­cere ef­forts in this direc­tion.

To­day these lead­ers sit to­gether and dis­cuss the is­sues, share the same stage, is­sue joint state­ments, and chalk out joint strate­gies and pro­grammes to counter the PDP-BJP govern­ment’s plan to set­tle mi-

Tgrant pan­dits and ex-ser­vice men in sep­a­rate colonies and im­ple­ment new in­dus­trial pol­icy. Ba­si­cally, ma­jor­ity of peo­ple are against these plans. Even the Kash­miri pan­dits are now pub­licly op­pos­ing the govern­ment plan to cre­ate sep­a­rate town­ships, cit­ing plau­si­ble rea­son that it would cre­ate bad blood be­tween the two com­mu­ni­ties.

The op­po­si­tion party Na­tional Con­fer­ence (NC) and some other MLAs in the state as­sem­bly are ve­he­mently op­pos­ing all these plans and terming them as detri­men­tal to the in­ter­ests of peo­ple. They are op­pos­ing the new in­dus­trial pol­icy -2016 and rightly terming it dele­te­ri­ous to the spe­cial sta­tus of Jammu and Kash­mir. But the govern­ment seems to be adamant to im­ple­ment these plans. As of now the govern­ment has iden­ti­fied seven sites for con­struc­tion of, what it calls, tran­sit ac­com­mo­da­tions in dif­fer­ent districts for the mi­grant pan­dits. Re­gard­ing the New In­dus­trial Pol­icy2016 which al­lows non-state sub­jects to ac­quire land in Jammu and Kash­mir on lease for 90 years for set­ting up in­dus­tries, the govern­ment has ruled out any change in the de­ci­sion.

Given the stiff re­sis­tance by peo­ple in­clud­ing re­sis­tance lead­ers and some main­stream par­ties, no one can pre­dict at this point of time whether the govern­ment can suc­ceed in ex­e­cut­ing these plans or not. Be­sides, as long as the three top re­sis­tance lead­ers stand united, the ex­e­cu­tion of the con­tro­ver­sial plans seems to be a far­fetched dream.

Hav­ing this fact in mind, the state rulers spared no ef­forts to foil the en­deav­ours aimed at forg­ing unity among the re­sis­tance lead­ers.

Muham­mad Yasin Ma­lik was de­tained again and again only to pre­vent him from suc­ceed­ing in achiev­ing his ob­jec­tive of forg­ing unity. But that too proved fu­tile be­fore his de­ter­mi­na­tion. So the big­gest chal­lenge be­fore the govern­ment in ex­e­cut­ing its plans this time around is the unity among the re­sis­tance lead­ers.

Whether the govern­ment suc­ceeds to im­ple­ment these con­tro­ver­sial plans or not, the BJP would in ei­ther case reap the ben­e­fit and PDP will be the loser. By whip­ping up these is­sues it (BJP) is gain­ing the po­lit­i­cal mill­age while the PDP by sup­port­ing and try­ing to ex­e­cute these plans is day by day los­ing its ground at public level in Kash­mir. Na­tional Con­fer­ence, which was al­most dec­i­mated po­lit­i­cally for ob­vi­ous rea­sons in 2014 elec­tions, is on revival track at public level by op­pos­ing these con­tro­ver­sial moves.

The PDP should have learnt a les­son from the tremen­dous re­sent­ment peo­ple showed against it for forg­ing al­liance with BJP to form govern­ment in the state. The thin pres­ence of peo­ple in Ni­maz-e-Ji­naza of the for­mer chief min­is­ter Mufti Muham­mad Say­eed at Srinagar and at his home town Bi­jbe­hara in south Kash­mir was the clear ex­pres­sion of anger and re­sent­ment against PDP for act­ing against the man­date they had given it.

PDP vir­tu­ally won the elec­tion on the plank to de­feat BJP and NC. But af­ter win­ning elec­tions it formed the govern­ment with the BJP thereby breach­ing the trust of its own vot­ers. Now the chief min­is­ter Me­hbooba Mufti by show­ing her adamancy to im­ple­ment the con­tro­ver­sial is­sues is adding in­sult to the peo­ple’s in­jury.

The con­se­quences seem to be dis­as­trous for her po­lit­i­cal fu­ture. To save her own po­lit­i­cal fu­ture and sal­vage her party’s sag­ging im­age, she should not only shelve these con­tro­ver­sial is­sues im­me­di­ately but also break al­liance with BJP. —Cour­tesy: GK

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